Boots Scraps: Training for Guillaume DeLorenzi

Guillaume de Lorenzi 2

Guillaume de Lorenzi

Hello everyone!

My training has been going really well. This week I have been training strength and conditioning with Pierre four times, boxing with Steph, thai boxing with Remi, Garry and the students of OAMA, working with Hammer on my BJJ, swimming laps with Steph and hitting pads everyday with Kru Jeff! Its been a busy week, its Thursday and I feel like it should be Sunday. My body is hurting but that’s normal because of the time off I took from training. I am very happy that I am not feeling too rusty.

This is what I know of my next opponent, Guillaume DeLorenzi. Guillaume DeLorenzi, who is in great shape and did really good against Lindsey Hawkes, a very strong Muay Thai\MMA fighter. For this fight I need to get my cardio and strength up a lot. Guillaume went three rounds with Lindsey Hawkes, winning every round and taking him down and pounding him out for the Unanimous Decision. Guillaume will obviously be stronger then me, but I plan on having much better cardio than him, hopefully it will make the difference. He has a great record of 7-1, almost all wins by TKO with hands and elbows and ground and pound. He has been a very active fighter with a total of 8 pro MMA fights since March 08. He is training hard.

It will be the hardest fight in my career, I have more than one month to get ready and get back 100%. December 12th in Hull; WRECK MMA Fighting for the troops. It is in my opinion the best fight card to take place in Hull. It will be an honor to be fighting on the same card as Igor Gracie! Also along side my teammates; Stephane Bernadel, Remi Morvan, Xavier Desrochers and Randy Turner! If you need tickets you can email me at!

Take care everyone, I will keep you guys posted on the training!


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