TUF 10 Heavyweights – Episode 10 Brendan Schaub vs Jon Madsen


Last week, Roy Nelson squeaked into the TUF 10 Semi-finals.  Who will advance this week?  Madsen or Schaub (my guess….Schaub)?  Will Mitrione fight or will Kimbo come back (my guess….just a tease…Mitrione fights).

Lucky for all that I will be watching WEC at the same time as TUF 10, so that means less for all to read !

Assistant coach Wittman takes Mitrione to task for saying he has swelling of the brain.  Mitrione is lying and no doctor said that.

Kimbo has a knee injury.  Turns out he is missing some cartilage in his knee.  He does not want to take a cortisone shot as he does not like needles.

Coach challenge is beach volleyball.   Rashad wins the challenge two games to one.

Schaub is annoyed that Rashad is coaching Madsen the whole practise and not him.  He says that wrestlers like Evans and Madsen stick together.

Mitrione and Evans have a chat.  Matt thinks that he is being pressured a little to fight.  Rashad calls Dana to come talk.  Mitrione knows its 90% directed at him. 

Jon Madsen vs Brendan Schaub

Wrestler vs Boxer in this quarterfinal.

The two circle around.  Madsen shoots and puts Schaub on back.  From half guard, Madsen throws some punches but is warned to start moving and gets stood up with a little over two minutes left.  Schaub now pushes Jon against the fence and lands some nice knees.  Madsen shoots a single and drops Schaub and lands in side control.   Madsen does little with a dominant position and Schaub works to half guard.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Madsen.  As usual this season, not much excitement.

Round two starts and the two clinch up.  Not much action.  Madsen backing up as he is tired.  Schaub lands two straight rights and drops him.  KO Schaub.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by KO

Next episode: Two hours and both quarter finals.  James McSweeney vs Matt Mitrione and Darrill Schoonover vs Marcus Jones.  Then its the semi-finals. 

Note: Commercial then comes on and says four fights next week and a Kimbo surprise “that you won’t believe.”  Hmmm……   shaves his beard? :)

Winner: Brendan Schaub by KO

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