Boots Scraps – The First Snow and Winding it Down


Hello everyone!

Today was the first snow! It has been two years since I have had a snowy Christmas.  Last year I was in Hawaii, and the year before I was in Key west.  Funny thing is that I am looking forward to a snowy Christmas this year!

Kru Chris from MAS, Cambridge, has come down to help us train. I did quite a few rounds with him after my strength and conditioning training with Pierre this morning.  Following Kru Chris’ Muay Thai training, I jumped into the MMA Elite class taught by Kru Jeff and Hammer.  In this class, I had the chance to train with Stef, Randy, Xavier and Andrew; the whole team is feeling really strong, including myself! My weight is good, and my strength and conditioning feels great!  I can’t wait for the fight.  I will be making my debut in the welterweight division against Nabil. I am very grateful to be able to step into the ring with Nabil; he is one of Ottawa’s top 170 lbs fighter.  I know that we will be putting on a great fight for all the Ottawa/Gatineau fans on Dec 12th WRECK MMA: Fight for the Troops.

Thanks a lot for all the support.  If you need any last minute tickets – feel free to message me.  I will be off to the hotel with the team on Wednesday afternoon.  I will be seeing everyone Dec12 !  Not only will you be able to see the best fight card in Ottawa/Gatineau history, but you will be supporting a great cause!  I will be fighting for my instructor, for the OAMA students, for my friends and family, and for the troops!  Win or lose, all I want is to put on an exciting fight and  to keep the crowd on their feet!  I will have the honor to have Renzo Gracie in my corner as well as my instructor, Pat Cooligan.  In addition, I will have all the OAMA students there cheering me on along with my friends and family, so the pressure is on.  Enough stress, I can’t wait to get it over with!

I will be training the whole week until my fight since my weight and my energy is good.  I will be updating you guys once more before I go into my ‘lockdown’ and focus at the hotel.  Take care everyone, and be careful on the roads!


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  1. Good luck Mark! Maybe size won’t matter…? Make it about the motion in your ocean!

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