TUF 10 Heavyweights: Episode 7 Recap


Last week on Episode six, Darrill Schoonover triangled his way to the quarter finals of The Ultimate Fighter 10.  Now we are down to the last four fighters of the preliminary round – Matt Mitrione, Marcus Jones, Scott Junk, and Mike Wessel.  Who will fight who?  We will find out on Episode 7.

Matt Mitrione

Mitrione in his Minnesota Vikings days.

The episodes starts with Rashad and Rampage both acting out the times that each other have been knocked out.  Rashad picks the next fight:  Matt Mitrione vs Scott Junk.  Mitrione is a former NFLer and Junk is the former MFC champion and former UFC fighter.   That leaves Mike Wessel vs Marcus Jones in the final fight.  Then the two coaches start jawing at each other.  Rashad says that “Rampage talks and he just wins.”  Rashad then tells Rampage that he should focus on coaching and he is turning his back on his team.  Rampage says “He is not a coach.”   The two do not like each other.  It is a shame that the Rampage vs Rashad fight is not happening.  Stupid A-Team.

Matt Mitrione gave Scott Junk a note saying that Wessel was afraid to fight Junk.  Mitrione has been around the NFL including teams like the 49ers and the Vikings.  “Meathead”, as Rashad calls him, will have his hands full with the very experience Junk.  His teammate, James McSweeney predicts that Junk will win.  Rashad says he is “frustrated with Meathead.”  Mitrione says that the only time he does not hear voices in his head is when he is doing something violent. 

Junk says he will fight with his heart rather than trying not to lose.  He thinks Matt is “a scumbag playing games.”  All of the TUF house seems to want Junk to destroy Mitrione.  I imagine that they will get their wish.   Mitrione is sparring with Madsen and gives a 100% when he is supposed to go 60%.  He explodes on Madsen and then Madsen gives up and then Matt has a temper tantrum.  Mitrione is officially the hot head of TUF 10.  A pool is starting to see when Matt “the Rat” snaps and its posted over the fireplace.

Matt Mitrione vs Scott Junk

Scott Junk

MFC champion Scott Junk fights on Episode 7.

The two do not touch gloves and Mitrione lands the first jab.  He then knocks Junk down and Matt lets him up.  Mitrione knocks him down a second time and lets Junk up again.  Mitrione is definitely the better striker in this match as Junk has started wildly.  Mitrione catches a Junk kick and drops Junk a third time.  He lets Junk up.  Junk tries to pull guard and Matt does not go to the ground.  Junk is really overmatched on his feet.  Junk goes for a desperate takedown but Mitrione stuffs it.  Junk wildly throws punches and Mitrione just connects.  Matt is exhausted with a minute and a half left and Junk sees his chance.  Junk presses Matt against the cage.  Junk lands a right as Matt has his hands very low.  Junk pours it on in the last thirty seconds.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mitrione.  A surprising round by Mitrione but did he blow his wad in the first?

After the break, Mitrione starts with the jab but the pop is not on his punches and his hands are low again.  Junk’s hands are up and I think he is waiting to attack.  Junk takes Mitrione down and is in Mitrione’s guard.  He lands a few punches on Matt’s head.  The cardio of the two is suspect at best.  The two get stood up.  Big right by Junk is one of the few punches thrown hard.  The two are patty-caking with a minute left with most wild swings missing.  More of Mitrione’s jabs land than Junk’s punches.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mitrione.   Its a tough round to score but I give it to Mitrione for landing a few more punches as Junk did little when he took it to the ground.

Winner by Majority Decision Matt Mitrione.

Rampage is down 7-0 and Rampage destroys a door.

Next week:  Wessel vs Jones. 

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