Machan Deserves Spotlight After 8 MFC Wins


Ryan Machan vs Kajan Johnson

Everybody, including Top MMA News, gave Ryan Machan little chance at beating Kajan Johnson at MFC 23.  In fact, his teammate Jason MacDonald may be the only person who thought Machan was going to win.  How can a guy who was 7-0 in the Maximum Fighting Championship prior to his fight with Kajan Johnson fly so far under the radar?

Underdog is a role that Machan is getting used to despite now being 8-0 in the MFC’s Lightweight division.  “It doesn’t bother me that people think I am going to lose.  It has been like that for two years,” says the unassuming Machan, who is 10-3 overall in his career.  “(The MFC) put me up against very good guys, undefeated guys, and I beat them.  I can beat anybody if I train hard enough for it.”

The Red Deer native certainly trained hard enough for Kajan Johnson.  To prepare for his fight, he headed south to Xtreme Couture with teammate Jason MacDonald to train for three weeks with top calibre fighters like Gray Maynard, John Alessio, Tyson Griffin, Martin Kampmann, and Jay Hieron.  He came in well-prepared for his all-Canadian battle at MFC 23 where Ryan “felt good in the standup before Kajan dropped me. I was able to recover.  Kajan made the mistake and went in for submission rather than to finish with strikes.  I was able to get out of his submission and put on one of my own to finish him.”

A victorious Machan celebrates another MFC win.

It was definitely an exciting fight by an exciting finisher who has has stopped all ten opponents that he has beaten.  In fact, Maximum Fighting Championship just named his recent submission victory as the MFC’s Top Submission of 2009.  What is next for the massage therapist/fighter who has beaten some of Canada’s top Lightweights including Gavin Neil, Brad Cardinal, Simon Marini, and the afore-mentioned Johnson?  Ryan Machan makes it clear that he wants to challenge Antonio McKee for the MFC Lightweight title.

“I am bugging Mark (MFC President Mark Pavelich) for a title fight.  He tells me to beat this guy and I do.  He tells me to beat that guy and I do.  Mark will go on interviews and say Kajan will get a title fight if he beats me. I beat Kajan. I should get that title shot but Mark says I am not ready.  I have earned a title fight.  I am the only guy to fight eight times in a row for an organization and remain undefeated there and not get a title fight.”

Machan also wants to start fighting on MFC main cards, a spot that Ryan has definitely earned.  In fact, his MFC 23 fight would have been a welcome addition to a rather slow night of fights.  Ryan concurs with this, “A lot of people thought I should be on the main card (at MFC 23).  Kajan Johnson is a badass in the ring and we were two top, exciting Lightweights from Canada who finish fights.  They put us on the undercard and then the main card has boring fights.”

At the very least, Ryan wants to push himself and fight some of the bigger names in MMA.  Ryan sounds frustrated, “If I don’t get a fight against Derrick Noble or Antonio McKee or another top name, then I will not fight.  I have asked for Noble for quite a long time but MFC keeps giving me other guys.”  Well, Maximum Fighting Championship has announced that Derrick Noble will be appearing at MFC 24 with his opponent to be determined at a later date.  Lets hope that this is Machan’s chance to shine on a main card – he has earned it.


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6 Responses to “ Machan Deserves Spotlight After 8 MFC Wins ”

  1. freight train says:

    give this guy a title shot mark you retard get rid of that blanket mckee

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  2. Submission King says:

    still no idea why the Johnson fight was on the undercard

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  3. I don’t like the Canadian Lightweight eliminators that Mark has run on the undercard. Russell, Machan, and Kajan are all top Canadians and he only has them fight each other.

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  4. latour says:

    Mark is only interested in x-ufc fighters on his card and has never shown respect to any of his fighters. I think the MFC is a joke, not the fighters just the organization.

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  5. jake foesier says:

    ryan deservs a title shot, he is clearly the best of the best, i knew you could do man

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  6. kingmable says:

    Because of the way MFC is being run, and the fights NOT being put together, is exactly why so many people including myself are no longer fans. This is a great example of just that. Congradulations mark, you have sucessfully lost even more of you’re declining fan base. Perhaps some research into what you’re fans want to see might help. Ill be continuing to follow Machan, who i think will soon be a major loss to MFC. Only a matter of time before mark will be begging ryan to fight in the main event at a MFC event.

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