Boots Scraps – Thank you! WRECK MMA Recap


Hello guys! Sorry it took so long to blog again. I have been really busy training and teaching at OAMA. We just had a great X-Mas party for all OAMA, lots of promotions, congrats to all! A lot of people have been talking about my fight against Nabil, here is my view on it.

First off I want to thank a few people that had a big impact on my training camp and helped get me the W. This was a total Team effort.
First and foremost, I would like to thank my teammates and training partners at OAMA. Hammer, Kru Jeff, Nick, Garry, Xavier, Sami, Steph, Randy, Remi and Harley :p who I train with everyday. Without you guys, I would have never been able to pull off this TEAM win over Nabil.
My instructor, Pat Cooligan, who made the fight happen and trained me. He also helped me out with the strategy for the fight and helped me believe in myself and step up to fight against a heavier and more experienced opponent. Thanks for believing in me Pat.

My strength and conditionning coach, Pierre, who made me feel very strong and shot my fitness through the roof!
My striking coach, Kru Chris, from MAS Cambridge who came to OAMA for the week before the fight; He trained my muay thai and blasted me with pad work training!
A big thank you goes to my mom and my family, for the love, support and motivation they constantly give me. Again, a huge thanks to my mom for the wonderful food she made for me and the patience to have put up with me!
Also, a huge thanks to the Gracie family; they encouraged me so much. With Renzo Gracie in my corner and the Gracie bros cheering me on felt amazing. A very memorable moment during the night of the fight was when Renzo Gracie picked me up and walked me around the ring with my hands held high. This made myself, my instructor Pat Cooligan and my teammates very proud. 

A big thank you goes out to the students of OAMA for always supporting me and helping me train. Teaching the students is always fun, they always keep me going and keep me fighting hard every time I step in the ring.
Thanks to all the fans and spectators who attended the event. WRECK MMA: Fight for the troops went very well! It was the best fight card in Ottawa\Gatineau history and the show was well put together and it was for a GREAT cause! Thank you to all the fans for sticking with me and cheering my teammates and I on every fight. Ottawa\Gatineau fight fans are the best!
Thanks to everyone that made it out to club NV for the after party to celebrate my victory with me! Good times!
And last but not least, I would like to thank Nabil Khatib for taking this fight. I know it’s very hard to fight in your hometown, and even harder to fight a hometown opponent in your hometown. He stepped up and made this fight possible.

This is what I remember of the fight. At the end of the fight, I did a mistake by walking away from Nabil after I landed the knee, I felt him drop and saw him face down on the canvas, then I remembered I was fighting MMA and jumped on him to sink in the choke. When I put the choke on, I did not feel him defend it at all and he did not have his chin in, my arm was all the way across his neck. Then the ref called it.
I love MMA, I love the sport and I don’t want it to encompass a bad rep, we already have one and I don’t want the fighters receiving a bad rep either. I felt as though it looked quite unprofessional.

I found it puzzling that Nabil challenged me in front of 3000 people in the ring on the mic, but on the other hand after the fight in the back room he shook my hand and told me ‘good fight’ like a gentleman. I felt as though there was no animosity and that everything was fine. However, after the main event while everyone was packing up, he challenged me again this time in front of some of the students and in front of my family.
I try hard to stay away from the drama and politics; my aim is to participate in the sport. If he wants to fight me again, he doesn’t need to ask permission, I will fight whoever my instructor puts in front of me, whether it is Nabil, or any other fighter.
I was fairly shocked and disappointed after the fight. I didn’t fully get to enjoy it because of all the negativity. I am a professional fighter and this is my life. I teach, train and fight. I make weight; I don’t have excuses when I lose. I don’t fight for the fame or the money; I fight to represent my instructor, OAMA and Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I hope that this will pass and the sport won’t suffer a glitch in its reputation.
All in all, I truly appreciate all the support from everyone; you guys are the best and I can’t wait to put on another good fight for you guys! WRECK MMA #2 COMING UP in April!
I was back in the gym training first thing on Monday. I had my strength and conditioning session in the morning with Pierre then straight to my MMA class. I also participated in a great Muay Thai seminar we had, taught by Giuseppe “The Godfather” DeNatale, a K-1 Fighter from Winnipeg. Then, on Tuesday morning I swam laps in the pool and trained the MMA elite class. Finally, today I had strength and conditioning session with Pierre then MMA elite class and I finished off with Muay Thai sparring class with the students. I didn’t miss a beat, they say; “the best never rest.” So the week after the fight I did the exact same training I have been doing in my last month of training camp…back at it already! My next fight I will be sure to make it the fight of the night and I will be in the best shape of my life! I Can’t wait! Make sure you don’t miss it!
Take care everyone and thanks again!

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10 Responses to “ Boots Scraps – Thank you! WRECK MMA Recap ”

  1. Nabil Khatib says:

    Well Mark that was very well put however you know as well as I do that was an early stoppage and if you don’t want your family around than don’t bring them. Its mma, it’s fighting, this stuff happens. You should know better than that, and as for challenging you?? It wasn’t rude, and I wasn’t a jerk to you when I asked for a rematch.
    It wasn’t 3000 people, maybe 2, YOU KNOW I’m a fair fighter, you’ve seen me lose graciously and you KNOW I had NO REASON to fight you but I did it for the fans, mostly yours. If you’re proud of that fight then so be it.
    I still challenge you out of respect, it was a good fight but let the fans see a real war between us. We don’t train this hard for a short show.
    I apologize to YOU and the FANS for being lazy when I fought you but if we do it again the fans will get their money’s worth this time.

    Let’s do it Mark, tell your coaches to set it up

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Good write up Mark. Nabil you should just give it a rest, if it happens again down the road, then awesome, but why dont you drop it for a while?
    It is disrespectful the way you are going about getting the rematch.
    Youre both tremendous fighters and a rematch would be awesome, when it is offered by a promotion and agreed between both camps.

    Fan of you both. :)

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  3. Poseidon says:

    I really don’t understand the “no reason to fight Mark” comment either. What reason did you have to fight Vorano…what did that do for your career? Mark is looking to climb the ladder at lightweight so really if he was to grant you a rematch I dont think it would do much for him. It is unfortunate it ended this way but I could be mistaken but it seems you are getting caught up too much on the gym vs. gym thing. I think Mark is looking to see how far he can go in MMA now.

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  4. Nabil Khatib says:

    My whole point guys is that the ref stopped it to early simple. I respond to everyone’s comments accordingly

    Mark is a very good fighter and he will do very well in his career but at the same time I have a half decent record and I’m pissed that a ref with terrible judgement ruins it for guys that train their ass off for a stupid stoppage.

    I’m sure Mark feels the same if when he wins. We train for 3, 5 min rounds and if it’s stopped unfairly than the obvious will happen.

    Simple as that

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  5. Harry Balls says:

    Mark came up in weight for this. Would a rematch be at 155? I cannot imagine Nabil ever making Mark’s fighting weight. As much as i dig Khatib’s passion, I have now been to TWO of his fights where he missed weight. I say just move on, train hard, and beat the next guy….

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  6. Nabil Khatib suck it up. says:

    nabil khatib ur a pussy, suck it up.

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  7. Nabil Khatib suck it up. says:

    you lost.

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  8. Sean Quinn says:

    Dont post that shit here unless you are willing to post under your real name, ya idiot.

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  9. Nabil Khatib says:

    Wow, how did they do that? lol, Wow, that’s brave, not putting your real name?? Nice, put your real name. Say the same thing,

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  10. Nabil Khatib suck it up. says:

    stop sitting on the computer on this site, go train for ur next lost.

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