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wreck mma THUMBWreck MMA catered to the packed Robert Guertin arena this past Saturday evening,  and there weren’t many left disappointed.  The only disappointment would be for those in attendance who’s favorite fighter didn’t win.  There were some great match ups, with the best fighters in the region taking each other on.  There were tons of team shirts in the crowd supporting the local clubs, and it was a great display of Club Patriotism, coupled with the scores of Military folk in attendance.

The night started off with some presentations and a rundown of what the Solider On Charity is about, what it enables Canadian soldiers to do when they return from battle, and the opportunities it creates for those who wouldn’t necessarily have as many options.  The gentleman in the ring discussing this had lost both his legs, and was now running marathons.  Very touching story and charity.

Bout 1 – Randy Turner (OAMA Ottawa)  vs Josh Hill (Iron Tiger, Stony Creek)

The first bout of the evening has Josh Hill coming out to Journey’s “Dont’ Stop Believing” from Kru Alin Halmagean’sIron Tiger gym from Stony Creek.  This school is arguably producing Canada’s top strikers, and despite the fact Hill was about to take on a local fan favorite got a rise from the Pro Turner crowd due to the Journey playing.  Josh Hill debuted earlier this year and had fight of the night showing great striking.  Randy Turner comes out and gets a huge pop from the Military contingency in the crowd as Randy is a current member of the Canadian Military.

The bout starts off with Hill instantly going for a takedown, where he is able to land a few elbows and transition to mount.  He gets Turner’s back but Turner has good defence to the submission attempt, but is eating a few punches in the process.  Turner lifts Hill and slams him down but it doesn’t change the position.  The round ends with Hill on Turner’s back where he spent most of the round.   Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hill.

Round 2. Hill starts out with a takedown and Turner is able to get full guard.  Turner is working for an Oma Plata shoulder lock from his back but Hill shows great patience and defence and is back in Turner’s guard where he is able to land some strikes and opens up a cut over Turner’s left eye with an elbow.  Hill is able to pass guard into side control where he is able to land some decent elbows as Turner doesn’t allow Hill to get the mount.  Turner is able to get Hill in his guard as the round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hill.

Round 3 starts out withboth fighters feeling each other out on their feet.  Turner is looking a bit more tired, but in typical military fashion, he isn’t looking for an easy path and is looking to push the action.  Hill pushes Turner to the corner and Turner is able to get Hill’s back and get the takedown but is reversed and Hill has Turner’s back again after a brief scramble.  Turner stands up with Hill on his back and intelligently walks back to his own corner so he can get some expert advice from his corner tandem of Renzo Gracie and Pat Cooligan.  Turner slams to the ground and they both get to their feet where Hill is able to land a hard overhand right and follows with a takedown into side control.  Hill gets mount briefly but isn’t able to land any shots or maintain position and goes back to side control where he stays on top and ends the fight throwing knees to the body and elbows to the head of the tough Turner.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hill.

Josh Hill defeats Randy Turner by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Bout 2 – Benoit Guillonet (BTT Canada, Montreal) vs John Cholish (Renzo Gracie BJJ, New York)

Both fighters lock up in a clinch right away and are looking to land some strikes with Cholish landing some good knees to the body.  Cholish lands a good kick to the body and gets the takedown where Guillonet gets on top and is in Cholish’s guard.  He then stands up and passes to Cholish’s half guard.  Both fighters are displaying some great Jiu Jitsu skills combined with striking in a very technical battle.  Guillonet is able to defend all sub attempts and land some decent strikes as the round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Guillonet.

Guillonet is looking a little more worse for the wear going back to his corner.  The second round starts and Cholish lands a big right hand that knocks out Guillonet’s mouthpiece.  He pounces and lands some good punches forcing the referee to stop the bout at :13 seconds of round 2 with a great TKO victory.

John Cholish defeats Benoit Guillonet by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes) at 13 seconds of Round 2

Bout 3 – Anna Barone (Fit MMA, Ottawa) vs Josee Aupry (Team Machado, Ottawa)

These two women have already met before in an Amateur MMA match a few months ago and Josee won the decision.  There was some controversy as Barone felt she should have got the win.  Both athletes are looking to prove they should have won the decision last time and you can guarantee neither is looking for this one to be left in the judges hands.

The fight starts out and they are both looking to stand.  Aupry lands a big right hand that Barone doesn’t like and is dropped. Aupry pounces and lands a few shots before the referee is forced to stop the bout.  Barone is protesting but her eyes were pretty glazed and even while protesting she didn’t look like she knew where she was.  This was a good stoppage by the referee and there shouldn’t be any valid arguments on why it was stopped.   (Please note I was about 2 feet away from Anna when she was getting hit)

Josee Aupry defeated Anna Barone by TKO at 39 seconds of Round 1

Bout 4 – Mitch Gagnon (Team Shredder, Sudbury, ON) vs Stephane Bernadel (OAMA, Ottawa)

Gagnoncomes out and gets a louder rise from the crowd than expected, but it’s soon drowned out by the cheers from the Pro OAMA crowd when Bernadel is called to the ring.

This has two of the country’s up and coming 145ers squaring off.  The bout starts and they are feeling each other out on their feet with neither fighter committing too much.  Gagnon corners Bernadel and pounces with a flurry of punches to the head.  Bernadelwisely covers up but shots are still landing and despite decent defence is dropped from a big shot and Gagnon jumps into a Guillotine and locks it on.  Bernadel defends but soon after is forced to tap out.  Gagnon is no worse for the wear and Bernadel gets back to his feet, a little bloody, but more disappointed than hurt.

Gagnon really looked great in this bout and should move up the ranks as he improves to 5-1 with his lone loss being a decision loss to the top ranked Will Romero.

Mitch Gagnon defeated Stephane Bernadel by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 38 seconds of Round 1

Bout 5 – Yannick Galipeau (Speedy Gym, Montreal) vs Louis Phillipe Carle (Fit MMA, Ottawa)

This bout was scheduled to take place at 170 pounds, but Galipeau came in an unheard of 17 pounds overweight. Thankfully, Carle was gracious enough to accept the fight and esure he was at 173 pounds so the commission would allow the fight to take place. (There must not be more than a 15 pound differential between the fighters to be sanctioned by the Quebec Athletic Commission).

Galipeau starts off the fight with a big spinning back kick, that he nearly decapitated Nick Ring withlast month in Edmonton, but this time he didn’t have the same success and Carle was able to capitalize on the missed kick, secure the takedown and instantly attack Galipeau’s arm.  Galipeau defends but Carle is persistent and Galipeau is forced to tapout from the bout and ever trying to make 170 pounds again. Top MMA News spoke with his management and he is going to stick to the 185 pound division in the future.

Louis Phillipe Carle defeats Yannick Galipeau by Submission (Armbar) at 45 seconds of Round 1

Bout 6 – Roland Delorme (WAMMA, Winnipeg) vs Remi Morvan (OAMA, Ottawa)

This bout pitted a few of the country’s top prospects against each other.  A year ago, Morvan was an unkown prospect working his way up the ranks.  This year Delorme is the same unknown guy looking to do the same and piggy back off the success of Morvan.

The bout starts out with a brief feeling out process and Delorme is looking to keep it standing.  Remi shoots in and closes the distance and gets the takedown.  He is looking for a Guillotine but Delorme defends well and is able to get on top and is now in Morvans half guard.  Morvan goes for a Kimura, and Delorme stays composed, maintains his top position, lands a few shots, and escapes the attempt, getting back to his feet.

Morvan clinches and ends up in Delorme’s guard where he looks for a triangle choke as Morvan defends.  Delorme goes for the armbar and Morvan defends well, Delorme is persistant and gets top position while still working for the arm, Morvan is forced to tap out as Delorme secures the very tight and deep armbar.

Roland Delorme defeats Remi Morvan by Submission (Armbar) at 4:21 of Round 1

Bout 7 – Chris Vorano (Karma, Toronto) vs Igor Gracie (Renzo Gracie, New York)

They start out with Gracie landing a big left that drops Vorano, but he is able to get back to his feet before Gracie can capitalize.  Gracie shoots and gets the takedown landing in side control.  He works to mount, lands a few strikes and in traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu style, gets the Rear Naked choke when Vorano gives it up when he is hit from mount.

Igor Gracie defeats Chris Vorano by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:50 of Round 1

After the bout, Ring announcer Robin Black interviews Renzo Gracie and asks about his recent news.  Gracie discloses that at 43 years old he has signed a 6 fight deal with the UFC and he is looking forward to submitting Matt Hughes in his first bout on April 10th when the UFC goes to Abu Dhabi for the first time.

Bout 8 – Sean Quinn (Siam Muay Thai, Regina) vs Nick Denis (Ronin, Ottawa)

This bout pits two of Canada’s top Bantamweights against each other and it starts off withboth fighters looking to keep the fight on their feet.  Quinn is landing the majority of the strikes and is really taking it to Denis.  Denis capitalizes on a caught kick, and takes down Quinn.  Quinn is able to get back to his feet and is back to landing big punches.  He is hitting Denis with knees, kicks, punches, and, whenever clinched, elbows. He has Denis in SERIOUS trouble and drops him.  He is pounding away and the referee is close to stopping the bout.  Denis wraps him up and Quinn breaks away allowing Denis back up where he continues to brutally dismantle him.  Quinn has Denis on the ropes and Denis lands a beautiful uppercut, that puts Quinn in serious trouble.  Quinn’s instincts are good, and on auto-pilot he is looking for the takedown.  Denis lands another hard shot and puts Quinn on his back where he lands two more shots to secure the TKO victory.

This was a VERY exciting bout with lots of strikes.  Despite the loss, Quinn should be very proud of his performance and definitely proved he belongs in the ring/cage with anybody in this country at 135 pounds.

Denis also showed tremendous heart, and was able to whether the storm, take some punishment, and prove that not matter what shape he looks, he CAN still knock people out.  Big win for Denis.

Nick Denis defeats Sean Quinn by TKo at 3:42 of Round 1

Holst with his arm under Khatib's chin trying to secure the choke.

The bout starts with both fighters looking to keep it standing. Holst is landing the harder strikes including a few head kicks, a big overhand right, and some knees to the body.

Khatib gets the takedown but Holst is instantly all over his arm.  Khatib intelligently defends the armbar attempt as Holst transitions into a triangle choke.  Khatib stands out of it and they are both back on their feet.  Holst lands a hard head kick and a big knee which drops Khatib in the corner rolling his eyes in the back of his head.  The bout was very close to being stopped here, and if Holst would have thrown a strike at this point, the ref was ready to pull him off and award the TKO victory.  Instead, Holst goes for the Rear Naked Choke, and the referee stops it before it is fully on.

It could have went a few more seconds to ensure it was going to end the fight, but there was no dispute to anybody except Khatib who didn’t believe he was finished.

Once he ate the big knee and was dropped he did nothing to defend and it was a great call by the referee.  the only difference is if the ref didn’t call it when he did, Khatib would have just went to sleep.  The choke was on pretty quick, and he wasn’t doing anything to defend it.

Mark Holst defeats Nabil Khatib by Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:21 of Round 1

Khatib doesn’t like the stoppage and is pleading his case to Renzo, but there is no argument he can use that changes the fact he was being beaten to the punch and got dominated.

An impressive note on this, is that Holst competes as a Lightweight, and was up an entire division for this matchup.
Look for big things from Holst at his natural weight of 155 pounds.

Bout 10 – Sean Pierson (Iron Tiger, Tapstar) vs Fabio Holanda (BTT Canada, Montreal)

This bout has a few of the country’s top Welterweights going head to head with long time Canadian fan favorite Sean Pierson, against BJJ Black belt Fabio Holanda, the head of BTT Canada.

The fight starts and Holanda lands a BIG right that drops and stuns Pierson.  Holanda rushes in and is unable to land any additional strikes and goes for a heel hook.  Pierson keeps his composure and defends well, as he gets back to his feet with Holanda staying on his back.  Pierson holds on to Holanda’s ankles as he lands a HUGE right hand to Holanda’s unprotected head.  Holanda’s corner calls for him to protect his head, as Pierson continues to land blow after blow leaving Holanda unconscious on the mat.  Great performance by Pierson with the victory, moving himself up the Canadian Welterweight ranks.

Sean Pierson defeats Fabio Holanda by KO at 1:41 or Round 1

Pierson does his pattented backflip off the top rope in celebration.

This capped off a very exciting night of action, with Matchmaker Alex Caporicci putting together some great bouts, President Nick Castiglia running a good show, and the entire Wreck crew were solid all around, from the President to the volunteers.  Everybody involved with this organization is passionate and they have a solid fanbase in the Ottawa region ready to support their every move.

Top MMA News awarded the following

Fight of the Night: Nick Denis vs Sean Quinn

KO of the Night: Sean Pierson

Submission of the Night: Roland Delorme 





24 Responses to “ Wreck MMA: Event Recap ”

  1. Nabil Khatib says:

    Show me the tap out of the so called rear naked choke?? Show me the video, I’ve seen my video over and over, no tap, no choke.NO hooks on back back, not even close. I challenge Mark to a rematch any day, that was a complete bogus call and Mark knows it was. The ONLY thiong he did was knock me down with a knee, nothing more, no tap, no knock out.

    Mark step up and and do it right

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  2. Nabil Khatib says:

    “The bout was very close to being stopped here, and if Holst would have thrown a strike at this point, the ref was ready to pull him off and award the TKO victory. Instead, Holst goes for the Rear Naked Choke, and the referee stops it before it is fully on.”

    SO??? The choke was NOT fully on?? So was it a TKO?? Or a choke?? HHMM?? Didn’t defend it?? What did I have to defend?? A choke that wasen’t fully on??

    Makes no sense

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  3. Choke was being put on, and you weren’t defending yourself.

    From my angle you were taking the harder shots, and nobody is questioning your warrior spirit and toughness, but you were being outclassed in my opinion.

    I just find it doesn’t look good when you couldn’t make weight for the fight, and take no responsibility for the loss. You were being outstruck, and you can argue with the referee all you want.

    All I saw was you pleading your case to Renzo in your opponents corner.

    Any beef you should have is with the Athletic Commission and yourself.

    If a fighter is not intelligently defending himself, the referee’s job is to stop the fight.

    I just didnt’ think it looked good, when you were challenging Mark to a rematch. And crying sour grapes on the mic, and aparently still.

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  4. My apologies Nabil If I offended you with my comments.

    I meant no disrespect, and you have every right to be upset if you dissagree with the referee’s decision.

    I just think there is a time and place for how it’s disputed. I hope you have talked to the commisison and put in a formal appeal on the decision, as you have that right.

    I truly respect you and have always been a fan. You are a warrior, and a great person from all accounts i’ve ever heard. And i’d never want to offend anybody with my opinion.

    I just feel it could have been handled a little differently on your part.

    But it doesn’t matter what my opinion is, I’d talk to the commission about it.

    I’m not going to say I’m a fan of Chartier’s refereeing either.

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  5. Nabil Khatib says:

    a little better. thank you

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  6. Kudos says:

    As a casual fan who does not train, I personally I think that fight was stopped too early. I would have liked to see a more decisive finish. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention because I still have no idea what happened? I saw Nabil get dropped with a knee, and then Mark walks away as if he won the fight. And then Mark turns around and jumps on his back and tries for the choke. At which point the ref stops it before it’s even on?

    I walked away thinking that the ref stopped the fight due to the knee, and not the choke. It looks to me as though the ref meant to stop the fight due to KO, and then was surprised that Nabil wasn’t out.

    Just my point of view. I am still trying to get my head wrapped around what happened. If anything it should have been a TKO, as I don’t know how you can win by choke if there is no tap, and the hooks weren’t even in?

    Nabil was getting beat up and probably would have lost anyways, but it still sucks that it ended that way. It’s MMA so it’s never over until it’s over (as we saw in the Nick Denis fight).

    Just my two cents. Would have been nice to see a hand shake and some good sportsmanship, but I am sure it was just the heat of the moment.

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  7. The Dude says:

    Here’s my version,

    I sat in the nosebleeds and I rewatched the fight on youtube after. I do see the fight differently now but my overall feel stays the same: Holst was/is the better fighter.

    One thing that surprised me and stuck out was Khatib’s reaction to his loss. Does he have a right to protest the decision? Yes. But don’t get up and shove the ref, go complain to Renzo and then try and steal the limelight by talking about how good your chin is. What is this, WWE?

    Here’s how the fight goes down

    -fight starts with feeling out process but Holst finds his range earlier

    -Holst lands a shot that Khatib doesn’t like and presses him against the ropes. Khatib goes for a takedown but Holst falls to the ground holding Khatib’s arm and the kimura ais available. Fight transitions to Holst taking Khatib’s back awkwardly as he is very high on his back. Khatib ends up in Holst’s guard. Holst shows a dangerous guard almost with a triangle attempt. Khatib postures and motions for the fight to be stood up.

    -From there it’s all Holst. Holst lands a headkick that stuns Khatib for a few seconds. Holst effectively utilizes that split second to apply a muay thai plumb. Holst throws a body to the knee and a knee to the head. Khatib falls from the knee to the head. Mark rushes and applies a tight rear naked choke with one hook in.
    Ref stops fight before Khatib is given the chance to fight the choke or tap or go to sleep.

    In my opinion there was no escaping the choke but nonetheless it’s not the ref’s job to decide when a fighter should tap or not. This is the element of controversy in the whole situation. If Khatib wants to comment saying the choke wasn’t on tight and he would have defended it then so be it, but that’s definetly not how I saw it.

    Holst is the better fighter.

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  8. Harry Balls says:

    The post-fight rant was embarrassing and unprofessional. I watched (and have re-watched ) the match and Khatib was out of it. There was no way he could intelligently defend himself. Losing sucks. Now move on and prepare for the next challenge.

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  9. Susan says:

    I was at the fight and the first problem I have with the whole event is that it was fought in a ring instead of a cage. I was half expecting someone to fall out, get knocked out and lose because of it!!!!

    Oh my God we had THE GRACIES in town and we offer them a ring instead of a cage, that’s just wrong!

    What the heck were the organizers thinking?

    I am a very proud fan of ‘Nabil The Thrill’!

    He is the owner of the first Dojo in Ottawa to offer a ring in it’s facility, an incredible Sensei and role model too his students young and old not to mention husband and fantastic father to 3 children all of which hold black belts.

    I have known Nabil for over 25yrs and have never seen him win or lose any kind of battle without grace. It is just not within his character, if he feels this was an unfair decision I am with him %110 percent as I imagine his fans are.

    I was at the fight and did not see the jab at the ref, but either way being pumped and knowing/feeling that he was right it is an action that many would have done at the time, be it wrong or right.

    The action afterwards has nothing to do with his fighting ability which is really the issue not what happened after the bell.

    Although I’m not an authority on the sport, I was near the ring and I saw Nabil’s eye’s when he was supposedly knocked out and he didn’t appear to be knocked out at all, he appeared to be fully conscious and understandably pissed!

    I will be first in line for the re-match if there is one!

    What is Holst 30, if that? Nabil is 40, held his own pretty well I think and he is far from done.

    Hey Holst will you be ready for the “Thrill’s” son in 10yrs when you are 40 and he’s 28….Good luck!

    See you next time either with Nabil or with his son Jon who is currently 210lbs 6’2 Black belt in JJJ and Brown in BJJ and oh did I mention he’s only 18.

    Proud fan!

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  10. Poseidon says:

    Susan….that was pure drivel. Please offer some intelligent input next time.

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  11. curtis b. says:

    18 year old blackbelt in bjj? wow, i’m not sure if i’ve ever heard of that before!

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  12. curtis b. says:

    sorry, i meant brown belt!!

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  13. brodes says:

    Im pretty sure Nabil received his brown belt from Fabio, around a week before the fight, and i dont remember hearing anything about Nabil’s son getting his brown belt at the same time. Im pretty sure you have bad information.

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  14. brodes says:

    And Holst is 23 I believe.

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  15. Poseidon says:

    Right…he might be 24. Just because the UFC uses a cage does not make it better either Susan. PRIDE used to use a ring and can be an advantage to fighters that like to use distance and a good submission game whereas wrestlers reall y benefit from the cage. Hence the success of wrestlers in the UFC.

    I just think knows Nabil personally. Is looking at this whole thing with blinders on to spin it in his favour. We don’t need people posting who are going to opinionate like that.

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  16. Poseidon says:

    I meant I think Susan knows Nabil personally….and after re-reading yes she does.

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  17. Nabil Khatib says:

    Ok, let’s get it straight, Jon (my son)received his Blue Belt in BJJ, but he is a Black Belt in traditional JJ. I have my brown, in BJJ

    Thank you Susan, but a cage or ring doesn’t matter

    In every fight I’ve ever faught, if you’ve ever seen my fights, I win or lose graciously every time, never an issue.

    I am 40 and THAT’S not a problem either, I’m stronger and more skilled that I was when I started 6 years ago

    I KNOW when I’m out, and I know that I was not out this fight. He knocked me down, and attempted the choke as I was getting up, the hooks were NOT in, then the ref stopped it, THEN he put in the hooks, look at it again.

    Again, I will say I was lazy, and took him lightly, he did not hit hard, and wasen’t very strong, THAT’S why I let him stand up

    Everyone knows that fight was stopped early, that referee especially knows, he’s seen me fight before,

    Nick Denis was knocked down the same way but from a cross, he came back and won, different ref

    A rematch IS in order and if you say that he IS better than me, that it should’nt be an issue.

    Results will be different

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  18. Fedor says:

    I am z bezt

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  19. Nabil Khatib says:

    Who runs this website?? What happened to all the comments that said the fight was stopped too early??

    HMMM??? Interesting, there were a few of them and now they’re gone.

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  20. Nabil, I run the site with Marc. I assure you that no comments have been deleted from this post.

    Could you be referring to comments on this post?


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  21. Update: I added a pic of Holst with his arm under Khatib’s chin to this article that was sent to me this morning.


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  22. Nabil Khatib says:

    Ok thanks Keith, I had the wrong page I guess.

    Good picture, that still doesn’t show it being finished, he didn’t have my back and the ref stopped it before he took my back.

    He absolutely had a chance to finish the choke IF the ref let it go but at the same time I ALSO had a chance to escape it, done many times before.

    Again, I’m just saying it was a bad stoppage, let us FIGHT, it’s what we do.

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  23. Joe Rogaine says:

    Nabil is a big pussy – he got beaten by a guy 20 – 30 pounds lighter. Get over it.

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