Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – November 28


Date: November 28, 2009
Location: Moncton, NB
TV: None

RESULTS http://topmmanews.com/2009/11/29/elite-1-mma-quick-results/

Main Event
Shawn Marchand vs Matt McGrath
*** for Elite 1 MMA Middleweight Title
Semi Main Event
Ricky Goodall (4-1) Halifax, NS vs Kurt Pelletier (2-2) Moncton, New Brunswick
Dan (The Hit man) Fowler (2-1) vs Scott Fraser (1-1) Riverview, NB
Alderic Keith (2-1) Moncton New Brunswick vs Jeremy Josey (1-0) Nova Scotia
Jon McGrath (3-1) New Brunswick vs Tim Kelly (2-3) Halifax
Eric St Pierre (3-2) New Brunswick vs Jesse Ronson Ontario
Shelby Murray (1-0) Dieppe NB vs Mike Murphy Halifax
Phil St Pierre vs TBA

Amatuer MMA Card
Matt Turple, Moncton Vs Radafy Ranaivo Halifax 145
Kameron Johnson, Moncton Vs Joey Durette Moncton 160
Damian Rose, Moncton Vs Shawn Wallace Moncton 180
Jonathan Lambert, Fredericton Vs TBA 185
Greg Savoie, Moncton Vs David Jardine Halifax 155

Pro Boxing
Chris Johnson Rogersville    Vs  Dale Simmonds Moncton

12 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – November 28 ”

  1. Pierre says:

    A good match for an upcoming fight would be Robin Black (current Elite 1 bantam weight title holder) to fight Corey Lautischer (who just beat Robin in Edmonton)at Aggression – First Blood October 24

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  2. Robin Black is a joke!! says:

    Robin Black was handed that belt to him by fighting the only & same guy he could beat twice. That is pretty sad for Elite 1 to even offer that as a title fight just to promote a rocker turned wannabe mma fighter!!!! Shame on you guys!!!

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  3. David Letourneau says:

    robin black is a joke whats your pro record?

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  4. Pierre says:


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  5. Pierre says:

    I watched Robin Black last night and I thought he was committed and ready to go … he took the fight seriously, did a lot of preparation and just got unlucky. He knew Corey was going to be a challenge and that is why I think a rematch would be good to watch.

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  6. Please Troll.

    You have no clue, and you are the joke.

    At least have the stones to use your real name if you want to be taken seriously here.

    Robin Black works harder than anybody I’ve ever known.

    It’s easy to critize when you’ve never participated or have any idea what it takes to be a Mixed martial artist.

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  7. Gunner says:

    One thing you can say for sure is Robin is not in this for a gimick. He works hard and tries to improve daily i have heard nothing but amazing things about his work ethic and dedication both to training and to the marketing of this great sport.
    I for one would not just climb into a ring or cage for the purpose of a gimmick or to be able to say i fought as a mixed martial arts fighter. And i know Robin is a smarter man than that as well.
    He fights he learns (win or lose) and he goes back to the gym and tries to correct or improve on that previous performance. To me that makes him as dangerous as any other man /woman that steps in there.

    Head high Robin live , learn, improve and just rememeber there is no failing in this sport only set backs and ladders of knowledge to keep climbing.

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  8. tony connor says:

    Robin black is the very heart of MMA. it is truly for love of the sport. anyone who thinks otherwise has never watched a training regement for him.

    Robin is constantly looking for ways to improve his game. i got a chance to see him on the never back down card and although i was skeptical as to the motivation there was sheer determination in his face.

    as for this being a gimmick anyone that says this is in no way knowledgable to the way elite one opperates. this is deffinatly no side show and there is no room for the faint at heart.

    Keep on trucking robin get er done

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  9. clayon says:

    How do I get ahold of someone from Elite to try to get on the card? Or possibly the next one?

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  10. John says:

    Robin Black i have a sister that might give you a title shot.She’ll even put blind folds on herself for the first 5 rounds.

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  11. Slick RIck says:

    Hey John, who will give you a hummer on the 28th if your sister is busy fighting?

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  12. Dude, Robin is probably your sisters father.

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