KOTC Accelerator Weigh-In Results


kotc accelerator nov 20

King of the Cage will be holding their Accelerator card November 20 in Edmonton, Alberta.  At weigh-ins today, Heavyweight title combatants Adriano Bernardo and Curtis Suter both weighed in under the 265 lb limit to make their fight official.

Winnipeg’s Curtis Chambers and Edmonton’s Corey Knapp both weighed in a little less than two pounds over their allowable weight but their fights will go on as scheduled.


Adriano Bernardo (242.6) vs. Curtis Suter (255.6)
*** for KOTC Canada Heavyweight title 

Patrick Besarra (144.2) vs. Ryan Knysh (138.6)
Dan Ruttan (192.4) vs. Elmer Waterhen (187.2)
Pierre Dumont (151.6) vs. Curtis Demarce (156)
Rory Heebner (150.8) vs. Devin Murray (155.8)
Brad Stewart (184.6) vs. Ryan Sieben (185.2)
Curtis Chambers (147.4*) vs. Lindsay Milikin (145.8)
Mike Davis (135) vs. Corey Knapp (137.8*)
Aaron Drewniak (205.2) vs. Jason Rorick (206.2)
Aaron Zimmerman (did not show) vs. Ken Kerfont (167.6)

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