Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – November 2009


topmmanewsTHUMBThe talent level for Canadian Welterweights is incredible!  Not only does Canada have the number one Welterweight in the world, but the great white north also has three other 170 lbers in the UFC!  The talent level is so deep that a former UFC champion was left off the top 10.

When creating these rankings, Top MMA News felt that there were six obvious choices for the top six of this list.   After those top six, it was a dog fight between Top MMA News contributors to see who would get into the last four spots.

Once again, Top MMA News encourages debate, criticism and maybe even one compliment on these rankings.  Please comment if you agree or disagree or if we have missed a Welterweight.  Sensible comments will be taken into consideration when Top MMA News revisits these Welterweight rankings. 

Top Canadian Welterweight Rankings

1. Georges St-Pierre (19-2) – Simply the best fighter in the world at Welterweight and possibly the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world.  Total no brainer for Canadian #1.  GSP stopped BJ Penn and dominated Thiago Alves in fights this past year.  Next fight: vs Dan Hardy

2. John Alessio (26-13) – It was a tough choice between Alessio and Jonathan Goulet for the second spot at Welterweight.  However, Alessio has had more success over the past year and has had the biggest win in the past year out of anyone other than GSP when he rocked Luigi Fioravanti at MFC 22 with a highlight reel KO.  Other fighters that Alessio has beaten include Gideon Ray and Pete Spratt and many feel he should have been awarded the decision victory over Diego Sanchez at UFC 60.  Next fight: probably at MFC 24 next year.

3. Jonathan Goulet (22-10) – Goulet has beaten Alessio!  Why is he number three?  Well, that is a big win but it was five years ago.  Goulet is 0-1 for the past year and has been injured for 2009.  His last fight was an unimpressive 33 second loss to Mike Swick at the end of 2008.  Besides Alessio, Goulet has some big names in his win column: Hieron, Cuommo, Bongfeldt, and Cory MacDonald to name a few.  Next fight: TBD

4. TJ Grant (14-3) – The Nova Scotia native had a successful UFC debut this year at UFC 97 beating Ryo Chonan.  He followed that up with a decision loss to Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 100.  The Fit Plus fighter is a submission specialist (86% of his wins come via submission) and has submission victories over former UFCers Chad Reiner and Forrest Petz.  Next fight: vs Kevin Burns at UFC 107.

5. Claude Patrick (10-1) – Unknown to many fans, Claude Patrick has not lost a fight in seven years.  The IFL veteran can win fights standing or on the ground and he quickly submitted Dan Grandmaison in his last fight at CFC 3.  This well-rounded fighter has the talent to be the number two Welterweight in Canada if only he had the desire to fight top competition.  Patrick has been offered UFC spots in the past but the TFC champion has declined them.  Next fight: TBD.

6. Rory MacDonald (9-0) – The KOTC Lightweight champion moved up to Welterweight for his last two fights and will be making his UFC debut in January at Welterweight.  At 170, the Kelowna fighter has continued his winning ways by beating  Elmer Waterhen and Nick Hinchliffe.  In nine victories, the Toshido trained fighter has never gone to a decision and he has stopped top Lightweights Kajan Johnson, Clay French, and Jordan Mein.  Rory will be higher on this list once he records more victories over Welterweight opposition.  Next fight:  January 11 vs Mike “Joker” Guymon at UFC Fight Night 20.

7. Gary Wright (8-0) – Who is the toughest fighter that Rory MacDonald has fought?  Probably Gary Wright – the guy he trains with at Team Toshido every day.  Either David Lea is doing something right with his Fight Team or something is in the Kelowna water.  Evil Ginger is the KOTC Welterweight champion and holds a huge win over UFC fighter and the #4 ranked Canadian Welterweight – TJ Grant.  Next fight: TBD

Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford is Canada's #8 Welterweight

8. Ryan Ford (10-2) – Aside from his fights with Pat Healy, Ryan Ford has been flawless in his career.  The Interim TFC Canadian Welterweight champion has beaten ex-UFC fighters like Pete Spratt, Laverne Clark, and CJ Fernandes.  Next up for the ground and pound specialist is a fight against John Walsh for the TFC World Welterweight championship.  Lets hope that TFC is able to secure a tough opponent (that will not back out like Ambrose or Speers) for Ford’s next fight.  Next fight: December 5 vs John Walsh at TFC 9.

9. Fabio Holanda (6-5) – He’s Brazilian, how can he be #9?  Well, after much consideration as well as confirmation from Mr. Holanda that he is in the process of obtaining his Canadian citizenship as a permanent resident of Canada, Top MMA News  declared Fabio a Canadian mixed martial artist.  As such, he more than qualifies for the number nine spot as he has faced some of the toughest Welterweights in the world. In fact, Holanda’s five losses all come against guys who have fought in the UFC.  How is this for your first three pro fights:  Thiago Alves, Jay Hieron, and Drew Fickett – no wonder he was 0-3.  Holanda then went on to beat tough fighters such as Kultar Gill and Alvin Robinson and went 6-2 in his last eight fights.  Next fight: December 12 vs Sean Pierson at WRECK.

10. Cory MacDonald (10-2) – Over the past five years, Cory MacDonald’s sole loss came at the hands of Jonathan Goulet.  This Kingston fighter should be getting called up to the MFC after beating Thiago Goncalves in a close decision at Heat XC.  MacDonald has notable victories over Martin Grandmont, Dan Grandmaison, and Matt McGrath.  How about a MFC fight between MacDonald and Pete Spratt at MFC 24?  Next fight: TBD.

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):

Carlos Newton (16-14) – former UFC champion
Jason Heit (4-0)
Mike Ricci (5-0) – 170lb or 155lb – where will he end up?
Matt MacGrath (8-2)
Sean Pierson (8-4) – Next fight: vs Fabio Holanda at WRECK
Nathan Gunn (7-1)
Chris Clements (5-3)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:

Jeff Joslin (5-3)
Ken Calonego (5-0)

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5 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Welterweight Rankings – November 2009 ”

  1. L-Boutin says:

    Has Jesse Bongfeldt moved up to 185Lbs for good ?(I know he’s tested the waters at this weight but I wasn’t sure if it was a permanent move). If not he’s one that should be on the list for sure. Great talent at WW with wins over Grant, Fontaine, Pierson, Clements etc.

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  2. Jesse is a beast and will be ranked at Middleweight. He just won the RITC MW belt and beat Fontaine at Middleweight at CFC.

    This guy could be one of the best in Canada who has not fought for a major North American promotion.

    Thanks for the comment Luke!

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  3. Jason says:

    Nice write up! Looking forward to some of these fights, a couple at least in the Edmonton area.

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  4. Clarance says:

    Clements is going to shy rocket to the top of this weight class!!!!!!!!He was once top contender in all of canada and will be back at that position..I like Bongfelt but as well as he knows he won that fight against clements but he squeeked it out..Clements was dominating that fight anf just slipped up ..It happens..But i would love to see that fight happen again ..I can’t believe hes not ranked higher as of now!!!!

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  5. David Letourneau says:

    Nice write up although Kenny has never fought at welterweight. Even though bongfeldt moved up I felt he should still of been considered top 3 welterweight as almost all but the last few were at 170 which is amazing if youve ever seen him

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