Top MMA News Canadian Middleweight Rankings – December 2009

Jason Macdonald Kicks Hutcherson (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Jason Macdonald Kicks Hutcherson (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

The previous weight class rankings that Top MMA News has completed feature a pleasing blend of current Canadians in top promotions and up and comers.  With Middleweights, however, the rankings are full of former UFC stars (including some elder statesmen in terms of numbers of fights) with not many younger Canadians to look forward to in the future.  The past and present are well-represented, but, aside from Nick Ring, the future is murky.   Lets hope some new Middleweights rise up in 2010 and challenge the older guard.

Like Featherweight, one of the top Middleweights (Patrick Cote) is not on the list due to inactivity.  This left the number one spot wide open for a tight field of strong Middleweights.  In fact, Top MMA News expects some heat on this list as numbers one to seven could arguably be number one.   There is one obvious glaring piece of info on these rankings as well – not one of these MW studs has a fight scheduled.  That is a travesty as these are the best of the Middleweights!

If you want to sling crap at the rankings, Top MMA News encourages you to comment.  If you want to yell at us for missing someone, feel free to comment.  If you want to say number eight should be higher than three with a decent argument, feel free to comment.  If you want to say good job, feel free to comment.  One thing is for sure, Top MMA News LISTENS to comments, will INCORPORATE the comments when we revise the lists in the future, and will do our best to ANSWER all questions with our ranking rationale. 

Top Canadian Middleweight Rankings

1. Jason MacDonald (22-13) – Top MMA News cheated a bit as we definitely waited to see if JMac would beat Solomon Hutcherson at MFC 23.  After a judging mishap, the Athlete was declared the winner and Jason takes the number one spot.  MacDonald was only 1-3 over the last year, but he fought such big names as Travis Lutter and Nate Quarry.  MacDonald also has beaten Joe Doerksen (twice) and Chris Fontaine, while losing to Patrick Cote. Jason must stop trying to beat his opponent at their own game and instead beat his opponent using his game.  If he follows this rule, he will continue being successful. Next fight: TBD (probably MFC 24)

2. Denis Kang (32-12-1) – Kang actually went 21 fights in a row with out losing for almost three years between 2003 and 2006.  He finally lost a split decision to Pride Grand Prix winner Kazuo Misaki after already going two rounds with Akihiro Gono earlier in the night! Kang recently has lost some fights where he seemingly had control of the fight – Mousasi, Belcher, and Bisping.  Kang has also had some recent wins against Professor X in the UFC and quick KO over Marvin Eastman.  Next fight: TBD

Joe Doerksen

Joe Doerksen celebrates his victory over Greg Babene (photo by Keith Grienke)

3. Joe Doerksen (43-12) – Winnipeg’s El Dirte could arguably be the number one Middleweight as he has been on a four fight win streak.  However, the quality of his Sengoku opponents have not been as high as the top two and it is hard to place him over Jason MacDonald as he holds two wins over Doerksen.  With over 50 fights, Doerksen has faced and beaten many of Canada’s top Middleweights including the #2 ranked Kang in a great fight (watch it here), Patrick Cote, and Travis Galbraith.  He lifts weights too.  Next fight: TBD

4. Jason Day (18-8) – Top MMA News was on hand when Day made his debut at UFC 83 with a big stoppage of Alan Belcher.  However, Jason lost to Bisping and Grove and was soon outside the UFC.  He has only fought once since then; submitting Trevor Stewardson by a rarely seen Twister (watch it here). Day has also impressively beaten Shawn Marchand, Chris Fontaine, Dave Loiseau, and Jonathan Goulet.  Next fight: TBD

5. Nick Ring (10-0) – After taking three years off from MMA, Nick Ring went 3-0 over the past year. He showed no ring rust in a 39 second Bellator win over Isidro Gonzalez  although he did have to recover quickly from a Yannick Galipeau Spinning Back Kick at Aggression MMA to keep his perfect record intact.  Ring has a bright future in the sport and could become number one on this list with a productive 2010.  Next fight: TBD

6. Jesse Bongfeldt (20-3) – The Rumble in the Cage Middleweight champ is a dominating force at whatever weight he fights at.  Bongfeldt could also be ranked higher but Top MMA News felt that the majority of his wins (including wins over TJ Grant and Chris Clements, and Sean Pierson) came at 170 lbs.  Bongfeldt made the move up to Middleweight and even beat Chris Fontaine in 2009 so that is where he is ranked.  There is no reason Bongfeldt cannot move higher up this list as he certainly has the talent. Next fight: TBD

Nick Ring is rising up the MW ranks. (Photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Nick Ring is rising up the MW ranks. (Photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

7. David Loiseau (18-9) – Loiseau rose up to the top of this ladder in 2006 and faced Rich Franklin for the UFC title.  As we all know, Loiseau was picked apart in that final and has had underwhelming performances since then including losses to Mike Swick, Ed Herman, and Jason Day (although the Day decision should have gone Loiseau’s way).   Teammates say that the Crow is the hardest fighter on their team in the gym.  Lets hope that carries over to the ring/cage and the likeable Loiseau climbs the ladder again! Next fight: TBD

8. Kalib Starnes (9-4-1) – Ever since the shot in the ribs that caused Kalib to quit during TUF 3, fans have been leery of Starnes.  He is a good fighte, however, with wins over Chris Leben and Jason MacDonald.  Kalib is coming off a loss to Bellator champion Hector Lombard in Australia and has had trouble with matches falling apart over the past year.  Lets hope fans forget the Run Kalib Run incident with Starnes racking up a bunch of wins in 2010.  Next fight: TBD

9. Matt MacGrath (9-2) – The Middleweight class drops off after number 8, so Matt MacGrath is probably a surprise to many readers of this list.  MacGrath has fought his last two fights at 185 – beating a tough Dan Grandmaison and a late replacement in Eon Shirley.  MacGrath has only lost twice – to UFCer Matt Veach and strong Canadian Welterweight Cory MacDonald.  Next fight: TBD

10. Chris Fontaine (18-12) – Fontaine is a tough fighter who has fallen short when facing tougher opponents like Jason Day, David Loiseau, and Jason MacDonald.  His biggest win came in a TKO title fight where he beat Steve Vigneault for the championship.  Fontaine is 1-1 in 2009 with a loss to Bongfeldt and a win over Dan Chambers in the CFC.  Next fight: TBD

 Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Luke Harris (4-1)
Dan MacIver (6-0)
Steve Vigneault (12-6)
Shawn Marchand (8-5)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Patrick Cote (13-5)
Jason St Louis (12-11)
Brent Beauparlant (8-5)
Keto Allen (3-0)
Chad Cox (5-1)
Kyle Sandford (7-1)

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* Jason MacDonald and Nick Ring photos by Jason Bouwmeester|

** Joe Doerksen photo by Keith Grienke|

10 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Middleweight Rankings – December 2009 ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    What about Travis Galbraith and Nick Hinchliffe? They should be close to the top 10 at least!

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Doerksen says he lifts weights, but i have yet to see any proof of this.

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Btw, Nick Ring is the shit. Him and Doerksen are the shits.

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  4. We have Galbraith at 205. He dropped down to win the KOTC MW title but then fought Heath at 205 in the MFC.

    There is no doubt that Hinchliffe is a tough dude. However, Hinchliffe has three wins in his last eight fights and has not had a big name win since 2007 against Galbraith at LHW. Plus, Hinchliffe last lost to Rory MacDonald at Welterweight.

    Thanks for the comments, Rain-bows.

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  5. freight train says:

    what about brad zazulak he beat shonie carter and luke harris

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  6. Hey Freight Train, thanks for the comment.

    Zazaluk had not fought in two years then came back and fought in the MFC and won at Light Heavyweight in February. For this reason, we put Brad in our LHW group. With his only win at LHW being against a debuting fighter, I don’t think he will make the LHW cut until he gets another win or two.


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  7. Chris Smith says:

    Can’t really argue with the top 8 although Cote should be ranked #1. 9 & 10 are questionable. 90% of MacGrath’s wins are at welterweight & most of Chris Fontaine’s wins are at LHW. I ask you this, if Rory MacDonald (9-0) fought 1 fight a middleweight, would he be ranked in the top 10? I think you should need a minimum of 5 fights at this weight class in order to be ranked. Just some constructive criticism (I hope). Keep up the good work!

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  8. Chris, we appreciate the feedback!

    These are the things we talk about when we are going through all this stuff, and hope to get an even better system as we continuously upgrade the rankings and criteria.

    Cote is only out due to not competing in the past year. He’d shoot right back to the top of the list when he competes again.

    Once the lists are started it’s up to the fighters to make a difference. We had a hard time with the bottom part of the 185ers and no matter who we picked, would take criticism.

    We truly appreciate it.

    Who would you put at 9 and 10?

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  9. Chris Smith says:

    Not sure. I’ve never heard of Dan MacIver, but I like the “Just out of Top 10” names. Nice to see Steve Vigneault fighting again.

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  10. He was close to being on the top 10, but has only had 1 fight in the past 5 years. Great warrior and pioneer in Quebec MMA. very happy to see him fighting again.

    Hope his brother returns to action also.

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