MMA Legal in Vancouver !!


vancouverThe City of Vancouver has legalized MMA in Vancouver during their council session today.  The motion to allow MMA on at two year trial basis was passed by a vote of 6-3.  Councillors Meggs, Stevenson, Anton, Chow, Deal, Jang voted for MMA legalization, while Councillors Woodsworth, Reimer, Louie voted against MMA.  This paves the way for the UFC to hold a MMA event at GM Place in June of 2010. 

Smaller promotions may still be out of luck as they will have to purchase enough insurance to indemnify the City of Vancouver from any liabilities.  There is no idea how much insurance would be required.  The City Manager will determine the appropriate amount.

Earlier this week, a report was prepared for the Vancouver City Council that was very favorable to MMA.  Today the Council debated the report and decided in favor of sanctioning MMA.

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