Top MMA News Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – January 2010


Nick Penner beat Ryan Fortin at MFC 23

Currently, Heavyweight is a very thin division in Canada, so Top MMA News  will only rank five until the division sorts itself out.  

There is no doubt who the top three Heavyweights in Canada are and what is really unfortunate is that they will not fight each other as their gyms are affiliated.  The Heavyweights also feature the first fighter to be ranked on two lists.  What is really bad with the Heavyweights is that two of the top five will be moving down to Light-Heavyweight in his next fight.  As for the rest of the Heavyweights, it is all up for grabs. 

One last point – Top MMA News  did not forget its Big Daddy.  Gary Goodridge should be the Professor Emeritus of this division.  He should be the respected fight professor who has retired with notable achievements.  However, Goodridge continues to take unwinnable fights against Overeem or Mousasi.  While Gary is tremendously respected by this site and one cannot doubt his courage, his best fight performances are well behind him. 

Please comment on this site if you disagree or think Top MMA News  have missed someone.  (I sure hope we missed a couple good ones so we can fill out these rankings!) 

Top Canadian Heavyweight Rankings: 

1. Tim Hague (10-2) – The country’s lone Heavyweight UFC fighter, Tim Hague has one win and one loss in the big show.  The former KOTC Canada Heavyweight excited fans with his upset win over Pat Barry at UFC 98.  Then he suffered a KO loss to Todd Duffee at UFC 102.  Hague will now be fighting tough Chris Tuscherer at UFC 109.  Next Fight: vs Chris Tuscherer at UFC 109

Tim Hague graduated from the KOTC to the UFC

2. Rodrigo Munduruca (6-1) – Munduruca was on his way to the big leagues before Dan Christison knocked him off track at CFC 3. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt is a world class grappler who needs to continue working on his standup to enhance his MMA game.  Next Fight: TBD 

3. Nick Penner (9-1) – Nick Penner is a monster.  The Manitoba native is a tremendous striker with a ground game to match.  In his last fight at Heavyweight, Penner had real problems with an impressive up and commer, Ryan Fortin. However, the veteran Penner was finally able to take the fight to the mat and submit his much larger opponent.  Next Fight: vs Chris Price at LHW at MFC 24

4. Bruno Hosier  (2-0) – Bruno is a very raw fighter who is constantly improving.  Bruno last beat Aaron Dupuis by submission at W-1.  He has great KO power and his efforts on improving his ground game will payoff in the long run and improve his future ranking. 

5. Steve Bossé (6-1) – The eighth-ranked Light-Heavyweight is sliding out of the Heavyweight rankings as he has moved down a division.  However, Bossé did fight in the past year at Heavyweight and will be ranked until its been a year since he fought at this weight. 

Ryan Fortin takes out Jared Kilkenny

Just Out of the Top 5:
Adriano Bernardo (2-1) – KOTC Champion
John Hachey (3-0)
Curtis Suter (4-2)
Ryan Fortin (3-2) – MFC fight vs Nick Penner on injured ankle impressed everyone. 

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Icho Larenas (5-4) 
Karl Erickson (4-0)
Roy Doepker (3-0)
Andrew Pederson (4-2)
Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)
Raphael Bergman (2-0) 

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* Ryan Fortin, Jared Kilkenny, and Nick Penner photos by Jason Bouwmeester|

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  1. Rain-bows says:

    “The country’s lone UFC fighter”

    I believe you meant the country’s lone Heavyweight UFC fighter! :D

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  2. Thanks Rain-bows. Nice catch.

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  3. james says:

    gary goodridge is still a good heavyweight

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  4. Dana says:

    Before GSP and Carlos Newton Goodridge was Canadas first real mma supserstar. I’m curious why Ilya Woronowski isn’t mentioned on any list.

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  5. Dana McArdle says:

    The biggest issue with the heavyweight division I find is there is way too many prentenders. Thank god for the lighter weights or Canada would have no fighters they could be proud of.

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