Hamzic Schools McTaggert in Hard Knocks


HKFC THUMBHard Knocks Fighting Championship held their fourth event this Saturday, November 7.  The event is a mixture of professional and amateur MMA.  Here are the results from the HKFC 4: School of Hard Knocks card:

Professional Fights
Osman Hamzic defeated Layne McTaggart
Max Dalsin defeated Dan Walders

Amateur Fights
Kaliee Ryan defeats Christine Blanchet
Keith McDuff defeats Dave Hollet
Roger Redoble defeats Kris Polsom
Tanner Tolman defeats Stanley Spiers
Mark Morales defeats Sean Grimes
Beau Bentley defeats Kevin Houston
Jarod Milko defeats Bo Li
Mark Maruzs defeats Mike Parsons

2 Responses to “ Hamzic Schools McTaggert in Hard Knocks ”

  1. Davis says:

    sad me and Allens fight did not go through on this card next time I guess.

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  2. robin says:

    where is there videos of the amateur fights

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