TUF 10 Heavyweights: Episode 8 Wessel vs Jones


Marcus Jones

Tonight is the last prelimary fight.  Mike Wessel takes on big Marcus Jones.  Based on the amount of show time that Jones has received so far, one has to assume that the huge gardener will win tonight.  However, I am rooting for Rashad to pitch the shutout.

Rampage feels sorry for himself with his team down 7-0.   Marcus is his last resort.  As Quinton says, Team Rampage is “banking on that boy.”

Marcus wakes up and “a scorpion spider leviathon” was after him and he screamed so Justin Wren came and killed the bug for him.  Wren calls Marcus “a gentle giant who screams like a girl.”  Of course the house finds out and laughs at him.

Mike Wessel talks about his wife who is stricken with cancer.  He has set up his wife with flowers and cards on different days.  Sounds like a good husband who really misses his wife.  Wessel fought in the UFC before against Antoni Hardonk.  His believes his performance on that card got him his shot on TUF 10.  Wessel is about 6 or 7 inches shorter than his upcoming opponent.

Marcus says he is here “on a wing and a prayer.”  He does not want to be remembered as an ex-football player.  Someone wrote that Marcus “sucks balls” on a picture.  Marcus was pissed off as he is a 35 year old man with kids.  The guys get a kick out of how personally he took it.  Mike Wessel was the one who wrote it, although he is not telling his future opponent that.  No reason to give Jones any extra motivation.

Rampage starts calling Schoonover “titties” again.  Rampage then feels up Schoonover which really pisses off Darrill.

Marcus Jones vs Mike Wessel

Wessel lands some rights to start things off.  Marcus takes Wessel down.  Wessel gives up his back then reverses into Marcus’ guard.  Marcus grabs Mike’s arm and submits Wessel with an Arm Bar.

Winner: Marcus Jones by Arm Bar

Rashad says, “Big baby is no joke.”  Wessel’s arm did not look good and Jones looks to have some good BJJ.  Jones is ecstatic.

Now the coaches choose the quarter-final matchups.  This will be hard for Rashad as six of his guys will fight each other.  Rampage wants Marcus to fight “Titties” Schoonover.  Dana gives him his matchup.

Quarter-Final Matchups

Fight 1: Roy Nelson vs Justin Wren

Fight 2: Brendan Schaub vs Jon Madsen

Fight 3: James McSweeney vs Matt Mitrione

Fight 4: Darrill Schoonover vs Marcus Jones

Rashad asks Team Rampage if they want to train with him.  To a man, they refuse Rashad’s offer.

Next Episode: Matt Mitrione is sent to the hospital and Nelson takes on Wren.

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