Update: Ryan Ford to Headline Shark Fights on Feb 5


Ryan Ford will be headlining a card fighting for another title.  The current TFC Welterweight champion will be heading south to fight on the main event for the Shark Fights promotion according to Top MMA News sources.  Ford will challenge Anselmo Martinez for the Shark Fights’ Interim Welterweight title while the current titleholder Anthony Waldburger will not be available to fight by February 5th as he takes a month and a half off during the winter.  The fight will be on the Texas-based organization’s February 5th card.

Shark Fights President/Matchmaker Brent Medley confirmed the fight with Top MMA News and “is very excited by the Ryan Ford vs Anselmo Martinez fight.”  Medley goes on to say:

“Ryan Ford is a tough fighter flying under the radar and so has Anselmo Martinez.  Anselmo has has fought anyone that I have ever asked him about. He has KO’d or TKO’d everyone he has fought under our flagship. This fight is going to have some kind of a highlite come out of it.”

Interestingly enough, Ford fought for the MFC Welterweight but lost to Pat Healy at MFC 20.  In an interesting twist, Healy went on to lose to Waldburger for the Shark Fights Welterweight title earlier this year.  Now Ford will be facing Martinez for that promotion’s Interim title.”

Since losing to Healy in February of 2009, Ford has looked unbeatable under the tutelage of Adam Zugec winning the TFC World title and defeating three opponents in a combined two minutes and five seconds of cage time.  Martinez will be a tough test for Ford as he has reeled off five wins, including four in Shark Fights, since his debut loss.  Anselmo worked his way into the Shark Fights’ number one contender position after beating Lorenzo Borgomeo this past September.

(Note: This article has been edited as Shark Fights 8 will not be shown live on HD Net.  However, Inside MMA will be there with cameras.  As well, Anthony Waldburger is not injured, but takes a month and a half off during the winter and would not be ready for February 5.)


* All photos by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com

15 Responses to “ Update: Ryan Ford to Headline Shark Fights on Feb 5 ”

  1. Tony Yayo says:

    ford is scum. he is a criminal and won’t get across to the u.s

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  2. Tony Yayo says:

    ford is fighting another can at 5-1. ford should fight there current champ Gerald Harris he would kill ford, that hand chopping criminal. he has had more charges bad stuff.

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  3. Gerald Harris is the Shark Fights Middleweight champ. Why would Ford, a Welterweight, fight him?

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  4. ETOWNFAN says:

    Its funny how someone that goes by the name Tony Yayo is yapping about Ford being scum and a criminal, What is Tony Yayo??? Pretty sure Ford would fight anyone and if you read the artical Anthony Waldburger is the current champ in shark fights. So if Ford Didnt take this fight Waldburger would be fighting a can??

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  5. DiegoSylva says:

    What does Ryans past history have anything to do with his fighting skill and or achievements? You obviously know him well enough to call him a “hand chopping criminal” so you should prob take this up with him in person instead of making a fool of yourself over an MMA blog. I’ve only read about Ryan but I think he’s prooving he can turn his life around and make a career in MMA…. That I have respect for. Good luck Ryan

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  6. Born2Mack says:

    Ford needs bigger names I hope and pray after this fight he is strikeforce bound or the ufc….. I refuse to watch him fight no names anymore,Pete sprat and healy were the only two real fighters he’s faced,look at gsp who was he fighting after 10 fights? And Ryan has that talent if only he could fight fighters on his level

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  7. Submission King says:

    I don’t mind this fight one bit, Ford is building up experience and taking his time working his way up to tougher and tougher fighters. I see him being matched up with a big fight by end of the year.

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  8. Killer Bee says:

    Hey man you gotta play the game. Good way to throw a belt over your shoulder and look a little more. Gotta do it to get there. Good luck to Ford and his future.

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  9. Tony Yayo says:

    Keith is right

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  10. sky101 says:

    hey man I am happy and will support ANY CANADIAN in the USA! Go Ford we are rooting for you!

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  11. Sky101… Nice to hear from you on the site. Great attitude! Go Canada!

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  12. ninjinja says:

    I agree rather than talking smack in here why not talk to him to face, since you obviously know him well enough to know his history… as far as the fight goes I will stand in Fords corner anyday, anyman that can change his life around the way he has deserves to be CHAMP! Go Ford

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  13. This fight is not happening now.

    Ford is debuting in boxing in Edmonton on Feb 13 and Josh Neer will fight for the Shark Fight title.

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  14. Aaron Benson says:

    backed out

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  15. Yes Aaron. He pulled out of the fight because of a death in the family. Then heard he is now boxing near the same date in Edmonton and then TFC fight against Speers in March.

    Thanks for the comment.

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