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Top MMA News was live in Gatineau for WRECK MMA’s debut card on December 12.  In the main event, Sean Pierson defeated Fabio Holanda to climb the Welterweight ladder with a quick knockout.  In a surprise result, Winnipeg’s Roland Delorme quickly submitted Remi Morvan who lost for the second consecutive time.

Top MMA News’ Awards:

Fight of the Night went to Sean Quinn and Nick Denis.  Quinn was landing three punches for every one of the Sengoku veterans before Nick Denis finished him off with a TKO. 

Submission of the Night went to Roland Delorme who submitted the number two Bantamweight in Canada, Remi Morvan. 

KO of the Night went to Sean Pierson who rocked Fabio Holanda in the main event.

Here are the full results from WRECK MMA: Fight for the Troops:

Sean Pierson defeats Fabio Holanda by KO in Round 1, 1:41

Mark Holst submits Nabil Khatib by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:21

Nick Denis defeats Sean Quinn by TKO in Round 1

Igor Gracie submits Chris Vorano by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:50

Roland Delorme submits Remi Morvan by Arm Bar in Round 1

Louis-Philippe Carle submits Yannick Galipeau by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:45

Mitch Gagnon submits Stephane Bernadel by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:38

Josee Aupry defeats Anna Barone by TKO in Round 1, 0:13

Josh Hill defeats Randy Turner by Unanimous Decision

John Cholish defeats Benoit Guillonet by TKO in Round 2

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8 Responses to “ WRECK MMA – Fight Results ”

  1. Johnny T says:

    Nabil won’t shut up bout being robbed!

    NABIL is a big baby!

    Holst smashed him and then choked him out and he still didn’t think it was a good win?

    Whatever, you are too old, couldn’t even make weight and should just shut up!

    MAN UP!

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  2. Frank Ricard says:

    I was ringside for this event.

    I’m not sure if Nabil was fully choked out or not when the ref stopped the fight, but I do know that Holst had the guillotine fully sunk in and it was a matter of seconds before Nabil was tapping or out.

    Holst dominated Nabil and was striking him at will. Nabil had no answer.

    If he wants to fight again, do so at Holst’s natural weight class of 155 and next time be professional and make weight.

    Great performance by Holst, and a surprising lack of class in defeat by Nabil.

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  3. curtis b. says:

    it was a good fight, nabil did get rocked, and the choke looked solid, he probably would not have gotten out, but it would have been nice if the ref had let it play out instead of interfering.

    btw, it was an rnc not a guillotine

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  4. Congrats to Top MMA News contributer Mark Holst!

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  5. Michelle says:

    i think if you have no answer, no solid escape plan, and the educated ref see’s you’re about to go out, the ref should stop a fight. Its like stopping a fight due to TKO…. you’re not fully knocked out, but its on its way. I dont think it should be broken bones/unconscious OR tap, there should be a ref safeguard in play, like with striking. :)

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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  6. Jake The Snake Roberts says:

    I was at the event and I was looking forward to this fight but was very dissapointed. Neither looked impressive. Nabil didnt make weight so that looked bad on his part considering 170 is his division.

    Neither guys had any head movement and were pretty much just pot shotting the whole fight with Holst throwing mainly 2 punches at a time with a kick here and there. Both looked slow especially Nabil with him just walking into everything Mark threw when it could have been easily avoided with a couple slips and weaves.

    I thought it was an early stoppage but Nabil would have lost either way. Mark and Nabil both looked robotic in there with there movements and I saw no real KO power from either fighter.

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  7. Harry Balls says:

    Only one fight went to the second round. Kinda weak. Khatib was done like dinner, and shame on him for missing weight YET AGAIN. He will not make 155 in a billion years. I think Denis did not take Quinn as seriously as he should have, but props to him for battling back and getting the KO. And cage next time, pletty preeeeeeeeze…

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  8. slickrick says:

    Good fights by all fighters especially the rivalry from the fans on that fight. Wreck MMA put on a great show, glad seeing a gracie come to down to town as well, Vorano a great game fighter who is entertaining was rocked but put on a good counter-headkick thought he could have ko’d in the upset if he wasnt rattled. Text book gracie finish, hope to see more gracie action come through town.
    very smooth performance!

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