TFC 9 Play-By-Play


 Top MMA News was at TFC  9 in Edmonton, December 6th.  Here is the play by play:

Devon Neis vs Greg McDougal
After trading shot a few quick shots, Neis takes McDougal down landing in side control. McDougal quickly works back to his feet and Neis gets the clinch and throws punches followed by a couple knees knocking McDougal out at 0:49 seconds into round one.
Rio Wells vs Darcy Boizard
Wells starts out quickly knocking Boizard to the mat with barrage of rights and lefts which continue on the ground, Boizard looks like he’s just about done when he slips out from under Wells and gets back to his feet. Wells takes Boizard down again but Boizard again stands up however is hammered with lightning quick punches against the cage until referee Len Koivisto steps in to rescue Boizard at 1:27 of the first round.
Mike Froese vs Tim Skidmore
The fight begins with the fighters jockeying for position against the cage until Froese takes Skidmore to the ground and rains down punches until Skidmore gives up his back and Froese sinks in the rear naked choke inducing a quick tap out from the veteran Skidmore at 1:16 of the first round.
Jason Gorny vs Cody Krahn
This grudge match begins with Gorny attempting to throw Krahn to the canvas however Krahn ends up with a side headlock on Gorny, Krahn is swept by Gorny and gets caught in a heel hook attempt, Krahn escapes to Gorny’s back and hammers away as he covers up waiting for the ref to stop the fight. The end comes at 1:28 of the first round. The two fighters shake hands and end the bad blood after the fight.
Jorge Ravanal Jr. vs Curtis Demarce
The fight begins with an intense stare down as these two fighters can’t wait to get at each other and had to be held back. Demarce got the fight started with a quick takedown, Ravanal attempts to use the cage to stand up but is put right back on the mat, Demarce takes his back and looks for a rear naked choke, Ravanal leaves an arm exposed and Demarce capitalizes and locks in an armbar forcing Ravanal to tap out 0:51 seconds into round 1. Post fight Demarce demands a title shot.
Victor Bachman vs Mike Rowbotham
Round 1:
After a quick exchange Rowbotham slips and Bachmann pounces on him, Rowbotham attempts an armbar but Bachmann slams his way out of it and gets back into Rowbotham’s guard. Bachman peppers Rowbotham with punches and hammer fists from Rowbotham’s open guard. Rowbotham throws up a triangle attempt which is easily fought off by Bachmann who continues to hammer away until the end of the round, Rowbotham wipes blood from his nose as he walks back to his corner. 10-9 Bachmann

Round 2:
Rowbotham gets the takedown to begin the second round and lands in side mount, Bachmann works back to guard and attempts a Kimura, Rowbotham escapes the submission attempt but is met with non stop elbows and punches to the body, Bachmann moves to side mount and proceeds to drop hammer fists until the end of the round. Rowbotham is left sprawled out on the mat unable to make it back to his corner prompting referee John Braak to stop the fight between rounds. 10-9 Bachmann
Johnathan Pridham vs Kyle Coutu
Round 1:
Pridham and Coutou were scheduled to open the show backstage issues pushed the fight to later in the card. Pridham began the fight by taking the fight to the ground, landing in half guard, Pridham threw some short elbows, Coutu works back to guard and then up to his feet. Pridham pushes ahead and wraps up a guillotine Coutu escapes and throws a head kick and follows up with some shots against the cage, Pridham takes him down and rests in his guard until the bell sounds for the end of the round. 10-9 Pridham

Round 2:
Pridham starts out the 2nd just like the first taking Coutu to the ground, but Coutu brings it back to their feet, Pridham tries for a single leg but can’t get him down, Pridham releases the single and presses Coutu against the cage and takes him down landing in side control, Coutu transitions to Pridhams back. Pridham attempts to roll away but Coutu jumps on top and fires away with heavy shots until the referee stops the fight at 3:01 of round 2 due to unanswered blows.
Jordan McKay vs Richie Hightower
Vancouver BC native Jordan McKay enters to a big ovation from his personal cheering section. The fight begins as Ultimate Fighter alumni  Richie Hightower gets the takedown landing in side control, MaKay fights to his feet only to be hit with a big knee, taken back down and pounded out by Hightower giving the previously undefeated McKay his first career loss at 1:31 of round one via TKO. Hightower says after the fight that he plans on moving down to 155 lbs.
Victor Valimaki vs Martin Desilets
Training partner and Hometown Favorite UFC fighter Tim Hague announces that Valimaki is in the hospital and unable to compete due to weight cutting complications which has effected his kidneys. Desilets’ camp is invited into the cage and asks why Valimaki is scared to fight him. Desilets requests that Valimaki come to Montreal to fight him on February 27th.
Ryan Ford vs John Walsh
Ryan Ford enters to a deafening applause from the hometown crowd. Ford begins the fight with a quick superman punch followed by a knee which send the US Marine John Walsh crashing face down on the mat as Ford jumps on his back and lands fast and furious blows putting Walsh to sleep and ending the fight as quickly as it began at 0:13 of the first round. In the process Ford adds the TFC World Welterweight Title to his collection and calls out Claude Patrick for the third time.

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