AFC Returning to Victoria with Sophomore Card


The Armageddon Fighting Championship will be returning to Victoria on March 6, 2010 with their second show.   At AFC 1, sanctioning problems had to be ironed out at the last minute and Kalib Starnes had to pull out of the main event due to a cut suffered during training.  After troubles with sanctioning and their main event at AFC 1,  why do promoters Darren Owen and Jason Heit want to put on another show?  AFC promoter Darren Owen answers this, 

“We decided to put on a second show after hearing the overwhelming positive response by the 3,000 fans in attendance and the fact that almost every fighter and trainer said we put on a very professional event and they would love to come back and fight again. I think everyone except maybe our competition wants AFC 2. The venue, city and RCMP have all shown their support as well.”

As for the AFC 2 main event, names have been thrown around but the promoter can not confirm anyone yet.  Owen promises, “You will see fighters who have fought in the UFC and you will see some of the best local talent.  Bottom line – (the AFC) will do everything we can to bring our fans the best fighters and make the most entertaining fights. I think people will be surprised with who they’ll see fighting in the AFC.”  Look to Top MMA News Upcoming Events Page for any future fight announcements for AFC 2.

The AFC is going to be around for a while.  Owen and Heit have secured the Bear Mountain Arena as their exclusive venue for the next three years.  Owens confirms that AFC will hold, “three events per year,” at the arena.  The AFC also has a national broadcast deal with an unnamed broadcaster.

With the British Columbia MMA scene about to explode, the AFC is already seeing contention with its March 6th AFC 2.  The King of the Cage has tentatively set  March 6th and March 12th  dates for Penticton and Nanaimo cards.  Will this result in contention for fighters?  The Armagedden head claims not.  “(The AFC) definitely won’t have a problem with finding fighters.  We have been bombarded with emails and phone calls from fighters looking to fight for the AFC. It’s a little surprising, but I guess word got around the fight community that we treat our fighters the way they would want to be treated.  I believe that we are going after a little more experienced fighters than KOTC.  As well, we have a national broadcast deal and that is great news for the fighters to create exposure for them and an opportunity to make a lot more money with sponsorships. We want to showcase the best fighters we can.”

The sanctioning problems should also be cleared up by March 6.  “As far as sanctioning goes, we are working closely with the city to get an athletic commission established. I’m confident everything will be in place with plenty of time before the next event. It does take some time though.”

It sounds like a ton of work but Victoria MMA fans will be happy to know that the AFC will be returning on March 6.  After several setbacks at AFC 1, 3,000 fans got an entertaining show.  AFC 2 will not disappoint.

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  1. Shane Bourdon says:

    These guys put on a very good show I went over from Van, well worth it. I hope they do some shows over here. I expect to hear more good stuff from them.

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