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2009 was a big year for Top MMA News.  Marc-Andre and myself created Top MMA News in March 2009 and in ten months we have grown to over 50,000 readers a month.  There have been some hiccups but we think we are on the right track.  Maybe next year we will even have a banner at the top of our site (this space for rent!). 

Regardless, we at Top MMA News really appreciate everyone who visits the site and contributes to the Top MMA News community.  Its incredible that we are able to cover the great sport of MMA from a Canadian perspective and people actually want to read what we have to say.  As a way to say thanks, I have recently acquired a few old UFC DVDs (pre-TUF).  Comment on this post with a Christmas wish to someone in the MMA community.  Funniest and most original will receive a DVD in the mail (make sure you use a correct email address).

Here are our Top MMA News Christmas wishes to our Top MMA friends.

– to Nabil Khatib – a rematch with Mark Holst.
– to Joe Doerksen – may you get a case of Kokanee.  a two-four.
– to Alex Caporicci – may you finally get a Facebook profile picture
– to Ontario, Saskatchewan, and PEI MMA fans and fighters – may you finally get sanctioned for pro fights
– to Nick Penner – may you get a flowbee as you just do not look right with hair.  Less scary too!
– to Top MMA News Photog Jason Bouwmeester – may you win your Olympic photog competition and get to shoot the Canada/Russia Gold medal hockey final
– to Ryan Jimmo – may you get a KO victory
– to Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts – a better MMA acronym than WAMMA
– to Ryan Machan – may you get a main card fight like an 8-0 MFC fighter deserves!
– to Top MMA News commentor Honestly Speaking – may you get a sense of humor
– to Mark Holst – may you fight someone in your own weight division
– to World #1 125 lb Female Sarah Kaufmann – may you get a fight somewhere, anywhere soon
– to Top MMA News commentor Grasshopper – may you get a Sudburian who is in the top 10
– to GSP – may at least one female finally find you attractive
– to Mark Pavelich – with a little better matchmaking, may you finally become the number two promotion in North America
– to the CCF – may you get a spellchecker and PRIDE rules
– to Manitoba Boxing Commission’s Joel Fingard – may you get the ability to comment
– to Top MMA News contributor Josh Oliveira – may you get into the Graduate program for Journalism
– to Nathan Gunn – may someone accidentally erase that Spratt KO tape
– to the CFC – was going to wish for a cage, but you got one so may you get some hot looking ring girls (just one even!)
– to Scheers gym – may you learn to smile.  You guys scare me even over the phone.
– to Markhaile Wedderburn – may Google create a Showtime to English translation tool (can anyone read your Facebook status?)
– to Thierry Quenneville, Nick Denis, and William Romero – may you each get shots at the WEC
– to Bobby Karimi-Busheri (sp?) – may you get another last name (third one’s the charm!)
– to MMA Canada – may you continue to keep your homepage glued to Top MMA News for the Top MMA News coverage in Canada!
– to Patrick Cote – may your knee be as good as new
– to Robin Black – may you get a win to someone not named Stephane Poirier
– to Canadian Broadcasters – may you realize the huge demand for MMA and start televising live Regional MMA shows like WRECK, CFC, AFC, TFC, Ringside, etc…

All kidding aside, Merry Christmas !

13 Responses to “ Merry Christmas from Top MMA News ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    To topmmanews – May you get less ugly with age…please.

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  2. Lisa Yvonne says:

    Hey! I’m Keith’s wife and I think he is one fine lookin man.

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  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for the Xmas wishes! Back atcha… looking forward to lots of shooting with/for you in 2010! And lol at a few of your wishes…

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  4. All Hendo wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.

    Merry Christmas from Slappy in Lloydminister

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Hi Lisa, Im sorry to hear that you settled for Keith. But im sure he has a great personality…;)

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Also, to be fair, my comment was more directed at Marc-Andre than at Keith. Keith is semi-handsome.

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  7. David Letourneau says:

    Merry xmas to both you guys keep up the good work and good luck in the new year

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  8. freight train says:

    lol at jimmo get a ko

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  9. Mark Holst says:

    Thank you top mma news! You guys are the best! Merry Christmas!

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  10. Thanks guys, cheers!

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  11. Lisa Yvonne says:

    Sean, you should see Keith through beer goggles!

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  12. To wind up the contest part of this post, I would like to announce that Sean Quinn and Slap Happy Pappy had the funniest additions to the list.

    Look for your UFC DVD in the mail !

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    Looks like we pretty much had the only additions to the list. lol

    In response to Lisa, Im sure he looks good through beer goggles, but Marc-Andre was telling me that he looks best through Arabian Goggles…look it up. :)

    MAD = teh ghey.

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