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Hello everyone, training has been going great!  Yesterday morning was a hard day. I started my day by training with Pierre, my strength & conditioning coach. He put me through some really hard leg exercises followed by a grueling cardio work out. Then I trained in the MMA elite class at OAMA led by Kru Jeff. There was Steph, Randy, Remi, Xavier and myself, all 5 OAMA fighters that will be fighting on the WRECK Show. In addition we had two students, Andrew and Sunny, come to help us out and train with the fighters. I cannot reveal the secret Kru Jeff training and what we did, but this picture was the end result.

OAMA Tired Team

A tired group of OAMA MMA fighters.

Today, I had the honor of training with the best of the best in Brazilian jiu jitsu – Roger Gracie. Pat Cooligan, head instructor of Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa, has a big treat for us: this Saturday and Sunday Roger Gracie along with Braulio Estima will be conducting a 3 hour seminar! Both of them are ADCC and BJJ world champions! The best of the best in the world are teaching at OAMA!

This afternoon, Stephane Bernadel and I both had the honor to have Roger Gracie all to ourselves! We had 1 hour of training with the multiple BJJ world champion and multiple ADCC champion. Roger also competed in two MMA pro fights and is now 2-0, so we asked him to work on our ground game for MMA and certain positions and techniques that he uses in his fights. The techniques and strategies he showed us were incredible; Steph and I will be practicing all the way leading to the fight! At the end of our private, Roger took the time to roll with us, it was awesome! On top of that, I will be participating in the two day BJJ seminar taught by Roger and Braulio Saturday and Sunday.

I can’t wait!

Roger Gracie, Mark Holst , and Stephane Bernadel

Roger Gracie, Mark Holst , and Stephane Bernadel


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