Boots Scraps: Back From Sudbury and My Next Opponent is…

Kicking the Big Nickel in Sudbury

Kicking the Big Nickel in Sudbury

Hello everyone, I just got back from Sudbury late Thursday night.  Steve and Jenn gave me a ride back to Ottawa and then proceeded to the Renzo Gracie BJJ tournament in NYC with the Sudbury team along with the Ottawa Renzo Gracie Team.

I had a great time teaching in Sudbury; their Muay Thai program is fairly new and they have some great instructors and students that are all very hard workers. Steve Joncas and Jen took great care of me, they treated me like family and shared their home with me. I would like to give a big shout out to Steve and Jen for showing me around Sudbury and being great hosts!

Monday will be go time for me, back to the grind training. I will be starting it slowly, as I have lots of time to get ready for this fight. I do not want to get injured again so I will try my best to work around my injury and then slowly get back up to speed. It is the first time I have taken a lot of time off from my training, it has been one month total, and I am feeling really rusty and out of shape…feeling like I am back to zero; but I am really excited to get back at it! I do not want the ring rust affecting me.

Today I heard great news, that Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa got second place in overall points for the Renzo Gracie Invitational Tournament in NYC. The NYC team got first place. It goes to show that our Jiu Jitsu is of high level and that Pat and Hammer are doing a great job at teaching the Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu ways. Congrats to all my teammates that competed and represented the team on the mat. I am really proud to be part of such a great team.

As for me, my next competition will be December 12th in Hull at WRECK MMA: Fight for the Troops. My opponent that night will be the tough and strong Guillaume Delorenzi (7-1) from MTL. It will be my toughest fight so far in my career and I’m looking forward to the challenge and putting on the fight of the night!

Until next time everyone, I will let you guys know how the comeback to the training is going, take care!


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