Boots Scraps – Why I am Ready for Welterweights!


Hello everyone! I am doing great today! I have been training three times a day, every day of the week except for Sunday. I have been working very hard on all aspects of my training along with the MMA team here at OAMA.

Firstly, my strength and conditioning training with Pierre is going very well. Pierre is pushing me very hard, I am lifting heavier weights and I am training at a faster pace. I am feeling stronger everyday!

Secondly, I get to train with Kru Jeff for my stand up.  He has been holding pads for me and making me do all kinds of drills to help me improve my boxing and muay thai.

Thirdly, I have been working a lot with Hammer (Matt Hache) for my wrestling.  He is a Renzo Gracie brown belt and he is the top BJJ student here at OAMA. In addition, Hammer is also a high level BJJ fighter and he has fought all over the States and Brazil!

Finally, for my MMA training, I have been working with the four fighters of OAMA that will be fighting on the WRECK Show: “Relentless“ Randy Turner, Remi “Bam Bam“ Morvan, Stephane Bernadel and Xavier “The Rock“ Desrochers. They all have very different styles and strengths from which I can benefit a lot when I get to train with them.

Also, I must not forget all the students of OAMA, with whom I teach, train with and spar with on a daily basis; we’re working all facets of the fight! I have been training with many BJJ students during the randori classes, the MMA students during the MMA elite and MMA sparring classes and the Muay Thai students during the Muay Thai sparring classes.

Pat Cooligan Mark HolstLast but not least, Pat Cooligan, my instructor. Pat has been training me since I was 17 years old. He is overseeing all my training and my strategy for this fight, as well as helping me train my ground game! It really is a privilege to have him oversee my training camp and to work my strategy for this fight. Pat is a black belt under Renzo Gracie–the first in Canada and the fourth Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black belt in Canadian history. Pat has been helping me out a lot, seeing as I will be moving up a weight class. I am going from Lightweight (155lbs) to Welterweight (170lbs) and I need to train with heavier training partners, preferably anywhere from 185lbs to 200lbs. Pat is a 375lbs Renzo Gracie black belt! This is why I am feeling more confident and ready for this fight against Nabil at the welterweight division. This will help me get the feel of what it’s like to working without a substantial strength and weight advantage for the fight since Nabil will probably be 200lbs the night that we will be competing. 

I am very lucky to have such an awesome team behind me, training with me and helping me reach my goals every day! Without the OAMA Team I don’t believe that I would have made it to where I am now.

I would like to thank all my training partners, the students of OAMA and my instructor for encouraging me to train hard and get ready for this fight. You guys are the best! I am feeling very confident about this upcoming fight in WRECK: Fighting for the Troops on December 12th in Hull against Nabil Khatib. 

Only two more weeks until the fight, I can’t wait! If you need tickets please contact me at Thank you for the support! If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to talk about and answer let me know!

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