UGC 23 Weigh-In Results

UGC Cecil Francois

Jason Cecil and Ricardeau Francois (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

The UGC is holding their twenty third show, entitled Survivor, on November 21 at the Claude Robillard Sports Complex in Montreal.  The card is a mix of boxing and MMA.  Martin Grandmont, who is fighting in the semi-main event for the Welterweight title, was not available for weigh-ins and will be weighing in the day of the fights. Matthew Spisak was seven pounds over his catchweight limit of 160 lbs.  His fight will go on with Spisak forfeiting 20% of his purse.

 Here are today’s mixed martial arts weigh-in results from the UGC:

Ricardeau François (213.3) vs Jason Cecil (213.5)
*** for the UGC Heavyweight title

Martin Grandmont (TBD) vs Louis Christophe Laurin (168)
*** for the UGC Welterweight title

TJ Coletti (167.7) vs Jay Alexander (171.7)
Matthew Spisak(167) vs Josten Tardif (158.3)
Cyril Robert (133.4) vs Brent Cliffor Franczuz (134.7)


* Photos by Eric Gaudreault –

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