CCF Sanctioned to Use DREAM Rules in Edmonton


The following is a press release issued by Pasqualino Santoro, President of Colloseo Championship Fighting,

Land of the Rising Sun Influences Canadian MMA Scene

Mixed martial arts has come a long way since the days of UFC and PRIDE FC.  Back then, the battle lines where drawn, North American MMA versus a seemingly more diverse Japanese version.  In a heart beat the North American big business machine devoured the competition ending the unforgettable pride FC.  Many have felt that the days of old would never come back again after a disconcerting show in North America for the Pride organization which was bought out by the UFC, ZUFFA…………….what went wrong; true diehard fans have always wondered?????  

Approaching the new year of 2010, one Canadian promoter has taken a bold step.  Pasqualino Santoro, President & Owner of Colloseo Championship fighting has made a major announcement regarding future MMA in Canada.  Due to a recent 9 month layoff due to family sickness, Mr Santoro has brought the fire back to the scene of a somewhat stagnant & boring North American, Mom and Pops, MMA.

Mr. Santoro, in conjunction with the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission have announced the full adoption of the dream FC rules from Japan, Director Mike Kogan of FEG USA stated the fighter has more potential then the traditional North American rules offer.  I am very excited and the dream organization is also very excited and honored that a group has stepped up and visions what we see in the sport.  Mr. Santoro and Mr. Kogan both agree that this allows the fighter to compete at their highest level.  A bold new step?  Mr. Santoro is quoted, ”sometimes taking new steps to evolve the sport is what it needs in order to not become as stale as boxing.” I think Mr. Kogan is excited and not to speak for him or the dream organization but it allows their Organization and others from Japan to learn if the fighters in North America meet the standard level of MMA in Japan.  Rather than busting their ass through the ranks and then going over there to figure out when they are in the ring that they do not cut the mustard with the 10 min time limits and action rules?”

I am very excited we even decided to use the same gloves and 2010 looks explosive!  In addition, Mr. Santoro has announced they recently purchased their own venue outside the UFC.  “I think we may be the only ones?  This is not only good for the sport, but our fights can run like clock work every month if we want.  This will alleviate any issues that other Organizations face such as show dates & venue bookings.  We will have the control to do our own thing which is what I prefer………… that’s why the rule change…….…that’s why the venue……..I guess my time off was actually very productive………….see you in 2010!”

If that was not enough excitement for you, Mr. Santoro recently teamed up with Steve Rusich, Owner and President of Triple Crown Fighters, the most reputable MMA Managed Companies that provides a good source of North American fighters to put to the task. Triple Crown Fighters has MMA Superstars Such as Mighty Mo, K-1 and Gary ” big daddy ” Goodridge. I can’t stress this enough, but it looks like 2010 is going to be one wild ride!!

CCF 5 ”RESURECTION” is gonna be explosive as we got fan favorite fighters like allen hope,arron zimmerman,heavy ‘handed striker” chad haldane,brazilian jiu jistsu sensation jorge britto battles josh krejto for the ccf title

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