Tristan Johnson Pulls Out of IMMAC Fight With Will Romero


Iroquois MMA Championship’s November 21st card to a big hit today when Will Romero announced that the fight is cancelled.  Unfortunately, his opponent Tristan Johnson had to pull out due to “some administration issues” according to Romero’s Facebook post.  One has to wonder if the fact that most provincial MMA sanctioning bodies suspend fighters who fight in non-sanctioned provinces like Ontario was behind Tristan Johnson’s withdrawal.

Top MMA News was looking forward to the fight between its #3 ranked Featherweight, IMMAC champion Will Romero, and the the #6 ranked Featherweight, Tristan Johnson. 

IMMAC officials were looking for a replacement for Johnson but no suitable opponent could be found.  To his credit, Romero refused to defend his title against inferior opposition.  In his post, Romero states:

“I’m not looking to defend my title against someone that’s a sub .500 fighter or in a lower weight class. I take pride in my title and want to defend it against a deserving opponent such as Tristan. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and perhaps come January I’ll defend against the same caliber of opponent. “

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