TUF 10 Episode 9 – Justin Wren vs Roy Nelson

Justin Wren

Justin Wren takes on Roy Nelson.

Tonight’s episode will feature the first quarterfinal matchup.  The fight is between two Team Rashad fighters – “Big Country” Roy Nelson and Justin Wren.  Fans will remember Roy Nelson as the one who knocked Kimbo out of the competition while Justin Wren easily put Wes Sims to sleep.

Rashad’s big issue is how to train seven fighters to fight each other.  Wren admits that it is “weird training against the guy you are going to fight.”  Both Nelson and Wren sit back and watch each other train.

Matt Mitrione’s head is hurting and his eye is getting sensitive to light.  He is feeling really bad.  Nelson thinks Matt is “milking it.”  Most of the other fighters appear unconcerned by his reaction to the fight.  Schaub thinks he has a concussion because Mitrione started throwing up.  Everyone assumes Kimbo will replace Mitrione if he is unable to continue.

Mitrione went to the hospital.  The guys were saying that Mitrione was saying that he has brain damage from the fight, so he went to the hospital.

Rampage wants Kimbo back in their because Kimbo is his most improved fighter. 

Rampage and co-horts then put some chickens into Team Rashad’s cars.  Rampage says they were “funky chickens.”  Rashad has five “smelly and nasty” chickens who have “crapped all over his car.”  Quinton is a little disappointed that Rashad is happy after the prank.  Rampage promises one more prank and he hopes it makes Rashad mad.

Mitrione comes back to the house, but will not tell anyone what happened.  Sims jokes, “How was the gynecologist appointment?”  Matt is not talking.

Dana White slips into the house to talk to Matt Mitrione.  Mitrione says he is going to fight.  Scott Junk wants to fight in Mitrione’s place.  White says a doctor has to clear him to fight.  Mitrione says he will fight.

McSweeney thinks Justin will win due to his better jiu-jitsu.  Kimbo thinks Big Country will win due to his better standup and having a black belt.  Schaub is calling for a standup war.

Official Weighin: Roy Nelson 264 vs Justin Wren 250

Justin Wren vs Roy Nelson

The Battle of the Beards starts with the two fighters standing and landing some jabs.  Wren lands on Nelson and Nelson is hurt but clinches up and pushes Wren to the fence.  Nelson seems to have recovered and is landing some knees on Wren’s leg before the ref breaks them up.  Wren’s standup is landing more than Nelson’s although one wonders if he will start tiring out after winging that overhand right.  Nelson starts landing some combos and a nice left jab with less than two minutes left.  Nelson is landing the occasional leg kick now and seems to be the fresher of the two as the round ends.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Wren.

Round 2 begins with Nelson landing his left jab and evading Wren’s wilder punches.  Wren is the more aggressive of the two and the former IFL champ could lose this quarterfinal match if he does not step it up.  Halfway through and Big Country’s jab and leg kick lands a couple times but Wren responds with a flurry.  The pace has slowed significantly and Wren is not landing at all and his hands are down.  Nelson continues to land his jab.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nelson.

Regardless of how Top MMA News scored the fight, its over and the winner is:

Roy Nelson by Majority Decision (20-18, 19-19, 20-18)

White still says that Nelson is not an exciting fighter. 

Next episode: The UFC still teases Kimbo coming back into the competition and its Madsen vs Schaub.


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