Prangley Released and Stripped of MFC Title


trevor prangley THUMBThe Maximum Fighting Championship has taken the necessary steps to strip light heavyweight champion Trevor Prangley of his title and release him from his contract.

The move was required when Prangley violated his contract by signing with two smaller organizations while under contract with the MFC. Prangley’s management was informed of the violation after the first offense but Prangley agreed to fight again outside of the MFC in blatant disregard of his signed exclusive contact.

“The MFC won’t sit on the sidelines while its fighters, especially our champions, violate our contracts and fight in smaller shows. There is an exclusivity clause in the contracts for a reason,” explained MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“It is unacceptable that Trevor Prangley and his management have gone about business in such an unscrupulous manner. I will not allow my organization and my title belts to be disrespected this way. Trevor was treated with the utmost respect when he came to fight in the MFC, and in turn for him and his management to treat the MFC this way simply will not be tolerated.”

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