Top MMA News – Canadian Lightweight Rankings – November 2009


Lightweight is an impressively deep division in Canada and extremely hard to rank.  The division is also very active with all but one fighter in the Top MMA News Top 10 scheduled to fight over the next three months.  The three top ranked fighters are all from Ontario and have all found contracts with major promotions.  What is interesting is how four of the remaining seven ranked fighters are signed to fight other ranked Lightweights at Heat XC and Ringside in the near future.  This definitely brings matchmakers Dave Pavelich and Alex Caporicci up a notch in Top MMA News‘ eyes.  There are also two fights at this month’s Rumble in the Cage with Lightweight ranking implications.

So far the Bantamweight and Featherweight rankings have been well received.   However, with more selection at Lightweight, there is sure to be more debate with these 155 lb rankings.  Please comment if you agree or disagree or if we have missed a Lightweight.  Sensible comments will be taken into consideration when Top MMA News revisits these Lightweight rankings.

 Top Canadian Lightweight Rankings

1. Mark Bocek (7-2) – This Nova Uniao Black Belt is the top Canadian Lightweight.  Fans should remember his last fight where he submitted David Bielkheden in front of a lively Montreal UFC 97 crowd.  After starting slowly in the UFC, Bocek has submitted Bielkheden and Alvin Robinson over the past year to improve his UFC record to 3-2.  Next Fight: vs Joe Brammer at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale

2. Sam Stout (14-5-1) – Like Bocek, Stout is also a native of Ontario.  Unlike Bocek, Stout likes it standing.  With twenty fights on his record, Stout is the veteran of this group.   The Adrenaline fighter is coming off a much-needed decision victory over Matt Wiman at UFC 97 as he may have been let go if he had a loss.  Stout needs to keep the ball rolling and continue improving his 3-4 UFC record to keep his spot.  A win over Joe Lauzon would help get him closer to the top UFC Lightweights and to the top of these Canadian rankings.  Next Fight: vs Joe Lauzon at UFC 108

3. Chris Horodecki (13-1) – Another Ontarion!  Stout’s Adrenaline teammate has just been added to the WEC roster.  After a very successful run in the IFL where Chris went 8-1 over two years, Chris had two Affliction fights against Dan Lauzon cancelled and only managed one fight over the past year.  His first round sub over William Sriyapai this year was a good test for his neck problems.  Next Fight: vs Anthony Njokuani at WEC 45

4. Kajan Johnson (15-10-1) – The man with the best nickname in the business is #4 on our list.   Ragin’ Kajan started his career 5-10 but has gone 10-1-1 in his last twelve fights after having his face broken by Jesse Bongfeldt in 2004.  In the past year, the XMMA champion has beaten Steve Claveau and Samuel Guillet.  Top MMA News expects big things from this Revolution Fight Team member.  Next Fight: vs Josh Russell at Heat XC 4.

5. Josh Russell (3-0) – Josh Russell may only have three fights but the worst record of his opponent is 5-2.  He is a Gracie Barra Black Belt and attained that rank in only three years.  Best known as a coach of Edmonton’s Jason MacDonald, Russell has fought all three fights in the MFC – beating Colby Snyder and Donovan Foley by submission over the past year.  His fight with Kajan Johnson at Heat XC 4 should be a barn burner. Next Fight: vs Kajan Johnson at Heat XC 4

Guillaume de Lorenzi (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

Guillaume de Lorenzi (photo by Benoit Mainguy)

6. Guillaume DeLorenzi (7-1) – Welcome to the world of Ground ‘n Pound.  Delorenzi is strong as a bull, takes you down and pounds you out.  “Il Toro” has fought eight times since March 2008 – unfortunately losing when he tried to step up against a name opponent War Machine, but beating a tough Lindsey Hawkes along the way.  Next Fight: vs Mark Holst at Wreck MMA.

7. Martin Grandmont (8-4) The former Canadian kickboxing champion has won both his bouts over the past twelve months including an impressive KO over Mark Holst at W1.  Three of Grandmont’s losses come over very tough Canadian opposition: Chris Clements, Corey MacDonald, and Sam Stout.  Will Grandmont make it to the next level?  His win over Holst suggests so.  Next Fight: at Welterweight vs Louis Christophe Laurin at UGC

8. Trevor Wright (4-0) – Wright makes the list having the best record out of all the other fighters at this weight over the past twelve months (4-0).  Two of those fights came against very tough competition – Matt Bagshaw and Evan Sanguin.  Some may argue that Sanguin was doing well before getting injured in his fight with Wright, but Top MMA News  would counter that argument by saying Wright was the one who slammed Sanguin and that caused the injury. Regardless, this man is on his way up the ladder.  He has another tough fight against Brad Cardinal lined up next.  Next Fight: vs Brad Cardinal at RITC

9. Mike Ricci (4-0) – The last two spots were very difficult to fill.  Ricci snuck in due to his unbeaten record, the way that he was dominating his fights, and because he beat a very underrated Rory McDonnell.  Ricci’s next fight will determine whether he belongs in the Top 10 or not.  Next Fight vs Jordan Mein at Ringside

10. Jordan Mein (11-6) – Jordan Mein was supposed to be taking time off in Australia backpacking around that continent.  With no recent training, Mein accepts a fight against K-1 fighter Arslan Magomedov and gets TKO’d for his troubles.  For such a young fighter, Mein’s record is loaded with fights against studs like Rory MacDonald, Samuel Guillet, Kevin Manderson, Jeff Harrison and Ryan Machan.  In fact, his win over Machan puts Mein on the list and keeps Machan off.  Mein is a bad ass, just like his father Lee.  Next Fight vs Mike Ricci at Ringside

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):

Mark Holst (5-1) – Top MMA News writers’ Next Fight vs Guillaume DeLorenzi at Wreck MMA
Jose Rodriguez (4-0) – Next Fight vs Matt Bagshaw at RITC.
Ryan Machan (9-3)
Gavin Neil (7-1)
Jason MacKay (9-3)
Simon Marini (7-2)
Samuel Guillet (7-5)
Lindsey Hawkes (5-3)
John Makdessi (4-0) – Next Fight vs Rory McDonnell at Ringside
Warren Phillips (4-1) – Next Fight vs Dominic Blais at CFC 3
Kurt Southern (6-2)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:

Brad Cardinal (7-5) Next Fight: vs Trevor Wright at RITC
Kultar Gill (9-8)
Jason Tatlow (8-3)
Tim Jensen (6-1)
Blake Fredrickson (15-4-1)
Dave Scholten (7-4)
Nelson Akawui Riquelme (4-1)
Stephane Dube (7-3) 

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*** Featured Gallery photo of Guillaume De Lorenzi courtesy of Eric Gaudreault

*** Story photo of Guillaume De Lorenzi coutesy of Benoit Mainguy

45 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Lightweight Rankings – November 2009 ”

  1. normand says:

    ill like to know wtat time the fyt will start on nov 6 ths

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  2. Hi Normand. what show are you talking about Heat XC or H3?

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  3. Rain-bows says:

    I don’t envy the task of having to rank the lightweights in this country… I think it will be very interesting to see how much movement there is with every fighter in the top 10 and almost half a dozen others having fights coming up in the next few months!

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  4. The Lightweights were very hard to rank. I may wrong, but I think it will be easier to revise the Lightweights later this year as many are fighting each other. I am hoping that they will sort themselves out. e.g. Rodriguez beats Bagshaw and Mein beats Ricci makes it pretty safe to drop Ricci and move Rodriguez in.

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    Tatlow is 12-3. He’ll be back on that list in the near future for sure(If someone can find him an opponent who doesn’t pull out)

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    My bad, he’s 11-3

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  7. Of course Luke is rooting for the Scheers guys. :) I was expecting a “Jose should be in the top 10” from you.

    Tatlow has not fought in the past 2 years. He has some solid wins over Brad Cardinal and Adam Laporte on his resume. I hear Troy is trying to line something up for him. Hopefully he does find something soon. A couple wins for Jason and I see him on the list.

    Thanks for reading, Luke. – grienk

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  8. L-Boutin says:

    Didn’t Mein move up to 170 ? I thought I read somewhere that he was still growing and 170 would be his new weight class. (His fight with Ricci is at 170 also isn’t it ?)

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  9. L-Boutin, Mein and Ricci are both moving up to 170 in their Ringside fight tonight. With many fighters fighting in multiple weight classes, we will keep them in two classes as long as they have been active in both in the past year.

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  10. JoSH says:

    i was at the ringside 4 event ricci beat mein and should be moved up in the rankings he also said he will be staying at 155 from now on martin granmont won at ugc and makdessi also won at ringside

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  11. JoSH … thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

    Here is my take. Ricci beating Mein is a big win but it was at 170. Not sure how that improves his 155 lb ranking, but we will consider it when we review these in a month or two.

    Grandmont also won at 170 at the UGC, so my Mein comment applies to him as well.

    Makdessi really needs to face better opposition. John’s record is great but the record of his opponents is not and that definitely comes into consideration.

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  12. Honestly Speaking.... says:

    Mike Ricci fighting @ 170 vs a very tough 155 & 170 definately puts him in the top 5 in Canada. He moved UP a weight class and beat a ‘name’. My two cents…

    John Makdessi hasnt had the ‘name’ opponents yet still managed to KO all of them, and Iraj Hadin and Brandon Mcarthur have/d more experience then John.

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  13. Thanks for your comment Honestly Speaking. Ricci is definitely heading for the top 5 lightweights but has a long way to go to get to top 5 welterweight, in my opinion.

    As for Makdessi, the guy is impressive. But if beating McArthur gets a fighter into the top 10, then there are 10 other guys who beat McArthur who should be in the top 10 as well.

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  14. Honestly Speaking.... says:

    With re to Ricci i was reffering to the top 5 lightweights not welterweight.

    And i wasnt suggesting Makdessi in there because he beat Mcarthur, i was reffering to the fact that both Macarthur and Iraj Hadin (winning record) had a lot more experience, and Hadin an all around bigger guy with more experience. Undefeated. We shall see next fight for Makdessi in Winnipeg.

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  15. hawkes says:

    i predict makdessi gets KO’d by axe kick in winnipeg… just speaking honestly.

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  16. Rick Rude says:

    Hawkes vs Makdessi Feb 26th?

    Can you confirm this Lindsey?

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  17. hawkes says:

    thats what i want. i can confirm that i will be ready for that fight. why dont you ask Marc Andre if he can confirm it?

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  18. says:

    in my opinion ricci makdessi and de lorenzi who all train together at tristar are the three top up and coming lightweights …..p.s hawkes you should have more class i dont see any other fighter on this list throwing in there two cents you dodged a bullet when ricci got hurt but either way de lorenzi smashed you and now makdessi is gonna smash you stay out west you cant cut it over here in mtl we breed horses out here not donkeys like in winnipeg …maybe after makdessi is done with you ricci might get in on the fun haha by summer 2010 these three litweights are gonna run a train on you …MTL fight fan for life

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  19. hawkes says:

    is that you jon???… lol… did i get under someones skin? ill be an “ass” with the best of them i guess… haha. lighten up son!.. ask anyone who has met/fought me and they will tell you the same thing… im a respectful opponent when it comes down to it…just tryin to make a fight fun for everyone involved.

    i still call axe kick KO!!

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  20. says:

    this is not john i am a big fan of all mtl fighters have met them all and go to see all mtl events i was even at yours vs de lorenzi all i have to say is your a good fighter hawkes thats for sure let me put it in my own words….. of all the donkeys you are for sure top donkey you are the best donkey there is theres no better donkey but…….youll never be a horse so like i said stay out west cuz if not by summer 2010 your gonna be batting .500 if you know what i mean …..5-5

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  21. hawkes says:

    i’ll fight any of them… i would fight delorenzi again. and with a training camp for him i think the fight could look alot different. no excuses though. he took me on short notice too!

    i will fight ricci, makdessie, grandmont, holst… or any of them. no disrespect to them… i just like to fight.

    you will see the best of me at CFC 4… i WILL KO my opponent whoever it may be… we’ll see if Makdessi shows up because that is a fight i am excited for!

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  22. Honestly Speaking.... says:

    Again i am biased but i call a 2nd round KO by Makdessi on Hawkes.. Not because i dont think Hawkes can fight but because Makdessi is way too strong..hawkes cannot take him down..doesnt have power to knock him out..and when you have guys like GSP Loiseau Ricci Florian and every other MMA PRO who trains with Makdessi, Hawkes will be a good sparring session comparitevely…no disrepect to Hawkes but Makdessi is a killer. This guys is PURE MACHINE. I would be damn nervous if i was Hawkes…but thats just me speaking honestly..:)

    And in order for Hawkes to properly build his career , that is if he wants a career in MMA, is not to think that just because your a fighter you need to fight anybody…cause if you depend on this for your livelihood it will never happen this have to be smart when you choose opponents to gain experience, and learn from those experiences, and then take on the better fighters out there..slowly…Makdessi will wake you up…good luck.

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  23. hawkes says:

    what you said is why i have a manager…its my job to fight anyone… its his job to pick who i fight!

    we have a gameplan for makdessi… none of you know what i can do. the only real glimpse most of you have seen of me is my fight with delorenzi… and it wasnt my night.

    I will wake you all up in feb.

    mark my words!

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  24. says:

    listen lindsey i know its hard sometimes to admit defeat but maybe you should really take a step back and realize whats going on here. dont let your trainers motivating words, the loud sound it makes when you kick the bag, or the fact that your name is on a couple websites fool you … are what you are and that is a c class fighter on your best day if you where smart you would pad your record with bums go 10-0 and maybe try and be a decent name in canada but instead you wanna beat on your chest like king kong rant and rave about how youll fight anyone lol you dont get credit for talking about winning you get credit for winning which is something you cant do against the top up and comers in canada re. ricci makdessi de lorenzi holst….lol yes you might fight anyone but youll be 50/50 your entire career your no champ your no star lets be real your not a contender son your a protender your all heart kid no talent youve beat gas pumpers garbage men and fisherman you will never beat a real fighter because you are not a real fighter someone over there in winnipeg is lying to you lol anyway now hopefully this comment has made you realize all your flaws and faults you have but hopefully one of those flaws is not denial i know you will reply to this comment because thats what you do any chance to have your name somewhere is better than nothing it just sucks that thats what your career has come to but hawkes i hope your not in denial that what im saying is the truth you have no future in this sport go work at the local movie theatre serve popcorn or something you have not and will not get past past ricci or makdessi and if you still wanna take those fights go right ahead they need some tune up fights some stepping stones they need to pad there records and thats where you come in and thats all youll ever be CHAMP ;)…mtl fight fan for life

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  25. MTLMMAFAN says:

    Makdessi will walk right through Hawkes…i can 100% guarantee that regardless of the outcome of the fight, The bull will HURT HAWKES BADLY! Just like john has done to his last 5 opponents They all walked out of that cage beaten, bloody and broken….Plain and simple…Hawkes u r not on the same level,and u wont find Makdessi on Chat lines making rediculous predictions!!!! Get ready for a war, get ready to hurt cuz thats what your gonna get! TRUST ME!!!!

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  26. hawkes says:

    Use a period dude. I understand that english might be your second language, however punctuation and paragraphs are also used in french.

    What do you have against gas pumpers, fishermen, and garbage men? Wasnt GSP a garbage man?

    Why do you care so much dude? Unless your Makdessi’s mom, girlfreind, or Makdessi himself… why do you give a shit who i fight or whether i beleive in myself.

    if your a Makdessi fan…and truely beleive i will lose… why not pump me up a little so it doent look like Makdessi beat “another bumb.”

    have a good day sir,

    i wish you the best!

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  27. slapster says:

    Just looked at Makdessi’s record, its impressive. Then I looked a little deeper and saw that the the record of his opponents is something like 4-16. Yikes!

    Makdessi’s record is like my recycling bin. Loaded with cans!

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  28. latour says:

    MTL ,can suck a dic*, I have personally fought with lindsey and if your implying that I am a gas pumper maybe you should roll through my station so I can fill you up. I know people support their friends and local fighters but stop talking shit about shit you dont know about. Granted he is a good fighter who comes from a terific camp, but calling Lindsey and everyone else from Winnipeg donkeys, are you smoking crack. Winnipeg is filled with great fighters and in my opinion Lindsey is one of them. you guys want him to hand pick his fights and because he doesnt he is a donkey what fucking sense does that make. You have legends like Couture and Penn whose records dont support the hype around them but guess what? they fought anybody anytime, numerous champions on many different occassions,and it wasn’t to pad the record it was to fight, thats what fighters do, but I guess because they are not 25-1 they are no good. Fighters fight, promoters promote and macthmakers worrie about matchups. You have fighters from the peg like Doerkson, Perez,Hawkes and many more and if you ever watched any of them fight a “fisherman” you wouldn’t be talkin so much shit. Your an mma fan or just a montreal fan, I know people from his camp and had the pleasure of training with a bunch of them on many different occassions and none of them would approve of the things u are saying, I guess you would’ve “guaranteed 100%” that Pierre would of beat Serra the first time, thats why they fight, jerkoff because anything can happen, if not the promoter would get the matchups from the matchmaker and payout the winners before the fight had occured, what would be the sense of watching the fight if the favorite always wins, have you ever even sparred before, I honestly dont think you have a clue. Dont get me wrong I think it will be a great fight between the two but I hope Mak doesn’t go out to the peg prepared to fight a donkey or a fisherman or he will get hooked like a fish. Everyone is entitled their own opinion and I am all for that but when you start gettin disrespectful and talkin about things you clearly have no idea about its no longer treated as an opinion but as trashtalk. So now you got my two cents save it for a discount when you roll through my gas station, cuz the pumps pump hard, its really expensive.

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  29. hawkes says:

    Mr. Latour… you are my hero.

    thanks alot for the support.

    i actually think this is all really funny… im not taking it personally in the least.

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  30. MTLfightfan says:

    Joseph Latour lol hahahahahahahahahahaha your 1 and 2 lol oh my goodness your even worse than lindsey hahaha i think that makdessi could easily beat both of you in the same night with ease and yes i am calling gas pumper but after seeing that record i dont even know if your fit to pump gas hahahahahahaha anyway lindsey i really tried to reach out to you in my last post i actually feel bad for you i might just be a fan but we all know that my last post is the truth yes the truth hurts but not as much as what makdessi is gonna do to you but at the same time bumps and bruises heal but the truth my friend will not so lindsey the turth shall set you free … from this lie your living please it almost hurts to know that a bright young decent looking kid from winnipeg is wasting his life on a dream thats just flying by a little to fast for those wimpy little legs to catch

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  31. MTLfightfan says:

    p.s i said decent looking not good looking so please dont mix up the 2 thank you.

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  32. Honestly speaking... says:

    WOW MTL Fight fan…intense…but i cannot disagree with you much…I guess Doerkson, Latour, Hawkes can easily be compared to GSP, Loiseau, Kang, Florian, Goulet, Ricci, Makdessi, Jon Bones Jones, and all the other great guys who come to Mtl to train…Doerkson is a stud, no doubt…the rest? I neednt comment.

    I guess time will tell, and Hawkes along with his fan base will all quickly see after his next fight that he should have a seirous talk with his manager and start taking smarter fights for him where he will learn, and gain experience and build his career properly…until then let him keep taking Montreals best and as MTL Fight fan said he wil be 5-5 in no time…then maybe he will realize it…Life is short, and MMA is tough and if you want a lifelong career in this business forget it if you think any of the big org’s will take somoene who is 5-5…

    As for the guy above who commented on Makdessi opponents, Iraj Hadin had winning record and is much bigger, and Brandon Mcarthur was unfortunately a result of Rory Mcdonell pulling out…but Brandon is a tough kid, tons of experience, and lots of heart. Sometimes a record doesnt reflect the fighter and i guess Hawkes camp will soon be saying that when he is 5-5…

    Lastly i can assure you Makdessi isnt going out there taking this lightly…in fact quite the opposite..i can tell you this…after reading Hawkes big mouth stupid prediction of KO in First round…Makdessi hasnt been so pumped in his whole life to fight this Hawkes and shut him up…to go on a forum like this and call out a first round KO over one of the countries top prospects is disrespectful but as Lindsey says he can be an ‘ass’ wit the best of them…


    By the way i love Winnipeg, i mean that. What i dont love is Hawkes and his attempt at being a smart ass…he says its all fun and games to him this talk and he doesnt take it personal…thats his biggest mistake..cause if he took it personal he would make changes…oh and calling a first round KO AGAINST A STAND UP KILLER like Madessi is just flat out dumb……..not a mtl or wpg fight fan just an fan of MMA.

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  33. MTLMMAFAN says:

    Just FYi….no one from Makdessi’s camp or tristar Pro Fighters would be insulting towards another fighter, especially on a chat site!!!. They all respect the sport and those who compete… If Coach Zahabi found that his fighters were trash talkin he would be pissed and the culprit would be doing burpees for a long time. MTL fight fan is entitled to his opinion but it does not represent all Montrealers thoughts on Winepeg fighters nor does it represent the feelings of Makdessis camp or teammates. Words are words….all the real talkin will be done in the cage on feb 27!

    This will be a good fight! i hear Makdessi has been working really hard on his BJJ and

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  34. hawkes says:

    umm… i don’t recall saying anything insulting towards makdessi in the least. i just believe i will win… and i am sure that he believes he will win as well.

    i called “axe kick ko” because makdessi has a tkd background and throws fancy kicks. I was being cheeky… I intend no malice in those words.

    i will buy him a beer after the fight… regardless of the outcome i promise i will be nice and buy him a beer on my “gas pumper” wage. I’m sure he is a professional as well and will not take any of this personally. if he does take it personally that is his loss.

    i cant fathom being upset about another fighter having confidence in their skills. i really dont understand where your hate is coming from mtlfightfan?? i don’t understand your motives or direction.

    Anyway… it sounds like you know makdessi personally mtlfightfan/honestly speaking. Why don’t we get him on here and hear his oppinion. im quite interested now.

    this is going to be a really fun fight for everyone involved!!!

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  35. latour says:

    First off im from toronto and my record is not 1-2. I train with people like bocek, hominik, horodeski, marini and much more. I have never insulted any fighter on any thread in fact quite the opposite i have trained with alot of the guys from tristar before and they are all good guys. as for none of them being on internet sites or caring, how is it getting them pumped up if they dont read it? did you show them personally? and if so are you there internet guru. listen let me be clear the fighters from montreal and all the guys from tristar are great people with a good work ethic, and if they are pumped to fight great thats what this is all about. As I said it is one thing to be a fan another to be disrespectful. why are you talking for these people anyway, if they dont want to respond that should tell you something, are you going to fight for them as well. I was 7-1 as an amateur and sure my pro record of 2-2 is not great, but can I ask what your record is? in the ring/cage not on the forums. This will be my last response as I dont want to argue over the internet but as i said it is possible to support your local fighters and/or friends without being disrespectful.

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  36. Honestly speaking... says:

    Makdessi will not come on here and speak. He will speak in one place and we all know where that is. As for having a beer with him…not so sure. John is an interesting guy like that…someone calls him out and says they will KO him by Axekick and he doesnt take lightly to that regardless of for a joke or to pump a fight. Just not his style and everyone must respect that whether they agree or not. He has the utmost respect for anyone stepping in the cage with him, and he is not taking this fight lightly, he knows what Lindsey is capable of, but there is no love lost for him. He is on fire now daily. I actually want to personally thank you Lindsey…i have never seen John so pumped for a fight in my life whether amateur or pro, and i think you have helped with your kind words on the site…so may the best man win, and good luck to you, you will require an insane A game…you’re a good man Lindsey just (in my opinion) picked the wrong guy to try and get inside…but we live and learn…:) Remember BJ Penn vs St Pierre 2? BJ Penn had a lot to say and then what?….LOVIN WINNIPEG!!

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  37. fightfan says:

    I dont get why everyone is so upset about this. John Makdessi has not faced anyone as talented as Lindsey, and it will be a great fight. Both guys should be happy to have this opportunity, and this is something we need to see in canadian MMA. Why is everyone getting on here and coming to Makdessi’s defence?

    Everyone relax and be happy we are going to see to guys that are up and comers at 155 face each other, and not guys that are below their talent level. This is something that need to happen more in Canadian MMA.

    I personally do not think its disrespectful to publicly say that you beleive that you will win a fight, and I think it hype’s the fight a bit. By the way, ive never met either of these guys, but ive followed both there careers and im excited about this match up.

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  38. hawkes says:

    I am happy and relaxed… i assure you


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  39. fightfan says:

    Hawkes go to the gym and get off the computer. haha.

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  40. MY2CENTS says:

    Hawkes is good. But Makdessi should beat Hawkes. Totally different class of fighter. If Hawkes gets hit with one or two punches (which will happen) his whole gameplan is screwed and it will be a matter of time. Makdessi punches like a guy who is twice his size. SO much power. But all the power to the both of them and i like them both so should be good.

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  41. Joe Doerksen says:

    Wow, never saw any of this til today. Didn’t read it all cause I don’t have time. Just kinda skimmed over it. Anyway, Hawkes is one of the hardest working and more talented fighters to come out of Winnipeg in a while. I think he has a very bright future.

    Looking forward to training with him in preparation for his next fight. I will of course be at the show as well. I’m sure the fight will be entertaining, and I am confident Hawkes will be well prepared.

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  42. Just_Another_Donkey says:

    HAHA LOVE IT Hawkes first Rd KO
    Is Makdessi considered a horse cuz he runs away for the whole fight???

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  43. Big_Donkey_D says:

    hawke’s game plan screwed after 1 or 2 punches? at 5’6″ id consider Makdessi “my little pony”

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  44. Sean McManus says:

    wow…an impressive barrage of words – I don’t understand the intensity of MTLfightfan…however I remember the last Ringside I was at cageside and watched Makdessi and I was very impressed…mind you Hadin had a chin on him like a mack truck…but Makdessi was relentless and he definitely openend my eyes. Having said all that I knew exactly what Lindsey meant with the Axe kick comment in reference to Makdessi’s background…should be a great fight…both guys are tough s.o.b.’s regardless of what animal title they’ve been given…

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  45. hawkes says:

    Wow first time i read all this and its Feb.2011.
    My son certaintly did get his face a bit messed up and every fight he takes is a learning experience regardless of the outcome. All you fighters deserve credit. It takes talent, guts, coaches, managers, promoters, politics… reach your potential and goals in a sport that you must love. Go for it and keep trying to obtain your dream!!!!

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