Top MMA News MFC 23 Quick Hits


Fresh after watching MFC 23, I figured that I would jot down some quick thoughts on the event.

Thales Leites/Dean Lister

This fight was exactly like Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites although this time Leites played the role of Anderson Silva.  Dean Lister did not want this one standing and his constant pulling guard frustrated Leites and the crowd.  Leites wants a title shot and he deserves it.

Bryan Baker/Art Santore

Santore was cut up and pounded on and his face looked like hamburger.  Baker picked Santore apart in the first round and looked to dominate Santore as predicted.  However, as the fight continued, Santore just got stronger and stronger while Baker started fading.  Baker won the decision but if this went five rounds, Santore, The Wolverine, would have taken it.  One funny part during this fight was Santore losing his mouth piece and the ref taking him to the opponent’s corner to wash off the mouthpiece and give Santore a drink of water.  After the fight, a bloody Santore danced in the ring to the delight of the audience.  Both of these guys will be back in the MFC after the show they put on.

Ryan Fortin/Nick Penner

Ryan Fortin is a tough son of a bitch.  Those in the crowd did not realize that Fortin injured his ankle prior to the fight.  Those watching on TV were shown the replay of Fortin bouncing around in the ring and twisting and possibly breaking his foot.  Even with the bad foot, Ryan gave Nick Penner a lot of trouble.  Every time Penner gave a leg kick, Fortin responded with a hard right or left that eventually cut up Penner.  Props to Penner for finally taking the much bigger Penner down and submitting him.

Jason MacDonald/Solomon Hutcherson

This was announced as a draw after 15 minutes of River Cree officials trying to add up the score.  One judge scored it 28-28 which is impossible as there was no 10-8 round.   Jason MacDonald was visibly annoyed in the ring as it was obvious he took the first two rounds.  River Cree corrected the mistake after the fact and, rightly, awarded the fight to MacDonald.

Kajan Johnson/Ryan Machan

Nobody, including myself, gave Machan much of a chance versus the red-hot Ragin’ Kajan.  The fight started as predicted with Kajan picking Ryan apart on the feet and dropping him.  Kajan pounced and went from full mount to a Rear Naked Choke to an Arm Bar attempt.  Then Machan picked up Johnson and slammed him on his head.  Kajan was hurt bad and Machan quickly pounced and submitted his opponent.  Bill Mahood said after that the slam on Kajan’s head may have been an illegal spike.  Was it an illegal spiking of the opponent’s head by Machan?  It was close but Kajan could have let go of the arm to protect his head.  Machan improved to 8-0 in the MFC and deserves a main card slot.  Machan won Submission of the Night.

Joe Christopher/Jesse Juarez

The days of a guy being solely a Jiu-Jitsu fighter in MMA are over.  Joe “Jitsu” Christopher needs to work on his striking.  His knee bar and heel hook attempts did not work in Round 1, they did not work in Round 2, and they did not work in Round 3.  He needs a plan B.  Juarez deserves props for avoiding the submission attempts and landing some decent ground and pound while doing it.

Dwayne Lewis/Marvin Eastman

Wow.  Lewis has biggest win of career with a KO of the Night against the Beastman.  Look for his interview on Top MMA News shortly.

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