MFC Showing Appreciation to Fans


The Maximum Fighting Championship is having Fan Appreciation Night on February 26. The fight promotion will be allowing all the fans in attendance at MFC 24 to bring their cameras with them. While other organizations, in Mixed Martial Arts and other sports, frown upon spectators video recording the event, the MFC are actually encouraging this behavior in an innovative marketing move.

The MFC is encouraging fans to record all the fight action because HD Net is unable to televise the card due to the Olympics. Maximum Fighting Championship president Mark Pavelich explains his company’s decision:

“The majority of camera people for HDNET will be at the Olympics for my February 26 show so they asked if I could move the date.  I could not due to the fact we have a show at our new Venue the Enmax/ Winspear Centre on April 9.2010. So being a huge fan of the sport, I came up with idea for the Fan Appreciation Night. Bring your video cameras, your cameras, and knock yourself out. I want the fans to put it all over YouTube and make it go viral.”

Fans that still want to see MFC 24 live, will still have an opportunity to do so via Internet PPV which will be available from the MFC website.

Whether you are in attendance or watching over the Internet, MFC 24 is shaping up to be a solid night of fights.  The MFC has already announced Manitoba’s Nick Penner facing ex-UFC fighter Chris Price as well as a potential stand up war between David Heath and Fort McMurray’s Dwayne Lewis.  In addition, rising Red Deer Lightweight Ryan Machan is rumored to be taking his next step towards a title shot by challenging Derrick Noble on the card. 

Fan Appreciation Night is shaping up nicely.  As Pavelich says, “This will be a great opportunity for all the wonderful MFC Fans to get a piece of the MFC.  It’s our family’s way of saying thank you for making us one of the largest MMA organizations in North America.  MFC #25 on April 9, will return Live on HDNET”.

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