Wins, Not Notoriety, Key for Christopher


Joe ChristopherThere is certainly a contrast in the pre-fight hyperbole between Jesse Juarez and Joe Christopher.
Juarez jumped all over the opportunity to talk up his impending clash with Christopher at MFC 23: Unstoppable. On the flip side, Christopher kept things rather low key when offered the chance to rebuke the comments from Juarez.
Still, Joe “Jitsu” threw out a few comments that should certainly add to the fire of this welterweight showdown – one which would ultimately put the winner in the driver’s seat for a shot at the MFC’s 170-pound belt.
“There has never been anybody yet that I couldn’t finish,” declared Christopher, who thought Juarez was a little quick to presume a potential title bout with fellow top contender John Alessio.
“I think most people know that you can’t look past the fight that’s coming up on you and I think that’s exactly what he was doing. It sounded to me like he was training for a fight with Alessio, and that to me means he’s not training for the right fight.
“I’ve been submitting people ever since I started fighting. It doesn’t bother me that a lot of people haven’t heard of me yet. The reason I do this sport is to test myself and I keep getting better. Not being known doesn’t bother me. Being angry about that would be silly. It just makes me want to tap more guys out.”
Christopher made a triumphant debut in the Maximum Fighting Championship, dismantling Andrew Buckland in only 1:54 at MFC 22 and proving that his abilities in jiu-jitsu are as impressive as his credentials. The native Texan won three gold medals at the Grappler’s Quest event in Las Vegas back in July adding to his awards list that includes multi-golds at the 2007 U.S. jiu-jitsu nationals and a medal at the 2008 Pan Am jiu-jitsu championships.
But those attributes don’t limit Christopher as a fighter. In fact he is more than willing to display his depth of talent against Juarez.
“I think you’ll see me keep it standing if he wants to,” noted Christopher. “But if he wants to wrestle that’s fine too. If he puts it on the ground, that’s obviously a mistake.”

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