Ryan Ford Post-TFC Victory Interview


Ryan Ford talked with Top MMA News immediately after his 13 second KO win over John Walsh.  Ford also addresses Strikeforce rumors and calls out Claude Patrick to unify the TFC Welterweight titles.

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  1. Rain-bows says:

    Haha… the post fight interview took 18X longer than the fight! Impressive win by Ford!

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  2. Submission King says:

    Claude Patrick vs Ryan Ford that is a killer fight right there

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  3. I agree Sub King! Ford vs Patrick for TFC 10!

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  4. Prime says:

    Ford your a bitch.. Come March Speer going to hand you your ass..

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  5. bdop says:

    i dont really like patrick at all to be honest but ryan ford is everything wrong with the spot. a wanna be gangbanger and clear steriod abuser its amazing people give him all this attention didnt he drop 2 in a row to a guy who fights at 155lbs? as for patrick put him in vs a guy like speers and i say he looses that too

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  6. Prime says:

    I agree, Speer 2 loses are vs good UFC fighters and one being Anthony Johnson, enough said.. I love how Ford said Speer did not wanna fight him, Speer is one of my best friends and he had no idea about, he would never not take a fight, no excuses Ford, this fight is in your back yard we will see how you react when you get hit, cause Tom will hit you!

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  7. E-TOWN says:

    All The Bullshit Talk And Look What Happened!! Ryan Ford Is The REAL DEAL Dont Fool Yourself>>>Prime Whos The Bitch Now

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