TFC 9: Quick Results: Ford KOs Walsh in 13 Seconds


Top MMA News is live at TFC 9 and will be updating fights throughout the night.  Unfortunately, there is no Valimaki Desilets title fight.  Valimaki is hospitalized with kidney problems.

Here are the results from TFC 9:

Ryan Ford defeats John Walsh by KO in :13
Ford starts things off with a superman punch followed by a knee that send Walsh to the canvas.  Ford knocks him out with hammer fists.

Richie Hightower defeats Jordan McKay by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:31
Hightower stuffs a McKay takedown and ends up in side control where he lands some punches.
The two get to their feet and Hightower lands a hard knee.  McKay goes for a single but Hightower pounds him down and out for a TKO.

Kyle Coutu defeats Jonathan Pridham by TKO (Ground n Pound) in Round 2
Round 1 saw Pridham take Coutu down and pound on him.  Later the two got to their feet and Pridham started taking over the fight.  10-9 Pridham

Round 2 saw Coutu taking a tired Pridham apart.  Pridham hits the mat and Coutu pounds out Pridham until the ref steps in.

Victor Bachmann defeats Mike Rowbotham by TKO (Ref Stoppage after second round)
Round one saw Bachmann in Rowbotham’s guard dropping bombs for five minutes while Rowbotham searched for an Arm Bar. 10-9 Bachman

Round two saw the same thing.  Bachman was exhausted from throwing hammer fists all round.  At the bell, Rowbotham does not get off the mat.  10-9 Bachman.  Corner should stop it but ref takes it out of corner’s hands and stops it for them.

Curtis Demarce submits Jorge Ravanal Jr. by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:51
Demarce fought two weeks ago and took the fight on short notice.  Demarce shoots and takes down Ravanal.  Demarce goes for the Rear Naked Choke but Ravanal shook it off.  Demarce grabs an arm and Ravanal taps out quickly.  Demarce says after that he thinks Ravanal’s arm broke and that he deserves a title shot.

Cody Krahn defeats Jason Gorny by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 1:28
Gorny tries to throw Krahn but it ends with Krahn in side control.  Krahn has a head lock and punches Gorny with lefts.  Gorny reverses but Krahn lands good upkick.  Gorny goes for Ankle Lock but Krahn just drops hammer fists and Gorny cannot defend because he has both hands on Krahn’s foot. Gorny is out and ref stops fight.

Mike Froese submits Tim Skidmore by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:16
Froese charges Skidmore with strikes first then Skidmore attacks back.  Froese takes him down and rains down blows from full mount.  Skidmore gives up back and Froes sinks in a Rear Naked Choke.

Rio Wells defeats Darcy Boizard by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:27
Rio jumps all over Boizard early.  Boizard survives.  Then standing Rio rocks Boizard with three huge rights and one left for good measure and Boizard goes to his knees.  Ref stops fight.

Devon Neis defeats Greg McDougal by KO (Knee) in Round 1, 0:49
McDougal took Neis down.  Neis escaped and got McDougal in the clinch.  Neis lands a couple knees for the quick KO.

Victor Valimaki vs Martin Desilets 

2 Responses to “ TFC 9: Quick Results: Ford KOs Walsh in 13 Seconds ”

  1. Submission King says:

    good event, a lot of quick fights, the translator for Desilets was a dick though. I talked to Martin and he was very respectful about it all, that translator made him look like a dick.

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  2. Rain-bows says:

    The ring announcer puthim in his place though, nice to see those guys stand up for the fighters when the fighters aren’t around to defend themselves!

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