MFC looking to promote in Vancouver


Hours after the Vancouver city council passed a bill to regulate Mixed Martial Arts in the city of Vancouver, Maximum Fighting Championship President Mark Pavelich sent out a release that he would be instantly applying for a license to promote in the city of Vancouver.

Canada’s top promotion has done well from it’s homebase in Edmonton.  Being able to expand to a market like Vancouver could mean even bigger things for organization.

With insurance costs looking to make it tough for many fly by night promotions to come by, it’s good to see an established promotion with a great safety and promotional history move into Vancouver to promote.  No word on when and/or where a Vancouver MFC could take place.

Top MMA News will be on top of the progress of this.

11 Responses to “ MFC looking to promote in Vancouver ”

  1. CR says:

    I would love to see MFC here in Winnipeg. They have some excellent fighters

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  2. MFC is a great organization, but there will never be an MFC in Winnipeg, as there will never be a CFC in Edmonton.

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  3. pasqualino santoro says:

    maybe ccf will be coming to winnepeg

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  4. It’s been proven that shitty promotions don’t last here.

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  5. Here’s the first step to obtaining a Promoters license in Manitoba.

    I have 2 tickets to our next show for you if you wanted to come check it out also.

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    You 2 are so cute.

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  7. CR says:

    I wonder which promotion you are referring to as “shitty”:) I went to the last CFC card and was very impressed, I just didn’t realize there were jurisdictions for MMA promotions. How do I get my hands on those 2 tickets for CFC 3?

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  8. CR says:

    oops, I mean CFC 4!

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  9. Oh i was referring to events that no longer exist.

    CFC is the only MMA show in Winnipeg right now.

    Anybody can promote here in Winnipeg, they just have to follow the rules. Unfortunately CFC seems to be the only ones capable of doing this.

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  10. CR says:

    Yes I’ve experienced the “other guys” and I’m quite thankful they don’t exsist anymore.

    But if anybody can promote in Winnipeg, why wouldn’t we see MFC here one day? Do you have an agreement with them?

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  11. Oh by rights MFC could promote here as anybody who applies for a promoters license could.

    I’d say we have an unofficial agreement. Mark and I have talked about it, and it would make no sense for either of us.

    We wouldn’t bother going to a city with so much MMA action as it’s already saturated. MFC is looking at Vancouver, and when Ontario opens up. Winnipeg doesn’t really make sense for their future.

    I’d never say never either, but can’t see either happening.

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