MFL 2 – Montreal – February 27


Date: February 27, 2010
Location: Centre Claude-Robillard in Montreal, Quebec
TV: The Fight Network


MFL 2: Battleground Lineup

David Loiseau vs Isidro “Chilo” Gonzalez

Steve Bosse vs Marvin Eastman
Bruno Hosier vs Tom Murphy
Sebastien Garguier vs Martin Grandmont
Dimitri Waardenburg vs Mark Fraser
Louis-Philippe Carles vs Chris Vorano
Nordine Taleb vs Justin Primmer
Joey Gambino vs Louis-Phillippe Gauthier
Pierre-Étienne Marcoux vs Lyndon Whitlock
Daylin Logan vs Eon Shirley
Yves Lemelin vs TBA

16 Responses to “ MFL 2 – Montreal – February 27 ”

  1. David Letourneau says:

    Gauthier is rumored to be fighting tyler jackson, sounds like a great match up for both fighters and fans.

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  2. You are correct Mr. Letourneau! Gauthier is fighting TNT Jackson but not on MFL. That matchup is in January at Ringside.

    Here is the link:

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  3. David Letourneau says:

    Thanks keith

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  4. Kyle Vivian says:

    looking for amature fights in Canada?? 145 or 155

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  5. Lise says:


    My son is fighting on the MFL2 card and I would like to know where I can get tickets for this event.


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  6. for tickets.

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  7. lise says:


    What happen to Gauthier being on this MFL 2 card? Was he suspended from his loss to Jackson?


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  8. lise says:

    He still shows that he is fighting on the fight network’s line up – is your website out of date?

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  9. Derek Gauthier is schedule to fight Jesse Ronson.

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  10. Matt Dunning says:

    Hey Keith ask Hosier Bruno why he won’t fight me!!Was suppose to fight him AGAIN at W-1 then he takes this fight against a guy who shouldn’t even be fighting at heavy!!Bruno should not be considered the #4 heavy weight when all he does is get fed opponents who are no competition for him and that are light heavy’s!!Just getting sick of seeing all these guys from Quebec pad there records instead of fighting guys who can actually fight.I think Gauthiers last fight proves what happens when they have to step up and finally fight a good opponent.Derek called out Chris Clements so Chris says yes and then oh what a shock Derek says no to the fight.Bruno if your reading this I will fight u anytime anywhere and take you out!!!

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  11. Tom Murphy is a tough 5-0 fighter who has beaten UFC HW Josh Hendricks, UFC TUF LHW fighter Jason Guida, and HW Icho Larenas in his sole UFC fight. I consider the Bruno/Murphy fight a great matchup and hope to be in Montreal to watch it. I believe that Bruno is the underdog in this fight. To be honest, I was unsure of putting Bruno #4 but HW is a thin division. If he gets by Murphy, there will be no doubt in my mind that Bruno is one of Canada’s top Heavyweights.

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  12. lise says:

    I agree with the Quebec guys attempting to pad their record. The guy Gauthier is fighting has a record of 1-0 and fights at 155 usually. When their are other 170 pounders who could step up to the plate.

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  13. Rain-bows says:

    Is this going to be live on The Fight network?

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  14. Matt Dunning says:

    Keith I agree that Bruno is out classed in this fight but what I am saying is make up his mind either fight real heavyweights or move down!He should not me the #4 heavyweight in the rankings because of that and the fact Tom is the firt real fight he has taken!!

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  15. Gauthier and Ronson are now off the card.

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