Edmonton Commission Confirms DREAM Rules


After receiving a press release from Colloseo Championship Fighting on using DREAM rules rather than the Unified Rules for MMA, Top MMA News confirmed with the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission that these rules will be in place for CCF 5.

Pat Reid, Executive Director of the ECSC, stated to Top MMA News, “I am confirming that Mr. Santoro will be using DREAM rules in Edmonton in the new year.”  Pat Reid discussed the DREAM rules with his top official, John Braak, who assured Pat that he could officiate the event.  Pat also discussed the rules with the ECSC doctors who assured Pat that they “were satisfied they could provide the same medical safeguards for the DREAM rules event as any other MMA event.”

For those unaware, here are some differences between the DREAM rules and the Unified Rules:

* knees strikes to the head of a downed opponent are allowed.
* gis and shoes can be worn in the ring
* fights will occur in a ring (although the last DREAM event was in a white cage)
* only two rounds of fighting – 10 minute first round, 5 minute second round.
* fight is judged on their entirety.  No 10 point must system will be used to score individual rounds.
* kicks to the head of a downed opponent are only allowed when both fighters are down
* no elbow strikes to the head
* yellow cards will be used

This is the first North American usage of DREAM rules that Top MMA News’ is aware of.  It is interesting that while most commissions seem to be working towards a single set of rules that Edmonton would head in the opposite direction.

These rules are approved for the CCF 5 card.  The CCF hopes to hold five cards in 2010.  There has been no approval by the Edmonton Commission to allow the DREAM rules for future CCF events at this point.

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30 Responses to “ Edmonton Commission Confirms DREAM Rules ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    That is awesome!!!!

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  2. I honestly think this is one of the stupidest ideas I ever heard of for the commission to be doing at this time.

    It’s nothing in line with what any other commissions are doing.

    What type of training will this entail, as long as 1 ref says he can handle the rule difference means they can change the rules that simply?

    They should have asked him if he could still ref a fight if the guys throw headbutts.

    I’m sure the judges are well versed on how to judge a match with this criteria in place.

    I can’t see how this can wrong at all. (Note sarcasm)

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  3. john says:

    i think this is great so every mma guy has to do the same this guy makes a good point boxing is the same and it is boring,mma looks like it is headed down the same road and why can’t there be two sets of rules?

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    I love this rule set. I miss the pride rules, and would gladly fight under those rules. I dont have problems with having different rules. Its up to the fighters and the officials to know what the rules of the event are.
    As a professional, fighting and training under a different rule set shouldnt be a problem. If this rule set does not fit your style of fighting, you just dont accept the fight.

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  5. john says:

    agree totally

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  6. But for a commission who doesn’t have their ducks in a row now, do you think it’s wise for them to expand what they do?

    I think they should worry bout shoring up their processes, doing some housecleaning, and worry bout the set of rules they incorrectly impliment today.

    Adding more rules will only add more chaos.

    And not to sound like a dick, but looking at the Colosseo roster, I question why the commission finds it makes sense to let one of the lower level cards in Edmonton use these rules?

    Why least restrictive rules with the least experienced fighters? They are setting up for a disaster and could potentially be putting our entire sport at risk in the country.

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  7. john says:

    buddy they obilous do they have the most shows in a year,roster they have always had a great roster,been to all the shows mfc,ccf,heat,tfc,comparing rosters ccf is right up there obilously you are a newby so that is cool mr paveliches shows needs a good competitor.As for the show i support all mma good nore bad got to think outside the box it is the

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  8. john says:

    i mean the commision on that note they put on a tonne of shows

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  9. I support Mixed martial arts if it doesn’t put anybody in any serious danger.

    I mean nothing personal. I just think the fact they run the most shows tells me they should have the best processes, and that is far from the truth.

    I’m definatly not a newbie, I’ve worked with them on numerous occasions this year through various promotions, and have been to a number of shows.

    The only competition Pavelich has is Heat.

    CCF is right up there? They can’t even spell Colosseum correctly.

    Seriously though, how many shows have they run? How long of a gap do they have between them? That might put them above some of the KOTC cards but doesn’t put them anywhere near MFC or Heat.

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    I dont know enough about the commission problems. I do know that across Canada there are problems with pretty much each commission. I however like that rule set more than any other.
    Do i think that this is the event to be trying them on?? Probably not. But i would personally LOVE to fight under those rules. Im excited for a commission to have that rule set simply because i may get the opportunity to fight under them.
    It is the commissions responsibility to ensure that the fights are evenly matched and that the fighters can realistically compete under these rules.
    Almost anyways.

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  11. John Cooper says:

    I was very surprised about this ruling. The rules have been consistent for so long now why are we even considering rule changes?

    Modifying the existing rules broadly is one thing, but using a completely different set of rules all together is adding confusion to a sport that already struggles to define itself consistently to detractors.

    I am all for progress, but consistency is also very very important.

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  12. Garth says:

    Interesting… not looking encouraging if they are going to go the other way. The more unified that the commissions are, the higher the likelihood of having MMA sanctioned across North America…

    As the old expression goes, united we stand, divided, we fall.

    Once MMA is sanctioned across North America, then we can look at allowing different organizations a 2nd set of rules, and allow them to choose which they want to use kind of like Kick boxing and Muay Thai.

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  13. Appreciate all the comments guys, no matter what your opinions are.

    Is everybody here 100% comfortable with judging the way it is with current mma rules?

    So why would we change how the match is judged?

    Has anybody on the commission been to a dream event and observed how they operated? Have they talked to anybody about the rules, to see what they can do to educate the current commission members on what to do? Who is training the officials for this?

    When the commission sanctions matches, is the process any different for this card, than for others under their power?

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  14. Another thing this reminds me of is when the Quebec athletic commission got a new head, and they were looking to not allow UFC in the province, and were looking to make all kinds of changes.

    Maybe this is the new commission head trying to make a statement of some kind?

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  15. pasqualino santoro says:

    ya almost bad as the guys in winnepeg who mismatch the fight like we are not changing the rules for everyone just are show,thanks

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  16. Any promotions in Winnipeg who were running Mismatches on their cards, are no longer promoting shows.

    My point is this. You shouldn’t be able to have any influence or way to change the rules. You should have to follow the unified rules like the rest of the promotions.

    With the fights that go on in Edmonton sometimes, they are notorious for having more mismatches than any commission in the country.

    Do you have a copy of the rules you’d like to use for this event? Do you currently have a promoters license with the Edmonton Commission? Do you have an event permit for this event?

    What is the intention or point of these rules by the way? And what is wrong with the unified rules?

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  17. pasqualino santoro says:

    never influeanced them one bit the rules that is,i am unlike others ya i am following the japanese version,they do it sengoku,dream and m-1,fury fc from brasil what is wrong with that?license check,event permit yup oh ya i also carry a 5 million dollar insurance bond for each fighter not required but i do for my own peace of mind.oh i also do not use the cheap wash off blood canvass but a real one canvassed replaced after every fight i also use the best glove in the business ouno they are leather not cheap synthetic knock offs.the intention or point is my business. i try not to have mismatches either but i really leave the final say up to the fighter,it is them in there.marc i never changed the rules either i just changed the ones for my show,why would people worry about this little thing it has been the common rules in japan for 15yrs,i do not think you have something against the japanese or any other organization listed above? plus how could one little show in edmonton affect the world of mma,,remember are sport was founded with thinking outside the box traditional and culture so i am bring what i feel is so new and exciting mma to north america,i never force people to watch or give tickets away,,,,,,,if people do not like it they just got to turn the other cheek in my opion and yes everybodies got one so thank you thou for your thoughts

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  18. clay says:

    i find it interesting to say the least any time someone tries to change the status quo there are always people against it. i support this 100 percent the japan rules made for great fights and ccf has a pretty good roster brining in guys from the states and canada i would say they need better exposure ala tv or web reports but once people see the shows they will love it

    joe duarte, jorge britto, ainsley robinson, pat speight,bill mesi, saad awad ect ect the list goes on so talent certainly isnt the issue ..

    looking forward to seeing the commision try to implement this smoothly

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  19. tiago says:

    im very excited to see the dream rules in edmonton . keep up the good work pasqualino

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  20. if ANYTHING happens in Canada that is deemed Mixed Martial Arts, it affects every one of us.

    On a Federal level the sport could be put on hold, suspended, and put us all in a bad place.

    This is how you impact everybody in Canada. We need more MMA here, not less.

    Did you see some of the things that were said at the Vancouver City Council meeting yesterday? Your proposed rules make no sense in this scenario.

    What training does the commission members have in regards to the Dream rules. What version of the Dream rules are you going with?

    In my opinion no Promoter should be able to dictate the rules of an event. He shoudl have to follow regulation and do what is allowed under the governed rules.

    I also don’t beleive any commission should be influenced by a promoter to how their rules operate. They should follow the rules of the body they fall under. Whether ABC or CBF commissions.

    The Edmonton Commission is not capable of governing Dream Rules.

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  21. pasqualino santoro says:

    The Edmonton Commission is not capable of governing Dream Rules.

    good way to rep yourself when is your show coming to edmonton?do not worry i will not do a show in winnepege mark?well maybe one of are corporate partners owns a venue there?

    also i love all the press i surely will get more attention with you talking about this non stop hey”” here’s some news i just signed sidney silva to the roster and jon frazer

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  22. pasqualino santoro says:

    silva fought in these rules in icon

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  23. I don’t know what you mean when you say good way to rep yourself?

    We don’t have any plans on going to Edmonton.

    You wouldn’t be able to run a show here because the commission won’t allow you to make up your own rules.

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  24. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    “looking forward to seeing the commision try to implement this smoothly”

    How? No one on the Commission has an ounce of experience with these rules, nor do the officials…

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  25. CR says:

    I agree with Marc. MMA is FINALLY becoming main stream in North America. Mainly because of the unified rules. It is no longer viewed as “human cock fighting” as McCain put it. Changing the rules to allow kicks and knees to downed opponents will create perfect high light films for MMA opponents. They just have to show one clip of a guy getting kicked when he’s down and all the bleeding hearts will be up in arms. Next thing you know, government officials trying to make a name for themselves will be jumping on the “Ban MMA” bandwagon. There are a lot of people that understand the sport of MMA, but there are far more that don’t. And when people don’t understand something, they want it to go away.

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  26. pasqualino santoro says:

    Hi everyone

    I have for the most part taken a back seat to discussions surrounding the upcoming CCF #5 show February 27th here in Edmonton, but recent events have put me in a position where I am compelled to step forward and make our position clear.

    Just in terms of sheer activity it is safe to say Edmonton is the hub of Canadian MMA at this point, it is also where I live, the place I call home and the jurisdiction in which I host my event. Love me or hate me my passion for this sport is undeniable as I ‘unlike most of my detractors” have been involved at all levels of the sport doing everything from setting up events as hired help for other promoters to competing myself in the cage. It is with this experience and the support of the friends and family around me that I have setup CCF in the fashion that the athletes can appreciate..

    I wont insult you with the lame “By a fighter for Fighters” shick so many in this industry often try to do but I ask you to keep in mind I have been in the trenches myself so I don’t only talk out of my wallet like my detractors. I have lost money in the past with mma but keep going because I sincerely love it. This leads me to ask why they would I take moves bad for the sport?

    Lets get one thing clear.. SAFETY is my #1 concern… So I ask anyone genuinely concerned to email me pasqualino santoro at chris-lino@hotmail.com, any supporting evidence that these internationally recognized set of rules is a unjust risk to the athletes. Were that the case I wouldn’t have the show.. we all know that people can get hurt in combat sports it is a risk accepted by all. As such we don’t force people in the ring they all chose to compete and are trained athletes.

    I like anyone have my detractors especially in such a competitive mma market but I don’t get where some of this fear mongering is at all justified.f dream themselves were to come to Edmonton and host a show I don’t think I would hear a thing.

    In the best cases these detractors “who I wont do the favour of mentioning by name” are just mma fans with internet connections and too much time on their hands watching and commentating about many events using the same set of rules we are now using As for the rest the ironic thing is in some cases this isn’t the first time they have cried wolf regarding this sport . Why it not same people at KO boxing promotions who cried bloody murder and tried to have MMA outlawed in Edmonton at its inception that now run Edmonton’s mma show The fight club “TFC” and are one of the most vocal and dramatic detractors of this step forward for athletes? These are the people I have chosen to ignore and keep tying to focus on my positive work.

    Not everyone who competes in mma will go to the ufc , why should our Athletes not have a place they can prepare for competition overeas? IE Japan, China, Brazil??

    The rules we are running the show under going forward are more or less used world wide and are actually implemented in more places that rules suggested by our detractors. And as such I have made the proper steps to create a place for Canadian and north American athletes to experience them before taking their next steps to international competition.

    To the so called “MMA media” out there slamming the show there is not much I can say except try to develop a bit of professionalism and try reporting what is news rather than trying to create it. If you want to report on something I think its news worth that 95 percent of people responding to Keith kizzers post on the http://www.mma.tv forum support our shirt to the international set of rules. In the event you have trouble finding what im talking about here is a like for you

    posted under ABC President Urges Edmonton to follow the Unified

    To everyone else thanks for your continued support it makes all this possible, We will have some big announcements coming up soon and our poster will be released shortly.

    to start things off right the man many considered the face MMA “wanderlai silva” will be here with his new generation of athletes competing in CCF in the future.. its going to be a wild ride!!!!


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  27. Lino… thanks for coming to the site and posting. I have talked to Mr. Santoro many times and there is no doubting his love for the sport. Top MMA News welcomes Mr. Santoro’s comments and has offered him to respond on the site via a post.

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  28. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    Reid is rumoured to be waffling on his rules decision. This guy has no clue as to what he’s doing and neither does his hand picked commission who have next to zero pro experience.

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  29. colloseo says:


    Non-title and tournament bouts will consist of two rounds and a total fight time of 15 minutes. The first round will 10 minutes with the second being five minutes in length.
    Championship bouts will feature one 10 minute round and two five minute rounds.

    Much like PRIDE, fights are judged on their entirity by three judges.
    Each judge declares who they think won the bout, thus eliminating any chance of a draw.

    DREAM for the most part shares the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (as practiced in North American promotions e.g. UFC) however it has some notable differences such as:

    Stomps and soccer kicks are permitted to the head of their opponent if both fighters are on the ground. Otherwise, both moves are permitted to anywhere but the head.
    Elbows to the head are prohibited.
    Knees to the head of a grounded opponent are allowed if there is not a 15 kg weight difference between the fighters.
    If any rules are broken the referee will hand out a yellow card to the offending fighter(s). This will constitute a 10% deduction from their fight purse. Three yellow cards will result in the fighter’s disqualfication.
    Yellow cards can also be handed out for stalling or lack of action.

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  30. JayKay says:

    Who are these refs and judges?

    Where are they from?

    What shows have they done?

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