Heat XC 4 Weigh-in Results


5D021951-Valimaki_Bryant WatermarkHeat XC held their weigh-ins today and all fights have been made official.  Light-Heavyweight main eventers Aron Lofton and Roger Hollett came in at 205 and 203 pounds, respectively.  Top  Canadian Lightweights Kajan Johnson and John Russell also came in on weight at 155 1/2 and 155 lbs each.   These four fighters and all the other fighters can also be viewed at the Top MMA News Heat XC Photo Gallery .

In fact, all of the fighters made weight tonight.  This is a fantastic change from recent weigh-ins in Canada.  Fans will remember Carlo Prater coming in overweight for his MFC title fight and Carlos Newton coming in ten pounds over at W1. 

Heat XC4: Hysteria – Weigh-In Results

Main Event
Light Heavyweight
Aron Lofton (205) vs Roger Hollett (203)

Semi-Main Event
Kajan Johnson (155 1/2) vs Josh Russell (155)

Light Heavyweight
Josh Bryant (205 1/2) vs Danny Valimaki (205)

Jared Kilkenny (227 1/2) vs Ryan Fortin (259 1/2)

Andrew Buckland (185) vs Allen Hope (184)

Chad Sherman (184 1/2) vs Jeff Montemurro (185 1/2)

Light Heavyweight
Taylor Bull (201 1/2) vs Jason Kuchera (204 1/2)

Billy Hua (156) vs James Bacon (155 1/2)

3 Responses to “ Heat XC 4 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Josh Bryant must have hid bricks in his pants. How else did he weigh in more than Valimaki. That pic looks like a 205er vs a 155er.

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  2. Davis says:

    no clue that is crazy though he looks sooooo small.

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  3. heatxcfan says:

    I guess size doesn’t matter since he did ko him!

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