CFC 3 Play-by-Play


CFC THUMBApproximately 3,000 people showed up at the Winnipeg Convention Centre for CFC 3.  Once again, it was a great night of fights.  Here is a complete play by play of the November 13th action:

Rodrigo Munduruca vs Dan Christison – 265 HW

Round 1.  The two giants clinch up right away but break and exchange jabs. Christison clips Rod who drops to his knees.  Rod gets up and  Rod executes a great throw and flips Christison.  Impressive toss! Munduruca lands in Christison’s half guard.  Rodrigo lands elbows and some punches on his downed opponent.  Back control by Rod and again he lands hard punches.  Munduruca secures the body triangle and he lands more and the crowd is anticipating Munduruca to submit Christison who has never been submitted. Now on top again, Munduruca lands more hard shots from the top.  Again, Rod lands big hammer fists from the top.   Full guard by Christison and Munduruca lands big rights.  Near the end of round 1, Munduruca is finally kicked off by Christison.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Rodrigo Munduruca. Impressive performance from Munduruca especially after being dropped to his knees early in the round.

Round 2.  Christison comes out swinging and lands a nice combination. Then Rodrigo gets hit with a hard shot and drops to his knees and then slumps to the canvas..  KO by Dan Christison.

 Winner: Dan Christison defeats Rodrigo Munduruca by KO in Round 2, 0:18

Thats 10 wins out of 11 fights for Christison with this Knockout of the Night.


Dan Grandmaison vs Claude Patrick – 173.5 CW 

Round 1. Claude Patrick starts with a front kick that grazes Grandmaison’s head.    The two circle and Grandmaison stuff’s a Patrick takedown, but Patrick shoots again and is successful with his take down.  Patrick quickly moves to half guard and pass into full mount and drops an elbow.  Patrick picks his spots and lands body shots and then some very hard forearms before Grandmaison powers out of the position.  While standing, Patrick slaps on a Guillotine and taps out Grandmaison. 

Winner: Claude Patrick submits Dan Grandmaison by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:42

Patrick is a dominant fighter and has not lost since 2002.  This man needs a step up in competition.  After the fight, Patrick says he is thinking of dropping down to 155 lbs.  Love to see this guy fight at CFC 4, but I think the CFC would need to bring in a recently released UFC fighter to give Patrick any type of close fight.


Dominick Blais vs Warren “Weapon X” Phillips – 155

Round 1. Blais coming out kicking and Phillips lands a couple kicks. The two clinch and Phillips takes him down. Blais knees Phillips but gets taken down.  A very fast round as the two are back on their feet, Philips lands a hard body shot and then a combo to Blais’ head.  Blais returns with a couple kicks.  Thai plumb by Phillips who lands some knees and they crash to the mat with Phillips in Blais’ guard.   Blais gets an arm but Phillips slips the hold.  Blais on top and lands some punches to Phillips’ ribs.  Phillips and Blais trade punches from Phillip’s guard and bell rings.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phillips. A great evenly matched round.  Incredibly, Phillips seemed stronger and fresher than Blais. 

Round 2. Blais bleeding from nose and looking very tired and taking some big breaths.  He lands some kicks and flies at Phillips landing in the ropes.  Warren is going to slam him down but Blais grabs ropes and is warned by referee.  Next time a point will be taken off.  Big right by Phillips who really should be pouring it on now yet seems hesitant.  Double leg takedown by Blais and he is in Phillips’ half guard who is trying for Kimura but Blais landing hammer shots and gets full mount.  Phillips gives up his back and Phillips rolls and ends up in Blais’ guard now.  Nice scrambling by the Scheer’s fighter! Triangle attempt by Dominick but Philllips slips out.  Dominick ends up on top and lands hard shots to the body.  Big right by Dominick.  At end of the round, Blais is sitting on Warren’s head and punching Phillips legs.   Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Blais. He looked gassed at the start but Phillips was very hesitant to initiate when it seemed he had the advantage.  By the end of the round, Blais was giving Phillips a lot of trouble.  Nice round by both fighters!

Round 3.  Takedown by Blais to start Round 3.  Phillips reverses with a tight side choke and has Blais’ back.  Blais rolls him off but Phillips still on top in Blias’ half guard.  Blais works to get him in full guard.  Blais powerfully sweeps Phillips and then gets Phillips’ back.  Phillips taps out to Blais’ Rear Naked Choke.

 Winner: Dominick Blais submits Warren Phillips by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 3:00

A very nice fight that showed each fighter’s technical ability with lots of back and forth action.  When you see a fighter is from Scheers or WAMMA, you know that they will be well coached, have great skill, and leave nothing in the ring.  Great job Warren and Dominick!


Chris Stranger vs Kris Lee – 185

Stranger comes out to an incredible introduction complete with bear headdress, tribal flag, and rap singer in his entourage.  He looks fierce. 

Round 1. Lee is stunned as Stranger charges across the ring as soon as the fight starts.  The two clinch up and exchange knees and Stranger lands in the half guard of Lee.  Full mount for Stranger.  Stranger traps Lee’s left arm with legs and lands a bunch of left hands.  Stranger repeatedly lands lefts and occasionally traps Lee in the crucifix position trapping the right arm of Lee with his head.  Lee is stuck on the bottom and eating shot after shot and it could be stopped here. Lee is being dominated but he rolls to his back and Stranger lands more strikes while one Lee’s back.  Ref steps in as he has seen enough.  Lee was completed outclassed by Stranger as it just was not Lee’s night. 

Winner: Chris Stranger defeats Kris Lee by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 1, 2:51


Eric Perez vs Ben Nguyen – 135

Round 1. Fight starts with a big left by Perez and then a slip by Perez while delivering a kick.  Nguyen goes for arm bar that perez busts out of explosively.   The two stand and exchange many strikes.  Perez winning standup and then lands a nice front kick.  Left hook is landing for Perez.   Nguyen turns fight around and starts landing a ton of punches and Perez is stunned and backing up.  Nguyen goes for left high kick and now he slips but gets back to his feet.  Nguyen takes Perez down and lands rights to Eric’s body.  Perez escapes into the half guard of Nguyen.  Some vicious GNP by Perez who bounces Nguyen’s head off the matt right in front of me.  Incredibly, Ben smiles and scrambles to his feet.   The two trade and Perez wins the battle and screams and lunges at his opponent with a right hook.  He rocks Nguyen with a right and Nguyen is in trouble.  Bell rings with Perez stalking Nguyen.  Top MMA News scores the Round for Perez 10-9

Round 2. Glove troubles for Nguyen delay the start of Round 2.  Once it starts, Nguyen shoots immediately and Perez stuffs and gets top position.  Perez lands GNP from top.   Nguyen wizzers to standing position.  Nguyen starts landing more as Perez puts his head down and swings wildly.  The two warriors keep trading although they have slowed considerably from the frantic first round.  Nguyen’s left is wobbling Perez as Nguyen looks more technical than Perez. Perez has been throwing the odd kick all round which have been effective. Nguyen is countering with his left hook effectively everytime Perez drops his head and swings.   Perez recovers and lands two hard right body kicks.  The two are very tired and the  flying knee by Perez rocks Nguyen.  A followup punch knocks Nguyen to the ground.  Perez jumps on him and lands some shots but Nguyen is done and Big John McCarthy stops the fight.

 Winner: Eric Perez defeats Ben Nguyen by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 4:20

A fight of the night performance once again by Perez.  Ben Nguyen brought everything he had to this fight as well.  Great bout between two tough fighters!


Agostino DeNatale vs Jesse Gross – 153 CW

Gross took fight on one week’s notice.  Both debut fighters although Gross has significant amateur MMA and boxing experience and DeNatale has kickboxed professionally. 

Round 1. The two trade. Leg kick by DeNatale and Gross takes him down.  Gross lands two lefts and then works for side control.  Gross in side control lands pointed elbows which I thought are not allowed by the MBC.  DeNatale nicely uses wizzer to reverse position and the crowd now sees that DeNatale is badly cut bad on right eyebrow and stains his blonde hair bad.   Agostino landing some hard shots while Gross looks for a triangle.  Gross lands elbows to DeNatale’s head while he has opponent’s head trapped.  DeNatale drops some punches and backs out of the position to stand.  Gross takes him down again and as round ends Gross is landing some big shots from top.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gross

Round 2.    Starts off with a nice right by DeNatale and a jab .  Nice double jab by Gross.  Gross for a couple takedowns and DeNatale sticks his ass through the ropes to avoid them and gets a deserved warning from the referee.  Gross winning standup now as DeNatale looks beaten and tired, but is not giving up.  Gross lands a leg kick straight left combo but now DeNatale takes Gross down. Big bombs by DeNatale on top but Gross kicks him off.  The loudest punch of the night bloodies Gross’ nose is followed by an uppercut, but Gross does not budge and its a double leg takedown by Gross.  Gross lands plenty of forearms and elbows and gets full mount.  Aggie turns and gives back and Jesse works for the RNC.  Full mount by Gross and he lands a big left before bell stops round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gross.

Local favorite, a visibly tired Agostino DeNatale swears loudly as Gross drops a level to duck under his jab and takes him down.  Side control for Gross who drops more elbows.  Gross is dominating the round and has Agostino’s back and is pounding on him.  Referee stops the fight and Agostino is cut up very badly.  Good stoppage as Aggie admits after the fight that he was stuck in a bad position.  

Jesse Gross defeats Agostino Denatale by TKO (GNP) in Round 3, 1:38 

Expect good things from Gross who looked like a dominating ground ‘n pound wrestler tonight.


Sean Quinn vs Francois Lacombe – 135

Quinn starts out with leg kicks. As soon as Lacombe tries to close distance, Quinn takes him down. Quinn gets full mount and lands some hard ground and pound.  Lacombe wants none of that and gives up back where Quinn goes for the Rear Naked.  Back to full mount again and Lacombe eats some hard shots as Quinn is unforgiving and punishes his opponent for the bad position he is in.  Side choke attempt by Quinn and then back to full mount.  Lacombe cannot escape.  Lacombe gives up back again and then submits to a Rear Naked Choke. A vicious, dominating performance by Sean Quinn. 

Sean Quinn submits Francois Lacombe by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:04


Lance Cartwright vs Chester Post – 205

Round 1. Cartwright throws a kick that Post catches and uses to take Lance down.  In Cartwright’s guard, Post lands some nice shots from top and Cartwright has already been cut on his forehead.  Cartwright gets a hold of an arm and will not let go.  Post tries to punch out of it, then slam out of it to no avail.  Post tries to pull away and gives Cartwright the leverage to really tighten his hold.  Post taps out.

Winner: Lance Cartwright submits Chester Post by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:13


Roland Delorme vs Stephane Denis – 140 CW

Round 1. Delorme exchanges kicks with the larger Denis.  The two clinch up and wrestle and Delorme gets Denis on his back and into a half guard position.  Delorme does not strike, but works for full mount and loses it but gets Denis’ back instead.  Denis tries to stand up but Delorme sinks hooks in but is positioned very high on Denis. Denis slides out the back and they stand and now Delorme on his back. Delorme is working for arm bar but Denis slips out and gets Roland’s back with 10 seconds left. Top MMA News scores the round 10-10. Very even grappling match and judges could have awarded it to either fighter.

Round 2. Delorme starts out with a bang and lands a left and then a solid right and gets Denis on his back. Delorme lands some body punches and a left to Denis’ head.  Denis going for a kimura but Delorme gets his back and lands some punches.  Roland working for the RNC but Stephane keeps rolling and Rolly ends up on his back.  Denis in Delorme’s full guard.  Rolly works a nice wizzer and reverses Denis.  Denis goes for Guillotine but does not have it.  Rolly lands some body punches and round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Roland Delorme

Round 3. The two exchange kicks and clinch up and Roland puts Denis on his back. Delorme gets Denis’ back and lands some punches.  He lands a couple hard punches while on Denis’ back. Delorme rides the round on Denis’s back and lands the odd punch while trying to get the Rear Naked.  Delorme’s WAMMA corner screams at Delorme to keep punching and this is great advice.  Denis cannot get out from the bottom and Delorme lands some hard shots. Denis is tired and bleeding from the nose and the fight is stopped. 

Winner: Roland Delorme defeats Stephane Denis by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2, 4:40.  Nice third round by Delorme.  With great takedowns and jiu-jitsu, Delorme needs to keep striking like he did in the third.  Really like the cornering by coach Brigham who was the loudest and most effective corner of the night. 


Mark Durant vs Brett Portieous – 155

Round 1. The two clinch up right away with Durant tripping Portieous to the mat.  Portieous goes for arm bar from the bottom, but Durant punches him hard in the face.   Portieous working off his back goes for Triangle.  Durant escapes and they stand.  Portieous drops Durant to his back and get side control.  Portieous lands some forearms.  Durant gives up his back and Portieous gets leg hooks in and attempts a RNC.  Portieous loses his hooks but keeps the choke.   Durant rolls and gets Portieous on his back with a nice reversal of position.  Durant stands and lands a couple rights.  Portieous goes for Arm Bar but Durant slams out of it.  Durant lands a couple shots from top position before round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Portieous. Portieous had some tight submissions in a close first round that featured some good ground work by Portieous and Durant the kickboxer.

Round 2. Portieous shoots as he wants to keep his Team Canada kickboxer on the ground.  Portieous works to full mount and lands some shoulder shrugs.  Big John warns Portieous to stay active, as he is very inactive in the full mount.  Portieous has full mount but doing nothing. Portieous lands some weak body shots.    Durant gives up his back and Portieous is fine with just maintaining dominant position.  Mark escapes and is now on top and lands some hard shots to the body and the head of Portieous.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Durant as Portieous did nothing with dominajnt positions and Durant landed some hard shots in the minute that he was on top.   

Round 3. Mark misses a right and Portieous immediately clinches and takes Durant down.  Portieous maintains top position the entire round.  The referee stands them up once but Portieous again takes Durant down with a very hard slam.  Portieous rides out the round on Durant’s back. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Portieous.

Winner: Brett Portieous defeats Mark Durant by Unanimous Decision  (30-27 x 3)

Portieous had a dominant wrestling game.  He needs to incorporate strikes on the ground into his arsenal as he had plenty of opportunities to finish Durant off.


Luis ‘El Matador’ Cepeda vs Jamie Guminy – 175 CW

The two start off trading.  Guminy lands the odd leg kicks and Cepeda is quick with his hands.  Cepeda just takes the middle of the cage, with his hands low, and does not move.  For most of the round, Luis waits for Guminy to come forward and continually lands the quick jabs.  Cepeda has no problems taking the odd strike or leg kick as long as he can counter with his harder shots.  Midway through the round, Guminy gets knocked down with a left, Cepeda follows him to the ground but quickly stands up and waves Guminy to stand up.  Guminy continues landing some leg kicks and one nice knee.  Luis mocks Guminy’s leg kicks by rubbing his leg and laughing.  Guminy always initiates the action as Luis is just waiting with his counters.  Guminy rushes again and is thrown by the stronger Cepeda.  Luis lands some ground and pound and Guminy is bleeding from his nose.  Cepeda lets him back up.  With 10 seconds left, Cepeda initiates and traps Guminy in the corner and throws bombs until the round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cepeda who never looked to be in any trouble. He landed hard shots and worked an effective game plan.

Round two starts but the rookie Cepeda forgot his mouthpiece.  At restart, Guminy initiates again and once again Cepeda is quicker.  Luis drops Guminy early and takes full mount and ground and pounds Guminy until he is out. 

Winner: Luis Cepeda defeats Jamie Guminy by TKO (Ground an Pound) in Round 2, 0:31 

Luis looks a little green but watch out for this guy’s hands.  They are lightening quick and have a lot of power behind them.  It will be interesting to see how him develop. It was obvious he wanted no part of the ground in this fight, and why should he?  He dominated the standup.

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