TUF 10 Heavyweights – Episode 11 Recap


UFC THUMBDana starts off the show surprised that no one wants to take Mitrione’s spot.  White then talks to Kimbo.  Kimbo turns down the fight because he can not fight on his toes because he has a bad knee.  He says that he is training, but he does not want another loss.  The doctor says that he has arthritis but Kimbo does not want a cortisone shot.  White is shocked that Kimbo turned down the fight.  Kimbo repeats that he is in no condition to fight a kickboxer like James McSweeney. “It would not be a smart move and I will be ready to fight another day,” says Kimbo.

Mitrione then says he is ready to fight anyways.  Rashad calls him on it and says that the doctor was never the one stopping you from fighting.  Is Matt just playing games?  Most fighters are predicting James to win.  Later Mitrione admits that he was playing around the whole time.

Scott Junk has two small tears in his left retina and the doctor told him that he may have to retire.  Junk got laser surgery to repair it and then had headaches that were horrible.  Junk is not taking the retirement news well and you cannot blame him.  Jones takes the news hard as well and gets in Mitrione’s face because Mitrione poked Junk in the eye during their fight.  Jones really wants revenge for Junk having to retire.  He wants to choke Matt and break his arm.  Junk then went to the doctor who said that he does not recommend that Junk keep fighting but the doctor said that he could resume training in two months.

The McSweeney and Mitrione face off after weigh-ins and McSweeney gives Mitrione a shove.

James McSweeney vs Matt Mitrione

McSweeney starts out kicking and is trying to keep Mitrione away.  When Mitrione gets in close, he lands a few shots.  McSweeney lands a nice teep and then a nice right hook.   Mitrione catches a kick and lands two hard straight rights.  Clinch and McSweeney takes Mitrione down.  Mitrione goes for a knee bar but McSweeney spins out into side control.  In north south position now, McSweeney lands some shots.  Mitrione stands up and McSweeney locked on a Guillotine.  Mitrione taps out.

Winner – James McSweeney by Guillotine Choke

Rashad is disgusted by how easy Mitrione tapped out to the choke.  Dana White is impressed by McSweeney’s victory.

Next fight is Marcus Jones versus Darrill Schoonover.  Jones will be fighting for his second victory in one week.  

Marcus Jones vs Darrill Schoonover

Fight begins immediately with Marcus taking down Darrill.   Marcus is in side control and steps over Darrill’s head with his right leg and pounds on his head which is between both legs.  Impressive! Marcus is back in Schoonover’s full guard and is pounding on Darrill.  Marcus KO’s Darrill with a punch from Darrill’s guard.   Marcus Jones with a very impressive win.

Winner – Marcus Jones by KO (Ground n Pound)

Jones looks so dominant on the ground.  A great submission win in his first fight and a KO from full guard in his second.

Now the semi-final matchups are announced:

Roy Nelson vs James McSweeney
Brendan Schaub vs Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones’ game plan will be to take down Brendan.  He says he took down Barry Sanders in the open field so he can take down Brendan Schaub.  That is a strong argument!

Another prank by Team Rampage.  A pink office and pink stuffed animals for Team Rashad’s office.

Zak Jensen gets LindaGay written on his head by James McSweeney.  No one like Lindeman!  Jensen then is locked into the bathroom and when he is let out he attacks McSweeney.  McSweeney puts him in a Guillotine and lets him go when Jensen agrees to stop.

Prior to the Nelson/McSweeney fight, Rashad and his co-coaches prepare McSweeney, a Greg Jackson fighter, but do not appear to help Big Country at all.

Roy Nelson vs James McSweeney

McSweeney and Nelson look to stand and McSweeney seems to be the faster of the two on his feet.  Nelson shoots in and presses McSweeney against the fence.  James escapes and starts landing the occasional jab or leg kick.  James lands a big left and moves out.  McSweeney is getting cocky and Nelson lands a hard shot and follows up with a takedown.  Nelson works to side position and is looking for a crucifix.  He gets the crucifix and lands shot after shot to his head.  Mazzagatti stops the fight.  McSweeney was looking great until he got cocky.

Winner: Roy Nelson by TKO

Dana White is actually impressed by Roy Nelson.

We are treated to more back and forth between Rampage and Rashad.  Its too bad that these two will not meet in the cage as originally scheduled.

Brendan Schaub vs Marcus Jones

Fight starts and Marcus eats a punch to take Schaub down.  Marcus quickly passes to side control and lands some lefts.  Full mount for Marcus now but Schaub bucks back to half guard.  Schaub escapes.  They are standing and Marcus lands a big knee after eating some punches.  Schaub lands a huge right to knock Marcus down.  Brendan jumps on Marcus and ground and pounds him for a victory.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by TKO

Jones is considering retiring after this fight.  Rampage actually consoles Marcus after the loss and acknowledges that Marcus has greatness in him.

TUF 10 Heavyweight Finalist: Brendan Schaub vs Roy Nelson

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