Wreck MMA: Fight for the Troops Weigh-In Results


Wreck MMA had their weigh-ins this morning at 11am due to the Quebec Athletic Commission having a major boxing card this evening in Montreal and time was an issue for the Commission. As a result of this, all fighters were given an additional pound allowance. (the Quebec Athletic Commission does not allow anything above the contracted weight so the promotion added 1 pound to the original weight limits.)

Despite fighters being given an extra pound, Fabio Holanda and Nabil Khatib still missed making weight, and Yannick Galipeau grossly missed by an unprecedented 16 Pounds.

1) Randy Turner 134.4 vs Josh Hill 135.6

2) Benoit Guillonet 160.4 vs John Cholish 160.8

3) Anna Barone 150.8 vs Josee Aupry 150.8

4) Mitch Gagnon 144.2 vs Stephane Bernadel 146

5) Yannick Galipeau 187.4* vs Louis-Philippe Carle 173.4

6) Roland Delorme 135 vs Remi Morvan 135.4

7) Chris Vorano 170.2 vs Igor Gracie 171

8) Sean Quinn 135 vs Nick Denis 135.8

9) Mark Holst 170 vs Nabil Khatib 172.6*

10) Sean Pierson 170.4 vs Fabio Holanda 172.4*

* Forfeits 20% of his purse to his opponent.


4 Responses to “ Wreck MMA: Fight for the Troops Weigh-In Results ”

  1. hawkes says:

    wow… 16 pounds.

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  2. Brent Fryia says:

    Weigh ins in the morning are tough… not surprised that there were some near misses.

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  3. L-Boutin says:

    What weight was the Galipeau vs Carle fight at ?

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  4. David Letourneau says:

    170. thats not a near miss thats a lack of effort he should be suspended.

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