Want to be an Accredited Trainer of MMA Officials?


ABCThe Association of Boxing Commissions is accepting applications from individuals who wish to become official trainers of MMA referees and judges.  Tim Lueckenhoff, President of the ABC, issued the following press release to Top MMA News:

At the 2009 ABC meeting, the membership passed a motion to begin approving training seminars for Mixed Martial Arts training programs that are seeking ABC approval.  Attached is an outline of the minimum course material for an MMA course to be considered for approval by the ABC.  All those individuals wanting their MMA training courses approved should submit their course material to:

Nick Lembo,
New Jersey State Athletic Control Board,
PO Box 180,
Hughes Justice Complex,
25 Market Street,
Trenton NJ 08625-0180.

Here are the guidelines that prospective MMA trainers of officials must follow:


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