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MFC THUMBTop MMA News had the chance to speak with Maximum Fighting Championship President Mark Pavelich prior to MFC 23 which is being held on December 4th.  Never short on quotes and opinions, Mark Pavelich definitely talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.  As owner of the MFC and HeatXC, Pavelich has built his promotion up to become the most prominent MMA show in Canada.  

Here are some snippets from the conversation with Mark where he talks about his December 4th MFC 23 show, the Canadian content on his shows, and his plans for 2010.

On HeatXC:
– “I thought HeatXC 4 was a really good show.  HeatXC will cause a lot of trouble for a lot of shows in 2010.  It will be the number two show in the country at this time next year.”

On who to watch at MFC 23:
– “Jason MacDonald is going to be going 100 miles an hour right from the word go.  This fight comes at a pivotal point in his career. He HAS to win the fight. He HAS to.  He can’t afford to lose.  Hutcherson can lose this fight and continue his career.  Jason MacDonald loses this fight and he is doing dishes.  He is ‘The Athlete’ for a reason.  He has a huge gas tank. He has to go out there and fight hard all three rounds.”

On a MFC/HeatXC Doubleheader:
– “I want to do it the first show of 2010.  It will have a HeatXC undercard and a MFC main card –  five HeatXC fights and five MFC fights.”  “HD Net will broadcast the main card live and show highlights of HeatXC.”

On Maximum Fighting’s 2010 strategy:
– “If anyone wants to compete with us next year – good luck!  I am getting meaner, more ruthless, and more vicious. I usually don’t play nice but next year I am going to be even meaner. I am going to keep stepping it up. I saw what happened this year when i stepped it up and I will be stepping up my game in 2010 again.”

–  “MFC is a brand and we will rise up above just being the best show in Canada.”

– “I am looking to bring in Hermes Franca and Yves Edwards to the MFC next year.  I am also looking to bring in ‘Ninja’ Rua.”

– “MFC will be much bigger next year. We will hold 8 or 9 shows and next year I will put one show in the United States.”  Season ticket holders will see the four shows in Edmonton.

– MFC will hold events in 2010 at the Enmax Hall in the Winspear Centre.  This hall will hold approximately 1,000 more fans than River Cree held.

– Mark has also significantly invested in the HeatXC and MFC web sites.  A new MFC pro shop will feature an extensive lineup of Maximum Fighting Championship merchandise.

On his exclusive MFC contracts and why he stripped the MFC Light-Heavyweight belt from Trevor Prangley:
– “Thales Leites, Dean Lister, Luigi Fioravanti, and others all are exclusive to the MFC.  Prangley was exclusive to the MFC.  Prangley wanted to be more active.  I only put on five shows a year. I don’t put on 10 shows a year.  I hated to strip him when he earned that belt, but I needed to send a message to my fighters to honour their contracts.”

On his Canadian Talent:
“I am not just going to get ex-UFC guys. I am going to build up Ryan Jimmo, I am going to build up Nick Penner, and I am going to get other guys to build up in the MFC.  We had other guys that we brought up in our organization and the second they had to step up, they lost.  I have guys that are not living up to their expectations and I have guys that have surpassed all expectations.  MFC is not a show to try and build up your career.  We have guys that are going to knock your head off.”

On his Canadian Light-Heavyweights, Ryan Jimmo and Nick Penner who both fight on MFC 23:
– “Ryan Jimmo will cause trouble in Light-Heavyweight but he has not lived up to expectations yet.  Sure he beat Eastman, but when he reaches his potential, watch out!”

– “Nick Penner is fighting at Heavyweight for the last time at MFC 23 and then he is heading to Light-Heavyweight. Right now he can knock Victor Valimaki’s head off, he can knock Martin Desilet’s head off.  Ask any of those guys if they want to fight Nick Penner.  They don’t.  Some guys will shit talk anybody, but nobody shit talks Nick Penner.

On Nathan Gunn:
– “Nathan Gunn will fight in February.  He put it on Pete Spratt in the first round and then he learned an important message.  When you have chance to finish a guy at this level, you better finish him.  That kid will never make that mistake again.”

On Simon Marini:
– Simon Marini will get beaten up by any 155er in my organization.  I have to bring him back in the new year, but it will be difficult.  If you are not ready for this level, guys are going to knock your head off.”

As of yesterday, there were still a few tickets available for MFC 23 .  As always, Top MMA News encourages you to support your local promotions.  There is nothing like live fights.

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  1. David,J,Finch says:

    mr Pavelich
    I train simon Marini now as you are aware i sent you 3 messages ,that you did not reply to,,but i just wanted to let you know when his contract runs out we will be moving on,,and it will be then you learn that you missed out on the next world champ..PS any mistakes he made in the past are removed,,

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