TFC 9 – Edmonton – December 5


TFC 8 Ryan Ford THUMBDate: December 5, 2009
Location: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: None



RYAN FORD Interview:



Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (10-2) Edm, AB vs John Walsh (10-4)
*** for the TFC Welterweight World Title

Victor Valimaki (16-5) Edm, AB vs Martin Desilets (9-2) Vic, QC
*** for the TFC Light-Heavyweight World Title

Jordan Mckay (5-0) Van, BC vs Richie Hightower(7-3) Phx, AZ 170 lbs.
Victor Bachman (5-2) Edm, AB vs Mike Rowbotham (3-3) Tor, ON 170 lbs.
Jason Gorny (3-1) Edm, AB vs Cody Krahn (4-2) Edm, AB 185 lbs.
Jorge Ravanal Jr. (2-0) St. Ab, AB vs Chris Ade (16-16) Edm, AB 155 lbs.
Mike Froese (2-2) St. Ab, AB vs Tim Skidmore (3-12) Mnc, NB 170 lbs

Rio Wells (1-0) Edm, AB vs Darcy Boizard (1-0) Ft. Mac., AB 170 lbs.
Jonathan Pridham (0-1) Edm, AB vs Kyle Coutu (0-0) Cal, AB 155 lbs.
Devon Neis (2-0) Red Deer, AB vs Greg McDougal (0-0) Edm, AB 205 lbs.

9 Responses to “ TFC 9 – Edmonton – December 5 ”

  1. Long Plain says:

    where does a 163 pound fighter fight?170 or 155

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  2. You can fight at 170 pounds, but you more than likely would want to cut weight to get to 155.

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  3. hawkes says:

    i walk at 180 and cut to 155

    you would probably go to 145 at a pro level… as an ammy 155 is fine.

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  4. L Daniels/Bone Long Plain REZ says:

    Alright thanks BYE! How do you drop so much weight DOH ?

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  5. David Letourneau says:

    hawkes what do you weigh the day of the fight? arte you cutting from 180 oir is that through out a six week time?

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  6. Davis says:

    cant wait got my tickets

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  7. Danielz/Rezlife full of Hate says:

    What’s the addresses in Winnipeg for Jiu-jitsu? I really want a training partner in Portage la’s hurting out here in the bush punching and kickin (158pds)

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  8. In Winnipeg you have 2 great options.

    Team Canada MMA and Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts.

    Can’t go wrong with either of these clubs.

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  9. Danielz says:

    THank YOu Boss

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