WRECK Fight Video – Holst vs Khatib


Nabil Khatib was very critical of this stoppage during his fight at WRECK MMA as shown by his comments here.  Khatib was dropped by a knee but the RNC was not on tight. Did the ref give Khatib a loss he did not deserve or did the ref rob Mark Holst a chance for an undisputed victory by stopping it early? 

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(Disclosure:  Mark Holst writes the Boots Scraps column at Top MMA News.)

** posted with the permission of Nick Castiglia and WRECK MMA

11 Responses to “ WRECK Fight Video – Holst vs Khatib ”

  1. DizzyDoc says:

    Good fight, pretty well matched up. I felt Holst controlled most of the fight.

    As for the ending – it’s very hard to tell considering the distance of the camera from the ring. Khatib was hurt with the knee, but was still scrambling even though the RNC was starting to sink.

    IMO since the round was near-end (30 seconds if it were a 5 minute round), Khatib still had time to defend against the RNC…. it could have been sunk in a little longer to be more definitive. Give the match 3 more seconds and it could have been more definitive. I thought it was stopped prematurely – give the fighter the benefit of the doubt to tap out or get choked out.

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  2. Killer Bee says:

    I agree…should have been sunk in before he stopped it

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  3. Nabil Khatib says:

    Thanks for comments guys, in reality I should’ve been much more agressive and not taken him so lightly.
    There was no submission as you can see but now the commission has ruled it a TKO. Can anyone else see a tko there? I certainly do not. I was knocked down with a knee that got through and I jumped up right way to defend.

    My own 2 cents

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  4. Poseidon says:

    Thanks for the comments Nabil. I think most everyone else agrees that the stoppage was premature however…a tko make s a little more sense than a sub win. Obviously your knees gave out, there was no slip or knocked back. I can see a healthy reason to dispute but I have seen worse stoppages in my day.

    I have a question if you happen to check this again. Why would you have taken Mark lightly in the first place? You are a very skilled fighter but the buzz on Mark is that he is an up and comer with alot of potential and already significant refined skills. All the best and perhaps you will get your rematch.

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  5. Nabil Khatib says:

    Thanks Poseidon for the comments, I took Mark lightly because it’s just that, lighter, doesn’t hit very hard, I was too relaxed and it was my error. I don’t anything away from him at all, he was very good in the stand up but I’ve been in some pretty rough wars and THIS was not one of them. My mistake with the knee, I didn’t block it properly but at the same time it didn’t hurt me too bad, I jumped up as you can see. Not even a bruise afterwards, not a thing. If you look at the whole fight you’ll see that most of his strikes didn’t land clean except one kick to my forehead, one overhand right, one leg kick.
    I’m more conservative with my strikes but I make sure they land and do damage. Cross hook low kick, flying knee etc…..

    Watch it again.


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  6. Jake The Snake Roberts says:

    I was at the event and I was looking forward to this one the most cause everyone says these are the 2 best in Ottawa. I was unimpressed with both. Both looked slow, no head movement, slow feet. Mark looked like a robot out there and Nabil was just walking into those strikes that can be easily slipped.

    It was definitely an early stoppage but Mark was still winning up until that. Either way, both fighters looked slow and robotic. Neither guy strung together any real combinations and clearly none had any KO power. Good luck to both in there future.

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  7. mat says:


    That is a bad call forsure!!

    Is this being Appealed right?

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  8. David Letourneau says:

    I thought this was a great fight with plenty of back and forth action, as for the ending i cannot comment as I wasnt there however both fighters looked good and I hope they continue to improve. I think any promoter would love to have a fight like this on their card great job to both fighters.

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  9. Harry Balls says:

    “A man may fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”

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  10. Vibealive says:

    A rematch before retirement perhaps?? :)

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