MFC 24 – Edmonton – February 26

Date: February 26, 2010
Location: River Cree Casino in Enoch, Alberta
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Derrick Noble vs Yves Edwards
David Heath vs Dwayne Lewis
Tom Watson vs Travis Galbraith
Nathan Gunn vs Jesse Juarez

David Letourneau vs Nick Hrynchyshyn
Paapa Inkumsah vs. Dami Egbeyemi
Jared Kilkenny vs. Jason Kuchera
Elliot Duff vs. Jason Gorny
Matt Jelly vs. Garret Nybakken
Eric Chouinard vs. Zach Blaber

11 Responses to “ MFC 24 – Edmonton – February 26 ”

  1. George Carlos says:

    Nick Hrynchyshyn better be ready for a battle and his conditioning better be up to par as Letourneau is a beast and he will definitely push the pace. I won’t giveaway Letourneau’s fight style as I have had the pleasure of sparring him but all I can say is Nick better bring it February 26th 2010!!! :)

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  2. Submission King says:

    David Heath vs Dwayne Lewis I am not shocked by this match up at all, this will be a brawl. I am shocked they are giving Penner such a tough fight right away, going be good though. Penner will be much bigger as Price usually fights at MW. Good match up and if Penner pulls through he jumps up the title contention.

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  3. Rain-bows says:

    IMO I don’t think this will be that tough of a fight for Penner… Price has been fighting nobody’s since his stint in the UFC and of the 7 wins since then 3 of them are against James Powell (2-7)

    I’m taking Penner by highlight reel head kick KO… Hopefully ;)

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  4. Submission King says:

    That would be killer, speaking of which shocked they are not going for the Lewis vs Jimmo fight right away but Lewis vs Heath will be a treat. Price is a decent fighter just small for LHW and has good submissions so it will be interesting.

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  5. Submission King says:

    wounder if Ryan and Nobel will fight

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  6. Submission King says:

    I am not too impressed for this card some good fights but nothing to great.

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  7. Cracka says:

    Tom Watson is a great fighter from the UK. I thought he was signing for the UFC?? He will take the title by end of the year, he good man!

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  8. Submission King says:

    Tom Watson is a very very solid signing and should add in alot more depth at 185.

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  9. Shea says:

    BIG Derrick Noble Fan…My Money Is On Him!!!

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  10. Davis says:

    few good fights on card. Wounder when they will actually get more champions and make them defend there titles. I mean at least get there LW and WW, especially the WW title defended. before Healy goes down south and loses more fights…. and get a MW and LHW championship fight to spice things up a little.

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  11. Michele says:

    Davis – Healy left MFC and is now fighting for W-1 at 155lbs

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