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Hello, hope everyone is doing well! So far I am very happy with my training camp and Im feeling really strong!

A Top MMA News reader  had asked about my thoughts on the rankings on from a fighterperspective and here it is:

I do agree with people when they say it is a subjective list. I was one of the Lightweight fighters that are in the “Just out of the top 10.  The bottom line for me is it gives me motivation; I like being the underdog. To even be mentioned on a top Lightweight list in Canada is a great honor for me and it shows that my hard work is paying off, but also shows that I still need to work hard to get to the top. It also gives me a number of fighters to look up to. On the list, the top 3 Canadians Lightweights are Mark Bocek, Sam Stout and Chris Horodecki who are all guys I look up too. They are at the top for Canadian Lightweight MMA fighters. These fighters deserve to be recognized for all their hard work and great fights they put on. It inspires me to be like them; to be able to climb the ladder and hopefully have the skills and the honor to fight them one day.

So for myself, as a fighter, the rankings are a source of motivation, I do not take it harshly that I was left out of the top 10; I do not think it gives me a bad reputation. It fires me up to train harder and to get to the top one day!

Nick Castiglia

Nick Castiglia - Droppin' the lbs !

As for my training, it is going very well. My training camp has been set up for me in preparation to fight Nabil Khatib. I am training with a lot of  heavy guys and I had the great opportunity to roll with Fred Lacroix: one of the top BJJ students at the academy and a very strong purple belt. Also, I had the privilege to train with an old friend that I have not trained with in what seems like forever! Back in the days we used to have wars him and me… Thats right, I trained with Nick Castiglia! The other night he was dropping the lbs on me like the good old days when we trained HARD MMA sparring rounds! He is another strong Renzo Gracie purple belt and MMA fighter. I had forgotten how being bottom crosside with him really sucked!

Let the good times roll!

I am looking forward to my next fight against Nabil; Im sure the two of us will put on a great stand up war! Both of us are from Ottawa and both of us are strikers! I hope that we will make it the fight of the year!

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After training, the OAMA TEAM; myself, Xavier, Remi, Jeff, Randy, Nick and Fred!


Until next time! Take care,


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