Top MMA News Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – December 2009

Jimmo kicks Newton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Jimmo kicks Newton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Top MMA News had a tough time ranking the Canadian Light-Heavyweights.  The talent is there, but after the obvious number one and two picks, there were a lot of disagreements over who should be number three to six.  This list also gets thin at number nine with many off the list arguably decent choices for the nine and ten spots.

Feel free to shoot holes in this analysis!  Top MMA News loves good and bad feedback.  Also, make sure to point out if you believe we missed someone.  Chances are that they are on our list and just do not appear here, but it could be that we overlooked them.  Canada is a great, big country and there may have been some fighters that Top MMA News missed.

Top Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings

1. Krzysztof Soszyinski (18-9-1) – Winnipeg’s Krzysztof Soszyinski earned his UFC shot through The Ultimate Fighter 8 where he lost in the semi-finals.  However, Krzysztof took advantage of that UFC shot by winning his first three fights in the big show against Shane Primm, former WEC champion Brian Stann, and Andre Gusmao and winning two Submission of the Night bonuses.  Unfortunately, Soszyinski lost his last UFC fight by decision against Brandon Vera.  It was a very tactical fight which saw neither fighter gaining any type of advantage of their opponent.  Next Fight: vs Stephan Bonnar at UFC 110

2. Ryan Jimmo (12-1) – There is no hotter Light-Heavyweight in Canada right now and Top MMA News is not talking about The Big Deal Sex Appeal.  Jimmo has simply beaten everyone that has stood across the ring from him over his last twelve bouts.  Jimmo beat Marvin Eastman in a close decision and Emanuel Newton in his last two fights.  Unfortunately, Jimmo relies on his dominant wrestling to win fights and the MFC does not appear to be ready to grant him his much deserved title shot until he turns the excitement factor up.  In the third round against Newton, Jimmo was striking with confidence once again.  Let’s hope it continues.  Next Fight: TBD

Dwayne Lewis KO'd Marvin Eastman (Photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

3. Dwayne Lewis (10-4) – There is not much separating numbers 3 – 6 on this list. Dwayne Lewis earned number three with his fists and his KO win over Marvin Eastman – a fighter that Ryan Jimmo had a very tough time against.   Lewis has starched all six of his last opponents – laying each one out in the first round.  Lewis’ next fight should be a stand up war. He faces David Heath – a fighter who took all that Mike Nickels could throw at him at MFC 22. Next Fight: vs David Heath at MFC 24

4. Victor Valimaki (16-5) – Want to see a great LHW fight?  Watch Valimaki win his TFC Light-Heavyweight title against Lew Polley at TFC 8.  Valimaki has won seven in a row since losing his MFC title shot against Roger Hollett in 2008.  Valimaki made weight at TFC 9, where he was supposed to fight Martin Désilets, but then had to be hospitalized due to weight cutting complications.  Next Fight: TBD

5. Travis Galbraith (17-6) – The Gladiator has fought all over the map.  He has lost to GSP and Jonathan Goulet at Welterweight, he has beaten Martin Desilets and Craig Brown at LHW, he has fought in PRIDE, TKO, EliteXC, and he was the KOTC LHW champ and he recently moved down to win the KOTC MW belt.  However, his last fight was a split decision victory over David Heath at MFC 21 in the Light-Heavyweight division.  Next Fight: TBD

Roger Hollett Armbars Aron Lofton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Hollett Armbars Lofton (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

6. Roger Hollett (10-3) – In 2008, The Hulk lost his MFC title to Emanuel Newton.  He then went on to lose to David Heath which gave him three losses in his last four fights.  That low point in Hollett’s career appears to be over with Hollett’s Armbar victory over Aron Lofton at Heat XC 4 in a matchup that many expected Hollett to lose.  Now on a two fight winning streak, expect Hollett to take a run at the MFC’s ever-deepening LHW division.  Next Fight: TBD

7. Martin Désilets (9-2) – Désilets vs Valimaki was a well-matched TFC 9 title fight and Top MMA News was disappointed that Désilets never got his shot at the title.  Désilets fought once over the past year – beating Todd Gouwenberg at XMMA 7. Désilets has also beaten #1 ranked Krzysztof Soszyinski at Heavyweight way back in 2005.  There are rumors that Valimaki and Désilets may fight in March in Montreal.  Lets hope that fight finally happens.  Next Fight: TBD

8. Steve Bossé (6-1) – The former hockey goon (check out his stats) dropped down to 205 in 2009.  He likes the stand up and if his opponents agrees to stand up with him, they generally end up looking at the lights before the end of the first round.  In his last fight, Bossé beat Craig Brown to take the Ringside Light-Heavyweight title.  There were rumors of Bossé heading to the MFC in 2009 but that never materialized.  Next Fight: TBD

9. Todd Gouwenberg (9-5) – Revolution Fight Team’s Gouwenberg has beaten UFC veterans Ron Faircloth and Mike Patt, but has also lost to David Loiseau and Little Nogueira.  Gouwenberg has also split a pair of fights with #7 Martin Désilets – losing his only fight in 2009 to Désilets.  Next Fight: TBD

10. Bill Mahood (17-7-1) – Two in a row for Revolution Fight Team to end this list.  Bill Mahood has fought everywhere.  A veteran of UFC, Bodog, and Strikeforce, Mahood retired from MMA in 2007  following his loss to Bobby Southworth.  Two years later, Mahood returned to the King of the Cage organization where he won both his 2009 fights – finishing Bill Mesi quickly to earn the KOTC Canada Light-Heavyweight title. Next Fight: TBD

Just Out of the Top 10:
Dana Dickeson (5-1)
Rob MacDonald (5-4)
Craig Brown (5-2)
Clay Davidson (4-1)
Jay Whitford (3-1)
Brad Zazulak (4-0)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Ray Penny (4-1)
Bastien Huveneers (6-2-1)
Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)

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* All photos courtesy of Jason Bouwmeester|

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  1. Dan says:

    Its hard to beleive they would not allow Jimmo(12-1) to get a title shot based on his fighting style.
    What are you guys looking for midgets in the circus…..
    If you want to top talent – reward them for their efforts and ability. If no one can stop JImmo, then he should be the title holder… “PERIOD”
    Exciting is in the eye of the beholder, I find him moderately exciting, he’s no Mike Tyson, but he doing what he needs to.
    I don’t think Jimmo knew he wouild NOT be getting a title shot when he took his four-fight contract.
    I’ll hate to see him go after the contract is over – cant see him hanging around – I’m sure another org. will give him his earned shot.
    Frankly, to deny him a shot is detrimental to the sport. What message are you sending to the other fighters. Exciting is not always good.


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  2. Rick says:

    If ray penny fought more often he would be a top 5 for sure. You should see the beat down he put on dwayne lewis

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