Sean Sherk Off of UFC 108; Bang Ludwig In


UFC THUMBIn less than a week, Jim Miller has been training for three different opponents for his UFC 108 bout.  Originally, Miller was to fight Tyson Griffin but he pulled out of the fight with an injury.  Sean Sherk stepped up from the UFC 108 undercard and took the main card fight with Miller.  However, Sean Sherk was just cut in training and he required stitches for the inch-long cut. 

With Sherk having to pull out, Joe Silva has signed former UFC fighter Duane “Bang” Ludwig to fight Jim Miller.  UFC fans may remember Ludwig’s quick knockout of Jonathan Goulet back in 2006.  Ludwig, who is 2-0 in the UFC, also beat Genki Sudo at UFC 42.  Since his fight with Goulet, Ludwig has fought predominantly in the Strikeforce organization where he has recorded two wins and four losses.

2 Responses to “ Sean Sherk Off of UFC 108; Bang Ludwig In ”

  1. Jake is Baked says:

    Duane Ludwig/Genki Sudo fight was a robbery. The Neo Samurai clearly won that fight but I don’t know what the judges were smoking. Anyway, I like Miller’s chances on this fight and he will choke Ludwig out first round.

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  2. Submission King says:

    sweet thats amazing fight right there

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