Parisyan Pulls Out of UFC 106


Karo ParisyanKaro Parisyan has pulled out of this weekend’s UFC 106. The fighter indicated to MMAWeekly that he is unable to be licensed in Nevada due to not being able to afford the $32,000 fine that Nevada imposed on him for testing positive for pain killers in his UFC 94 fight with Kim Dong-hyun.

Parisyan told MMAWeekly, “There’s a lot of problems going on. They won’t re-license me unless I (expletive) pay them,” Parisyan told “I had to pay the $32,000 fine in order to fight. I never paid because I never had the money. I don’t know if I’ll be able to come back.”

The NSAC’s Keith Kizer told MMAWeekly that is not why Karo is not fighting and until contacted by MMAWeekly, he thought Karo was still on the card.  Kizer said,  “That has nothing to do with it,” said Kizer. “He was going to pay the fine out of this (UFC 106) purse.” 

Dana White posted on his Twitter account, “Karo Parisyan has f’d over the UFC, the fans and his opponent again! He will not be fighting Saturday or ever again in the UFC!”

Parisyan also pulled out of a UFC 88 against Yoshiyuki Yoshida just prior to the event citing a back injury.   At that time, rumors surrounding his UFC 88 cancellation had to do with anxieties instead of back issues.  One has to wonder if the same is happening at UFC 106.

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